See you in September. Hello in October: may you live up to your time and golden autumn.

See you in September. Hello in October: may you live up to your time and golden autumn.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

time moves slightly, the years are slow,

it is another year of late autumn,

bid farewell to the brilliant and lively September,

ushered in the cool October of Jingmei.

in October, find a special day,

tidy up the past, think about the future,

also gently say to yourself:

September, goodbye! Hello, October!

September  September

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there is wind, rain

there are Zhongyuan, there are White Dew, there are the Autumn Equinox

We go through the rain and face the wind

still in our dull daily life

every day


there is Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day

there are Cold Dew, Frosts Descent, Chongyang

set aside some time for ourselves, return to the heart of life

try to like something. Enjoy the new time of October

enjoy it willingly and live a comfortable life


so beautiful, so warm and so cool

have a nice

or a happy passer-by, or an affectionate one

live every day in the most beautiful mood


ten miles of peach blossoms Spring breeze


the sun is shining, summer mountains are like blue

I still remember

the autumn wind is cool, the sky is high and cloudy

in a trance, October unexpectedly arrives

September, the days of late autumn

are getting shorter, the night is getting longer

but the sky will be bluer, the sun will be brighter

, watching the leaves fall all over the mountains

watching the geese fly south

Look at the sky high and the water far  the autumn wind rises, the autumn leaves fall,

autumn moonlight, autumn thoughts come.

walking in the streets of late autumn,

in the autumn,

this is not cold or hot pleasant time,

is the maturity and fullness of the years,

is the warmth and calmness of the prosperous place.

years are beautiful because they are bound to pass

Spring Flower, Autumn Moon, Summer, Winter Snow  all the ends are a new beginning

No matter how it has been in the past, don't care too much about

if it's good, call it wonderful

if it's bad. Call experience

pick up the mood

the next second we have to start all over again

every day is pregnant with new hope

Autumn is coming

even if the autumn wind

the weather turns cool

look for a warm sun in the late autumn sun to warm you and me

from now on, October will be a new beginning.

put down the burden and have an attitude of being kind to yourself;

put down laziness and stick to something you like;

let go of negativity and have a yearning for the beauty of life;

put aside muddiness and have a pure and loving heart.

No matter what's on your mind in September,

have the courage to welcome the new October.

you will have new self-healing abilities, and

you will have peace of mind and happiness.

in the long autumn days,

and your beloved family and friends.

listen to the wind blowing wheat waves, see the maple leaves red,

from the morning glow to the stars at night,

to enjoy the autumn color, there is nothing extravagant to ask for.

in the new October,

there is no need to be sad or lonely;

sometimes we can be together.

Please believe that

drifters will have a way home;

lonely people will respond.

the old leaves are rubbed off in autumn.

you always have to start a new story.

wave goodbye to the passing place, meet with the place to come,

embrace your Lang Lang Autumn Moon, Stars and Sea.

learn to love yourself in the new October.

in the past, he always said that he was too busy, and so on, but he didn't know that the plan was vague at that time.

We always do this, cherishing it while losing it.

the world is so big and the scenery is so beautiful that

take advantage of the opportunity to go out more.

in the new October, be an energetic "young man".

read newspapers, read books, practice calligraphy, sing opera and hum music and play tai chi.

leisure walk square dance, flower-and-bird bonsai afternoon tea.

set aside some time for yourself to return to the heart of life;

try to like something and enjoy the new October.

like it willingly and live a life of ease.

in the new October, pursue the poetic life that you yearn for.

all you need is a heart that yearns for beauty.

even if you are tired, you don't forget your inner wealth.

fallen leaves are silent, such as middle age;

removes restlessness and smoothes edges and corners.

Life may be drenched in the sun and rain,

but there will also be fireworks and poetry.

in the new October, contact the people who accompany you all the way.

brothers and sisters who share joys and sorrows;

dignitaries who are willing to help you when they are in trouble;

never abandon the people who accompany your family.

the height of a tree is ten thousand feet high, never forget its roots, and if a man is brilliant, do not forget his roots.

call your brothers and sisters;

visit the homes of distinguished friends;

cook an ordinary home-cooked meal for relatives.

see you in September. May you take away

all your troubles and tiredness;

October. May you fill your soul with the cool autumn breeze.

the new October

May you drive away your sorrows

not confused with your heart and feelings

May you let go of

fear the past

see you in September

. May all your luck


and may all your good things


as scheduled. All are well

May you and I live in peace and leisurely life

May we live up to our time and golden autumn

live with joy but not sorrow