See through four truths in the second half of life

See through four truths in the second half of life

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writer Guo Xiaochuan said:

it took half his life to sum up these four truths. No one can hide, see through early, get rid of early.

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nine times out of ten things go wrong in life

as the ancients said, "things are taboo to win, things to be beautiful, and people to be full of prosperity." For trees, the most taboo is to stand out; for things, the most taboo is perfection; for characters, the most taboo is to flourish. Like the fourteen moon, because it is moving towards perfection, there is a kind of expectation. When it is perfect on the fifteenth day, it makes people feel a kind of loss, because it is moving towards deficit. Wedding night, when the Golden list was named. This is the most proud thing in life, but also the height of life. But every day from now on, it is impossible to spend every day and party every night. Zhou Guoping said: "the reason for many pains in life lies in blind competition." Nine times out of ten things go wrong in life, so often think about one or two, not eight or nine. Do not seek perfection, let nature take its course, in order to enjoy a free life.


Don't take yourself too seriously

as the ancients said, "people are expensive with self-knowledge." If a person knows himself, he will not take himself too seriously. In the vast universe, you and I are just one of the dust; all living beings, you and I are just one of the creatures. As the saying goes: all rivers return to the sea, each has its own way. Everyone has their own life, and it is themselves that need to be cultivated and improved. Envy the rise of others and secretly rejoice in the fall of others is not good for one's own moral education. If you want to know others, you must first know yourself; if you want to talk about others, you must first evaluate yourself. You feel impetuous and distressed because you take yourself too seriously. Can't find the way they should go, the business of the bank. I am so busy every day, but I don't know what to live for. Take yourself lightly and put your life into practice. Find your own place and all the troubles and pains will go away from you. When you go with the waves, you can't help but have ups and downs; stand still and let the wind blow the clouds.


Life is our own, and it has nothing to do with others

what really determines our lives is not external things, but ourselves. Yang Jiang once said:

Wang Yangming said: "there is nothing wrong with getting rid of everything." If you feel that everything is not going well, you should not shift the responsibility to the outside world. Instead, he cast his eyes on his own heart and crossed the path in his heart. Taoism pays more attention to "emptiness and stillness": what is not moved by external things is called stillness, and what is not real by external things is called emptiness. Stillness means that the mind is not disturbed by external things; emptiness is that the mind is not filled with desires. To restrain those arrogance, arrogance and impetuous spirit. Calm when complacent, relieved when frustrated, calm when things happen, rough and hard is inevitable, let nature take its course through vicissitudes of life.


there are always things you can't get. To keep a normal mind

things in the world, the more you want it, the harder it is to get it. And the more you can't get it, the harder it is to be calm. The human heart is bitter and insufficient, and only peace of mind can make peace with anger. Peace of mind means that in the face of things that do not belong to one's own, one cannot afford the idea of separation; peace of mind means that he is neither humble nor arrogant nor slow in illness on the way of seeking. It is not difficult for people to be calm when things are going well. The difficulty is how to be "calm" in the face of frustrated adversity. Look at all gains and losses with a normal mind, even if you encounter grievances, there are naturally ways to resolve them. With an ordinary mind, you will not be too greedy when you have something to gain, and you will not worry too much when you have something to lose. Be able to deal with the world with an ordinary mind, where is the spring breeze in life!