Really smart people are all very forgetful.

Really smart people are all very forgetful.

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Balzac said: "Life cannot go on without forgetting a lot."

most of the time, the reason why we are unhappy is because we have a good memory.

when you go through the world, you will understand that forgetfulness is also a kind of wisdom.

forget the following four things to make you travel light.


forget the grudges of the past and hold no grudges

there is a saying on the Internet that very much agrees: "people, remember things, do not hold grudges." Keeping notes increases knowledge, but holding grudges increases annoyance. "

gratitude and resentment is like a cage, punishing not others, but yourself.

if you choose to forget those unpleasantness, you are liberating yourself.

author Pan Shiyi once shared such a story in his article:

Pan Shiyi made a list of people he hated. All these people have hurt him more or less. Among them, his distant uncle, who hurt him the most, let him hold a grudge for 34 years.

this story starts when he was a child. This distant uncle happened to teach in Pan Shiyi's primary school. Although he was a teacher, his own children's learning was a mess.

while Pan Shiyi was an excellent child in primary school, he often got full marks in exams.

this made my uncle very unconvinced, and whenever others mentioned it to his face, he felt embarrassed.

Pan Shiyi joined the Young Pioneers when he was in the fourth grade of primary school. when his teacher was wearing a red scarf for him at the ceremony, his uncle, out of jealousy, carried him out in front of many teachers and students and stood alone on the podium to prevent him from wearing the red scarf.

many students looked at Pan Shiyi on the podium and talked about it, and some students laughed at him for not being qualified to wear a red scarf.

when other teachers saw this, they all came to persuade their uncle to plead for Pan Shiyi. But the uncle insisted on going his own way and let him continue to be embarrassed.

in this way, Pan Shiyi stood on the podium throughout the ceremony, which greatly hurt his self-esteem. As far as he is concerned, this matter has always affected his growth.

until he was an adult, he could not forgive the uncle, and even after the uncle died, he still couldn't let it go.

whenever he thinks of his uncle, he always thinks of the thing that embarrassed him, and his anger arises spontaneously.

later, with his rich experience and experience, he decided to put aside the unhappiness of the past, throw away the list of grudges

, and let go of the past grudges.

when he chose to let go, he felt more relaxed than ever.

in the Strange Theory, Ma Dong said: "as time goes by, we will eventually forgive those who have hurt us."

hold a grudge or forget, life happiness and misfortune are often in the middle of thinking.

forget the past grudges, do not hold grudges, life can be easy to fight.


forget the comments of others and don't care about the philosopher Schopenhauer once said: "one of the most special weaknesses of human nature is that we care about what others think of us."

paying too much attention to other people's comments will only make your life very tired. And really smart people know not to live in the eyes of others.

Luo Yonghao, who has a debt of 600 million yuan, once again came into public view on April Fool's Day in 2020.

in the finals of the talk Show, he admitted that he had paid back 400 million yuan, so he became a hot search.

Luo Yonghao has talked about the experience of repaying debts more than once in the program.

Marriage and funeral host, participate in variety shows, game endorsements, live broadcast with goods. In order to pay off his debts as soon as possible, he did everything he needed to make money, and made himself a "True Biography".

Luo Yonghao live broadcast brought goods to make money to repay debts, which was questioned by many people.

"Idol collapses, falls off the altar, shameless in order to make money, do anything to make money, disappointed."

"Lao Luo used to be such a cool person, but now he is doing such a low thing for money!"

Luo Yonghao didn't care about other people's comments on himself. He wrote on Weibo: "as long as the soldier doesn't go to the game, anything is possible!" Personally, I will pay off all my debts in ways such as' performing'. "

there is a popular saying on the Internet: "there are only two things in the world: it's none of your business and it's none of my business."

do your own thing and go your own way. What other people think and what they think has nothing to do with you.

filter out other people's comments and learn not to care, so that you can be your own master.

as Haruki Murakami said, "what others say has nothing to do with you, just live according to your own wishes."


forget the gains and losses of life.

there is a saying in Zhuangzi: "gain but not joy, loss but not sorrow."

looking down on gains and losses and learning to follow fate is the highest realm of life.

there is such a story in "Zhuangzi Tian Zi Fang":

Sun Shu ao has served as Ling Yin three times, but he never shows off and always acts in a low profile. But he has also been dismissed three times, and he has never been depressed in the face of adversity.

I was very curious, so I asked Sun Shuao, "what do you think of taking office three times and being deposed three times?"

Sun Shuao replied, "I don't think it's necessary to refuse what should have come, and I can't recover what should be left. Gains and losses are often beyond their control, so why bother with them and ask for trouble?"

as the writer Yishu once said: "there are gains and losses, is life, do not be resentful."

A person's lifeThis is a process of gain and loss. If you dwell on it, life will be out of balance.

I have seen a piece of news before that a delivery boy accidentally collided with a security guard on his way to deliver food.

Wanna buy a flirty formal dress shops in macarthur square and flaunt your luscious curves? There are arrivals in the latest fashion trends.

all the food in the delivery boy's car basket was spilled out, and a day's salary was lost. But unexpectedly, he and the security guard sat by the side of the road together, picked up the scattered food, began to eat and drink, while eating and chatting, the two people actually talked to each other very much.

in this world, fortune and misfortune often depend on each other. The loss has become a reality, and no matter how entangled it is, it is a pleasant surprise to make a friend.

Hemingway said: "as long as you don't care about gains and losses, there is nothing that cannot be overcome in life."

Don't care too much about the gains and losses in life. Only when you have a broad heart can you take things easy.


forget the troubles in your heart and don't worry

Tai Jai Zhi wrote in the novel Lantern: "every day can only be lived well, there is no other way. Don't worry about tomorrow, let tomorrow's troubles bother you. I just want to be happy, hard-working and gentle through the day. "

I think so.

We can't decide whether the day is good or bad, but we can choose to forget the unhappiness in life.

A netizen from Zhihu shared his story: he worked conscientiously in his job, but he failed in his promotion, which made him feel very upset.

later, for a long time, he was unhappy about it, pondering over and over why he failed. Sometimes I feel that I am incompetent, and sometimes I think there may be a dark curtain.

he guesses every day, sinks into deeper anxiety, listless all day, and can't do anything right.

one day, when he couldn't help worrying again, his son came and pulled him and said, "Dad." You can make me a boat. "

unable to resist his son's repeated entanglement, he had to sit down and began to study how to make a model ship. He found all kinds of materials and tools, rolled up his sleeves and set to work.

it took a long time. He finally made a model ship. When the son saw it, he danced happily and praised his craftsmanship.

he was also infected by his son's happy mood and happily played with the model with his son. Suddenly, he realized that during this period of time, he had completely forgotten what he was worried about.

this suddenly enlightened him, and he was no longer bothered by the past.

as the saying goes, "troubles have no roots. If you don't pick them up, you will have nothing."

forget the complexity in your heart, do not worry, happiness will always be with you.

Lu you has a poem: "it is hard to live a floating life with a smile."

everyone's life is bittersweet. Laughing it off is our best response to sorrow.

Zhang Xiaoxian once said: "when I was a child, if I had a bad memory, I would be scolded. However, when you grow up and get older, you will find that some people are happy to forget something."

forget what you should forget in life and look forward before you can move on.

put aside the grudges. Free your heart;

stick to yourself, you can live yourself;

look at your gains and losses, you can be open-minded and calm;

forget your troubles, you can be happy and at ease.