Reading is not hard, but life without reading is bitter.

Reading is not hard, but life without reading is bitter.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

when you are young and ignorant, you think that reading and learning is the most exciting job in the world.

when you grow up, you realize that reading is the fairest and easiest way in the world.

study is not hard, but life is hard if you don't read.


Why do we want to read

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Song Zhenzong Zhao Heng once wrote a poem of persuasion to learn, which says:

rich families do not have to buy fertile land, there are thousands of millet in the book.

there is no need to live in a high hall, but there is a golden house in the book.

Don't hate no one to go out. There are so many chariots and horses in the book.

when you take a wife, don't hate a good matchmaker. There is beauty in the book.

if a man pursues his life ambition, the six classics frequently read to the window.

means that studying can make people become senior officials, earn a good salary, marry a beautiful family and live in a big house.

if you want a high salary and insufficient academic qualifications, you can only get a meagre salary.

if you want to be promoted, you can only do the lowest job if you don't have enough knowledge.

whether it is to study, get a diploma or get a job, it is inevitable to study hard.

when you reach a certain level, reading is no longer to meet the needs of the outside world.

but to enrich yourself, make yourself a reasonable person, and make your life more meaningful.

Yang Jiang once wrote in "Reading bitterness and pleasure"

"Reading is like visiting the most outstanding family in the world."

if you want to see an admired teacher or pay homage to a famous scholar, you don't have to say hello in advance, and you're not afraid to disturb the host. Open the writing and break into the door, turn a few pages and then go into the room.

and you can go often, go all the time, and if you don't get to the point, you can leave without saying goodbye, or be wise to confront him. "

this is not enough fun for outsiders.


is it hard to study, nor is it hard to read? Bitter, not bitter.

study, of course, you have to work hard.

but compared with other hardships in the world, the bitterness of reading is also a rare blessing.

the bitterness of reading is boring, enduring loneliness and sitting on the bench when others are playing everywhere.

and the bitterness of life is to roll in the mud and socialize in front of people, which is more bitter than sitting at a desk?

when I was young, I ate the hardships of reading in order to eat less in the future.

some people say:

you have to believe that the hardships you have suffered and the books you have read will one day pave the way for your feet.


Reading is never too late.

people have different missions at different stages, and only reading can be carried through all the time.

there is a saying in Yan's Family motto:

it means that reading and learning when you are young is like the sun rising in the early morning sky; waiting until you are old is like lighting a candle and walking in the dark.

but even so, it is much better than those who do not read for the rest of their lives and see nothing with their eyes open.

Mr. Yang Jiang is very fond of reading and has kept this habit for life.

even at the age of 80, when her husband and daughter died one after another, Yang Jiang still persisted in reading and writing alone.

he has successively created essays such as "the three of us" and "going to the Edge of Life", donated his own and Qian Zhongshu's remuneration, and set up a "good study" scholarship at Tsinghua University to encourage students from poor families to continue their studies.

you don't know leisure until you are tired. Sweetness is known only through bitterness.