Reading is mental travel, travel is physical reading.

Reading is mental travel, travel is physical reading.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


Reading is spiritual travel

Travel is physical reading

Shakespeare said that books are the nutrition of the world.

Life without books is like without sunshine; wisdom without books is like a bird without wings.

Reading is a journey in the world of wisdom and a journey in the ocean of knowledge.

only with the help of reading can we break the limitations of time and space.

in the books, you may be able to "see" the Trojan War, you can inspect the tall pyramids with the Egyptian Pharaoh, and you can see how the powerful State of Qin nibbled away at the six Kingdoms step by step.

strange mountains and seas, Qin Feng and Han Yun, Wei and Jin elegance, and prosperous Tang Dynasty, all these splendor can be appreciated in the book.

Reading, sometimes traveling in the world, going up the river of history, to see the splendor of a thousand years ago, to sit and talk with the ancients;

sometimes it is a geographical trip, traveling in dense words all over the three mountains and five mountains, Greco-Roman and British customs.

in Wen Xin Diao long, it is said: "if you think about it for a thousand years, you will concentrate on eight extremes."

Reading gives us unlimited imagination and thinking, making our thoughts connect ancient and modern millennia, moving our hearts and feelings, and feeling as if we can see different scenery thousands of miles away.

behind closed doors is a deep mountain and a pure land of reading everywhere.

Reading makes people's inner world incomparably rich. A small study is a deep mountain and a rich world.

but reading, after all, is not personal experience, less immersive verification and verification.

how to experience the elegant sculptures, magnificent strokes and beautiful calligraphy on scriptures without going to Dunhuang;

if you don't go to Tibet, how can you know that day is so blue? how can you experience the hope and happiness carried on that prayer flag?

how can you feel the grandeur and greatness of the Yellow River without going to Hukou Waterfall.

Zhuangzi said in Journey to the North: "there is great beauty in heaven and earth without saying anything."

Heaven and earth are beautiful, but they don't show off, and they don't speak in silence, just like an open book.

people need to measure step by step with their feet and read with heart bit by bit.

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in the ancients, it was difficult to separate reading from landscape travel.

Zhang Chao, a scholar in the Qing Dynasty, wrote that "the article is the landscape of the desk, and the landscape is the article on the ground."

Sima Qian began to go out at the age of 22. "traveling south to the Yangtze River and Huai, Shanghuiji, exploring Yu acupoints, peeping into nine suspicions, floating in Yuan and Xiang, wading through Wen and Si in the north, talking about the capital of Qi and Lu, observing the legacy of Confucius, shooting Zou and Zou from the countryside, Erkuan, Xue and Pengcheng, and passing through Liang and Chu to return."

finally achieved the greatness of Historical Records.

all his life, Li Bai visited 206 prefectures and counties, climbed more than 80 mountains and visited more than 60 rivers and streams and more than 20 lakes.

"sitting alone in Jingting Mountain", "question and answer in the Mountain", "early White Emperor City" and "composing among guests", these well-known masterpieces are all written during the journey.

Reading is static, travel is dynamic, travel can increase experience and information, and see the mountain, the water, the sky and the people there.

Sima Qian just wrote one touching story after another, and Li Bai wrote magnificent poems.


as someone summed up, "Reading is to travel inward and to the spiritual world." To travel is to read abroad and explore the sky and earth. "

German writer Hermann Hesse once said:

Wang Yangming believes that the highest state of reading is not to learn knowledge, but to discover oneself and conscience.

Reading is to change temperament, reinvent oneself, and become a better person.

Reading can increase one's wisdom, enlarge the pattern, and cultivate talent.

Zeng Guofan believes that reading can change one's temperament, or even one's bone appearance.

Travel, as a reading of the body, can also change temperament.

however, in the real world, travel is actually very superficial.

most people use travel as a way to release stress and negative energy. some people travel even just to follow the crowd, or to show off to others in order to take a few photos to satisfy their vanity.

Yu Guangzhong said:

"the meaning of travel is not to tell others,'I have been here, 'but a change.

Travel will change people's temperament and make people take a longer-term view.

during the journey, you will see that different people have different habits, so you can understand that not everyone lives your way. "

Reading and traveling are sacred and meaningful.