Reading and not reading lead a different life.

Reading and not reading lead a different life.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


I have been in the habit of getting up early to read every day for five years. If I don't read a day, I feel sick for a day, and I even feel a sense of inexplicable guilt.

I don't so much like reading as I can't do without books. Especially before going out to work every day, the books I read have been transformed into my own things over time.

whenever I encounter any troubles and difficulties in my work and life, they can always give me better strength and mentality to face and deal with.

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there is probably nothing in the world that can give me so much, so useful, and so much help and support as a book.

it is not only like an experienced old man, pointing out the way forward, but also like a peer-to-peer partner, giving me timely comfort and encouragement.

maybe there is nothing different about the act of reading, but what it offers me is an inner spiritual growth and nourishment.

it makes me live a sunny and active life. No matter how busy and tired I am during the day, I also have the ability to heal myself.

it also makes me tough and brave enough to feel pessimistic and desperate no matter what troubles and troubles I encounter.

it makes me live a more informed and intelligent life, and seldom complain and struggle when faced with any important choices.


when I get home from work every day, I also like to go to the study and read quietly for a while. Whenever I immerse myself in the world of reading, I will sweep away the tiredness and tiredness of the whole day.

Reading is of great significance to me in relaxing myself.

in front of the book, I don't have to have too many trade-offs and restrictions, I don't have to know people I don't want to know, I don't have to say what I don't want to say, I don't have to do things I don't want to do.

Reading gives me more choice and freedom to get in touch with the people I like, to understand the stories I like, and to better understand and enrich myself through the experiences of others.

maybe everyone can have many ways to relax, but almost all of them consume your time and energy, and even in the end you have to pay a heavy price for it.

only reading is the lowest-cost investment, you don't have to cater to anyone, you don't have to make a lot of effort, and you don't have to spend a lot of money.

as long as you open the book, you can choose whatever reading space you like, in which you can talk, listen, reflect and reflect.

if you work and live, it is for us to constantly adapt to this society, to get to know others, and to reach reconciliation with the world.

then the purpose of reading is to understand yourself more, to learn to get along with me better, and finally to live as you like.


whenever I am alone, I always like to pick up books and read them.

whether it's on a sleepless night, or when I have some emotions and feelings I want to express and pour out, books have become my best confidant.

sometimes, when I feel bitter in my heart, I go to read some positive energy books to give myself stronger faith and support in the tribulations and inspirational stories of others.

sometimes, when I feel confused, I go to read some thoughtful books and slowly comprehend more wisdom and truth of life through the enlightenment and inspiration of countless philosophers.

sometimes, when I feel that life is boring, I go to read some interesting books and constantly broaden my horizons in the rich and wonderful experiences of others.

if a person likes reading, especially classic good books, then he is equivalent to having countless really good friends.

although they are not really around you, as long as you open the book, you will have the possibility and opportunity to talk and communicate with them directly.

although they do not know you, even the furthest distance from you, as long as you open the book, they can understand you immediately.

maybe the process of reading seems lonely. Because it requires you to calm down alone in order to better enter the state of reading.

but I often feel that as long as there is a book, you will not be lonely, because it gives you silent companionship and comfort.


We all know a lot about the benefits of reading.

in fact, only when you really get into the habit of reading, you will find that reading gives you far more than you think.

when you encounter insurmountable troubles and difficulties, reading can give you better ideas and guidance.

when you are tired of dealing with social complexity and complexity, reading can give you complete relaxation and freedom.

when you feel lonely, books are the closest and least painstaking friends and bosom friends to you.

A person who doesn't read a book doesn't seem to lose anything, but if a person reads a book, he will have more things you can't imagine.

secondly, reading is a specific act, not a simple slogan. It will give you back the benefits of how many books you read.

sometimes, we often feel that reading is useless, not because it loses its meaning and value, but because it certainly doesn't give you extra things when you are impatient, persistent and sincere enough to read.

but as long as you are willing to read in a down-to-earth manner, spend some time reading every day in a lot of spare time and leisure time, you will gradually find that your world becomes bigger and the life you have will become wider and wider.

have a different life between reading and not reading.