Read when confused, exercise when busy, think when alone

Read when confused, exercise when busy, think when alone

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the deceased, such as Sifu, do not give up day and night.

before you know it, half of 2021 has been lost without a sound.

in the past six months, you may have been hurt, wept, aggrieved and confused, lost and depressed.

fortunately, it's all over.

2021 in the second half of the year, may you forget the past and fear the future.

read more, exercise frequently, think often, and turn all the regrets of the past into the groundwork for future surprises.


their blood is full of answers, and fewer and fewer questions can frighten them.

they seem to be standing on the shoulders of giants, full of confidence and calm. "

on the road of life, there is nothing better than reading.

it's like a gentle cure, always giving you a guide when you're confused and giving you an answer when you're confused.

A book reviewer once told his own story.

for a while, he has been feeling unhappy, wrestling with an abstract and complex question every day:

how can I be happier?

after thinking to no avail, he chose to read.

he happened to read a book about happiness, which made him think about a lot of problems he didn't understand before, and the whole person suddenly became enlightened.

after tasting the benefits of reading, he persisted in the habit of reading for ten years.

he said: "Reading has made me a half-life expert. I basically have a way to solve many life problems that other people have a headache."

Reading enables you to turn dead knowledge in books into living wisdom in your head.

then deal with all kinds of things and solve all kinds of problems with ease.

there is a good saying: there is no such thing as a road for nothing, let alone a book for nothing.

any time you spend reading will be rewarded at some point in the future.

when you can't see and expect, in the direction you can't see and expect, the seeds you sow are quietly taking root and sprouting, and one day they will grow into a forest.

every step of life will not be let down, and every page you read is quietly shaping a better you.

in the second half of 2021, may you read more books when you are confused, heal yourself with words, and arm your life with wisdom.

after reading widely, he has the talent and wisdom that grows in the body and melts in the blood.


exercise when busy

there is a saying:

and these, exercise happens to give you.

A netizen on Weibo told his story:

he has been preoccupied with his career for many years since he started his business.

I have made a little money, but my health is not as good as it used to be. I was out of breath in the last building, and I felt short of breath after a little exercise.

and the whole person becomes very irritable and irritable, and life is getting worse and worse.

later, because he always heard that exercise is the cure for life, he put his heart into fitness.

No matter how busy I am every day, I will always set aside time to exercise for about an hour.

after holding on for a period of time, a series of magical chain reactions took place.

the most intuitive thing is that he has gained a strong and good body.

what surprised him even more was that his willpower became stronger and stronger, and his mental state became better and better.

he said: "in the past, I spent all my time socializing, having barbecue and playing with my cell phone after work. And will always have an idea in mind, the work is already very tired, there is no energy to move.

now, no matter how busy I am, I don't forget to exercise, because it brings me so many benefits.

before, I always felt weak all over, heavy limbs and lack of spirit;

now, I not only have a healthy figure, but also have a strong physique. And the whole person is full of vitality and positive energy, and can always welcome the day's work with full spirit. "

the writer Zhou Ling has a good saying:

the changes brought about by exercise may not be seen for two days or a month;

but when you persist for half a year or a year, you will find that earth-shaking changes will take place in your body and your life.

every minute and every drop of sweat you invest in sports will not let you down in the future.

2021 in the second half of the year, no matter how tired the work is, no matter how busy the day is, I hope you can find time to exercise.

Life doesn't start too late. May you become a better yourself in the sweat.


think when you are alone

there is such a fable in Mexico.

A group of people were in a hurry when suddenly, a man stopped.

the man next to him was very strange and asked him, "Why don't you go?"

the person who stopped replied, "if you walk too fast, the soul lags behind. I'll wait for it."

in fact, a person's life is like a journey. If you are always busy moving forward, it is easy to forget why you started.

those who are really sober know how to stop in time for their ownPress a pause button in life.

in Bali, there is a festival called Silent Day.

during the Silent Day, people do not go out or socialize, but stay at home quietly, examine themselves, think about life, and purify their minds.

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in life, we are always used to staggering preparations and yearning for bright lights and wine.

but a group of people who live for too long are most likely to ignore their hearts and lose their ability to think.

become a follower of others, blindly follow the trend, do not know what they need, do not know where their future road is.

stopping occasionally, finding an opportunity to get along with ourselves and settling down, we can find our inner strength, return to ourselves, and return to the most authentic life.

Yang Jiang once said:

"all people's life is to know themselves, practice themselves, and voluntarily transform themselves."

time to calm down and think is the best way to know yourself.

only by stopping to listen to the voice of your heart can you live a boring life to the fullest and fullness and live your life as it is.

in the second half of 2021, may you pause occasionally and find an opportunity to get along with yourself.

think when you are alone, find a place to be happy, and find an open mind.

time  time

time is the most untraceable, and the time is the most unstoppable.

stand at the intersection of time, saying "good-bye" for the first half of the year and "Hello" for the second half of the year.

May you live up to your time and move on in the coming days.

read more when you are confused, exercise frequently when you are busy, and think deeply when you are alone.