Quantity (good text in depth)

Quantity (good text in depth)

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Liang Shiqiu said, "it is instinct for a person to speak loudly; to speak in a low voice is civilization."

controlling your own volume is not only respect for others, but also a person's self-cultivation.

speaking softly is the best family style.

Hu Shi made a mistake. His mother never scolded him or beat him in front of outsiders. Instead, in the dead of night, she closed the door, calmly reasoned with Hu Shi and told him:

in many cases, gentleness is a powerful force that can resist the slander and malice of the world.

speaking loudly is like a ruthless knife that hurts the heart of the family and plunges the family into unease and fear.

controlling the volume of your voice and speaking gently to your family is the beginning of a happy family and the best tutor for a family.

the volume of speaking reveals your self-cultivation.

the volume of speaking hides one's inner quality and self-cultivation.

some people have a loud voice, and his roar can be heard for two or three miles around, showing lack of breeding and disrespect for others.

and some people whisper no matter what happens, which makes people feel like a spring breeze.

in the volume of speaking, you can see a person's soul and make people feel whether you are vicious or kind, vicious or gentle, indifferent or compassionate.

as the saying goes, "the voices of dignitaries have been low since ancient times."

people who are really strong never compete with others in volume, but convince people with their real ability.



there is a big pattern, which is broad and open.

if you want to have a big belly, you must first "meditate" and "have few desires".

people are broad-minded, but few desires are broad. Counting carefully, there are only a few really important events in life.

Don't put too much energy on trifles, why fight with others for a moment of petty gain.

believe that time is the best healer. You said that the losses and grievances you have suffered will be compensated in different ways in the future.

broaden your horizons a little bit, life is not only one mu of land in front of your home, nor is it just the length and weakness of your neighbor's tongue.

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people often say that "if you love to fight, you will win". Spelling is a kind of daring practice.

opportunities are created by themselves, and only by doing solid work can we seize them.

when tomatoes were first brought to Europe, people thought that eating tomatoes was life-threatening.

but Robert, an American, told everyone through a bold action to eat tomatoes that tomatoes are not poisonous, and tomatoes have been widely eaten ever since.

without Robert's bite, I'm afraid no one knows the delicacy of tomatoes.

whether it's work or life, don't be afraid to do things. Try it boldly. Only by being bold and careful can you take a different path.


Heart volume

the size of a person's heart is as big as the pattern of a person. If you fix a heart, you will find everything pleasing to the eye.

if you know how to respect differences, you will be broad-minded and open-minded. There is scenery in the heart, but there is no right or wrong in front of the eyes.

the Tan Sutra says, "True spiritual practitioners do not see the world past."

means that truly mature people will not pay attention to what others say or do wrong, let alone stain their own hearts because of other people's mistakes.

there are troubles in the world, and there is right and wrong everywhere. There is no right or wrong in my mind, and there is beauty everywhere in my eyes.

Zeng Guofan said:

to have a big mind is to have a big heart, and if you can pick it up and put it down, there is no trace of the boat passing through the water, and the birds fly without taking pictures.

living is a kind of spiritual practice, and spiritual practice is spiritual cultivation.

to cultivate a normal mind is happiness all the time; to cultivate a contented heart is happiness everywhere.

when the heart has strength, it has magnanimity.