Push yourself (this article is priceless)

Push yourself (this article is priceless)

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there is a good saying:

behind all excellence is ascetic-like self-discipline!

there is no easy success in this world. How can there be any achievement without hard work?

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this is the way of life. If you work hard, you may not achieve anything, but if you don't work hard, you will have nothing!

this world, without a sedan chair, can protect you from the wind and rain all the way and take you to the other side of victory.

how can I get a grade?

keep working hard, keep falling, constantly getting up, constantly trial and error, it is possible to meet good opportunities, with great luck!

No one forces you in your life!

if you don't work hard when you are young, it will give you a taste of helplessness when you are old.

if you don't struggle when you should, you can only watch others enjoy it!

drinking and pecking is cause and effect; hard work and harvest are inevitable!

alive, no one is easy! Whenever there is one, there is also someone who is carrying the weight for him.

in this life, only what you create and what you own are really not afraid of being taken away by others.

if you live on your own, you will have nothing to fear; if you struggle on your own, you will not be afraid of having no way back!

Don't give up being tired, no one is not tired!

Zeng Guofan said:

strengthen its ambition, suffer its heart, work hard, no matter how big or small, there must be success.

where did the achievement come from?

is the result of hard work, hard work, and meticulous self-discipline!

in particular, we are all the children of ordinary families, and we are not standing on the shoulders of giants! Only by living into a giant can you become unusual!

Don't envy the brilliance of others, because you can't see the darkness he has experienced;

Don't envy other people's achievements, because you can't see the bitterness they swallow;

Don't envy what others have, because you can't see what he lost!

people, don't envy others, live yourself!

We should constantly change our laziness, constantly temper our will, constantly ask ourselves to learn and forge ahead, and strive for people who are better than you!

Fu Seoul, the champion of Qifa Shuo, said:

in this world, you are not alone in suffering. There are too many people who live many times more painful than you!

if you want to achieve results, you have to keep your feet on the ground and work hard; if you want to be better than people, you have to bear more loads than people!

there is no easy success, only enough outstanding hard work;

there is no readily available wealth, only bit by bit accumulation;

there is no prosperity envied by others, only persistence that no one cares about!

Life, that's it! You want the future, there are no shortcuts, everything starts by forcing yourself!