Please tell your children: to get married, try to find these three families.

Please tell your children: to get married, try to find these three families.

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Shakespeare said, "hasty marriages are seldom happy."

Marriage directly affects the happiness of two people for the rest of their lives, and also determines the fate of the two families.

Don't get married in a hurry because of your age, nor should you ignore other factors because of each other's money and appearance.

Marriage is a perfect match, and looking at family circumstances before marriage can make people take many detours.

being a parent has fulfilled the first half of the child's life, you might as well show the way for the second half of the child's life.

Please tell your children that you are free to fall in love, but to get married, try to find the following three families.


be reasonable and live in harmony

as the saying goes, "it is difficult for honest officials to cut off household chores."

the right and wrong of family disputes is one of the most complex issues in the world.

between people, if the three values are the same, many contradictions can be avoided.

on the contrary, the public argument is reasonable, and the mother-in-law is reasonable.

No matter how loud the voice is, it is difficult to reach an agreement; no matter how fierce the quarrel is, it is impossible to communicate effectively.

A family can easily split up because of a clear distinction between right and wrong.

No matter how good the relationship is, it can't stand the raging of swords.

before you get married, be sure to visit each other's house, see the family environment, and also look at the family atmosphere.

talk to each other's parents to get a preliminary understanding of the other family's way of getting along.

when you encounter different opinions, whether to communicate calmly, or to hold your own opinions, no one will let the other.

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A child who has nurtured adults in his parents' stubbornness is mostly tainted with tyranny.

such people may give way to you everywhere when they fall in love, but after marriage, they are bound to show their unreasonable nature.

on the contrary, if parents are correct and sensible, such a family must be full of tolerance and understanding.

most of the children who are "raised" in harmonious families are reasonable.

"there is a hundred blessings in Heshun, and everything is prosperous in a happy family." Harmony between husband and wife and prosperity of the family are the greatest happiness in one's life.


filial piety

there is a saying that

gratitude is a necessary emotion for human beings.

raising a grateful child, whether he or she is promising or not, is the greatest achievement of being a parent.

"A hundred good filial piety comes first". Before getting married, take a look at the other party's way of getting along with his parents, and we can see whether there will be blessings for the new family he will set up in the future.

as the saying goes, "your attitude towards your parents is your most real character."

people with good character, wherever they go, the road is smooth.

on the contrary, people with poor character, the dark black hole in their hearts, will sooner or later engulf their conscience.

to marry and start a family like this is tantamount to placing yourself on the edge of a cliff.

such a partner will never be grateful for what we have done in marriage and family.

they will only see their own suffering and tiredness, and then blame it all on you.

Marriage is not the work of one person alone, but the cooperation and achievement of two people.

before you get married, you should go to the other person's house to see how the person you are about to marry treats his parents.

and how his parents treat their parents.

people who are unfilial may not marry, nor can they marry.


the family style is correct and enterprising

some people say: "Family style is a wordless book, which is the source of one's spiritual growth."

I think so.

Family style is the best heirloom, enough to influence the fate of a family.

in life, some families are originally very rich, but finally fall, while some families are originally very poor, but finally prosper.

the problem lies in the family style.

before marriage, the most taboo thing is to see each other's family well-off and get engaged in a hurry for fear of missing it.

or they usually plan to break up when they see each other's family fortune, showing no mercy.

No matter whether the other person's family is rich or poor, it is necessary to see where the money comes from and where it is spent.

illegitimate money, profligate people, even if they have Jinshan and Yinshan, they cannot take it. The risk is too great.

the money earned in a down-to-earth manner, people who are industrious and thrifty are generally acceptable even if they are well-off, and they can look forward to the future.

there is a saying in Yan's Family motto:

parents who are fond of gambling can never teach solid children.

families that are good at taking shortcuts are not worth betting on for the rest of our lives.


Roland said, "you don't have to be reluctant to love, but you have to be responsible for marriage."

Young people will inevitably be carried away by love before they get married.

as a parent, advice and advice on children's marital affairs are indispensable.

the incumbent can be "confused", but the bystander must be "clear".