Please tell your child: don't live up to your best self at the best age! (parents read it to their children)

Please tell your child: don't live up to your best self at the best age! (parents read it to their children)

Good morning, accompany you to read.

I saw a joke on the Internet:

more than ten years ago, Jay Chou sang: "the day I skipped class for you, the day the flowers fell, the one in the classroom, I couldn't see it."

now he sings: "three years of high school, why don't I study hard?"

from rebellion when young and frivolous, to understanding the importance of learning after maturity, people's growth often begins with regret.

the reality is that at the age when you don't fight, you are irresponsible for your life, sooner or later, you will regret it.

now halfway through the semester, please ask parents to tell their children: never let down the best of yourself at the best age!


I was born

in fact, many children in my life are always envious of other people's life, their good grades, and their skill in the examination room.

but for myself, I am perfunctory and muddle through. I can only face the loss of achievements every time, sighing that others are worthy of high achiever, lamenting that others are lucky, but have not asked themselves: have you really tried?

in fact, most children are ordinary people with similar IQ. The reason why some children are excellent and some children are mediocre is that the children work hard at different levels.

those envied high achiever never relied on IQ, but on their own silent efforts and continuous self-discipline while others were indulging.

Wu Yishu, who won the championship of the Chinese Poetry Conference and was later admitted to Tsinghua University, can be said to be an out-and-out "high achiever".

but her excellence is never born, but through her own efforts.

because she likes ancient poetry, Wu Yi-Shu began to read and recite ancient poetry from an early age. In the day-to-day painstaking study, her poetry volume reached more than 2000.

in the face of her studies, she did not slack off at all. Her teachers and students once revealed:

Wu Yishu studies very attentively, even if her program is broadcast on TV. She can also do her homework without looking up.

it is such diligence and concentration, steadfast and enterprising that Wu Yi-Shu can become what everyone calls "talented woman" and "high achiever".

there is no such thing as a natural talent in this world, there are a lot of hard work that you don't know, and a person's best luck is that you never stop working hard.


anywhere worth going

there are no shortcuts

legend has it that Ptolemy I, king of Alexander, was interested in learning geometry and made Euclid his teacher.

although Euclid simplified his geometry, the king could not understand it and learned it very hard.

so the king asked Euclid, "is there any shortcut to learning geometry?"

Euclid smiled and said,

my dear Majesty, there are no shortcuts to learning mathematics, like all subjects. In learning mathematics, everyone has to think independently, just like planting crops, there is no harvest without hard work. In study, the king and ordinary people are the same, and there is no road specially paved for the king. "

in fact, this is the case with any study. If you want to achieve results, you must make efforts, just like the most beautiful scenery, always hidden in the most difficult place to reach.

Hu Shi once said: "there are too many smart people in this world, and too few people are willing to make stupid efforts, so there are only a few people who are successful."

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there is no shortage of talented and intelligent geniuses in this society, but looking at the people around us, all those who have made certain achievements have gone through painstaking efforts.

behind good grades, there are never natural wizards, let alone quick skills.

only when others go out to have fun, you concentrate on reading, while others sleep in, and you insist on getting up early, can you have a better chance to become a better yourself and have a better future.

parents must let their children know that there is no achievement that does not require sweat, and there is no success that does not require hard-hearted persistence. Only when you quietly excel can you have a chance to bloom amazingly.


when you think it's too late

is precisely the earliest time

A child asks: the semester is over, can I still work hard? The exam is coming soon. Is it too late for me to study?

I must firmly tell you: it's not too late! There will never be more time than now.

it's the right thing to do at any time. There's never a difference between morning and evening, only whether you are willing to start or not.

Ma Zihui, an 8-year-old girl, encountered such an opening in her first official short-track speed skating race.

after the starting gun went off, Ma Zihui fell on the ice as soon as she started.

but lying on the ice without the slightest hesitation, she got up and caught up. Under her efforts to catch up, she succeeded in overtaking the bend and won the first gold medal in her life.

so it's the earliest time when you think it's too late.

instead of spending time on regrets, start moving forward now. You may start late, but as long as you work hard, you still have a chance to be the dark horse that comes from behind.

think about it a thousand times, it is better to do it once, a gorgeous fall is better than a pointless wander.

Don't let it be too late to destroy you, don't let it be too late to delay you, it's always the earliest time to work hard, and it's never too late to work hard.

who says you must win at the starting line in order to have Chan?Bad future? Everyone who grits his teeth and insists on it will spell out a happy ending for himself.

you know, the present is the most beautiful time, and now is the best start!


what you will look like in the future

is hidden in your present efforts

have you ever asked your child what kind of person you want to be when you grow up?

maybe the child has not thought about this problem, maybe the child already has his own dream, but what is certain is that they do not want to live a life with no choice, and they do not want to be forced to make a living by doing nothing.

the future they look forward to must be food and clothing, decent and dignified.

but if you want to live such a life, you must bear hardships and pay now.

Destiny is fair, and there must be bitterness and sweetness in life. Children eat the bitterness of study now in order not to eat the bitterness of life in the future.

there is no futile effort or coincidental success in the world. In fact, everything happens unintentionally.

Gao Zhanxi, a rural child in the Transfiguration, a trip to the city made him see the outside world, and he yearned for a better life.

but at the same time, he is also soberly aware that the program is just a game, and that to live a better life depends on his own efforts.

Gao Zhanxi said: "I firmly believe that reading can make my future life better."

he did the same. Relying on his hard work and the support of his parents in the city, he hung up all the way. In the 2011 college entrance examination, with the first score in science, he became a national defense student in Hunan normal University and achieved a counterattack in his life.

there is no road in vain in life, and there is no hardship to eat for nothing. Every step of going out is the cornerstone and groundwork of the future. Only thousands of streams can converge into endless rivers.

Please tell your child: what you give now, what the scenery of your life will be in the future. Every bright future you look forward to must rely on a down-to-earth present.

when you live up to your time, time will not let you down.