Please protect your good fengshui (incisive)

Please protect your good fengshui (incisive)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

the saying of "one life, two luck and three fengshui" is widely spread among the people.

Destiny is "boat" and luck is "water". A good fengshui can contribute to a person's fate, which makes many people believe it.

in fact, the greatest fengshui in life is the heart, and the best fengshui is kindness.

all things are born, and all things are animated.

Jifford, raise fengshui, fengshui is self-made.

if fate wants to be on its own, fengshui will fix ten!


have a good heart

"Laozi" said, "the good is like water, and the water is good for all things and does not dispute, and does what everyone hates."

put yourself in the shoes of others and give a helping hand within your ability to accumulate blessings for yourself, as is the case with "good people are rewarded."

all Fukuda, do not leave the square inch.

be kind-hearted and everything is clear.


filial piety to parents

who can say that filial piety like grass can repay the kindness of a loving mother like Chunhui.

filial piety comes first. Parents are the creators of our lives. The most eternal thought for thousands of years is that filial piety is the foundation of life.

there is only one and only two, and we can only be found with our parents.


husband and wife respect each other

it is said that the best praise for a couple is "helping each other, respecting each other as guests", soothing the cold and warm, no quarrel, less husband and wife, old companionship.

if the family is prosperous, it is prosperous.


be generous to others

accept all rivers, but tolerance is great.

Open your mind, do not have common sense with others, and do not compete with others for a while.

be invincible and be happy.


be strict with yourself

. Many people are full of other people's shortcomings, but do not see their own shortcomings.

A person who indulges himself willfully will lose his dignity and the respect of others.

it is also the way to live in the world to be strict with yourself and improve yourself.


think of virtue

because of understanding, so compassion.

I am grateful for the life my parents have given us, my wife for washing my hands and making vegetable soup herself, and all things are with me.

Thank my boss for giving me a job, thank the doctor for keeping me healthy, and thank you for reading this article with me.

always be grateful and fengshui comes naturally.


the source of fengshui

the source of fengshui lies in filial piety, ancestor worship, deep-rooted, naturally luxuriant branches and leaves.

Fu people live in blessed land and live in Fudi Fu.

Blessed people who respect the old and love the young live in a blessed land. If you have good luck, feng shui is good.


take care of the younger generation



friendly neighbors

distant relatives are not as good as close neighbors, and close neighbors do not reach the opposite door.

if you treat your neighbors politely, they are bound to be sincere and friendly to you; if you speak rudely to your neighbors, they will naturally say bad things back.

do not expose people's shortcomings, do not brag, raise your hand, help each other, the road of life can be more and more smooth.


parents are the teachers of their children.

practice the beautiful "benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom and faith", put it into practice, set an example, imperceptibly influence and transmit children.

Be ready to buy yourself the elegant long formal gown with sleeves and stand out in a crowd. This is your one stop place for the perfect collection.

Don't spoil, don't say one thing and do another.

the more wealth

is good at

, the more people

are willing to help, and the more friends they have

The more irritability you get, the more you fall into laziness, the more poverty you get, the more you aim too high, the more you fail

, the more you hide anger, the more diseases you usher in

behavior escapes, the more fear

likes greed, and the more poverty you will get.

if you keep a good heart, filial piety and love, you will have the best fengshui.