People's Daily released an age comparison table for housework and was reluctant to use children, which hurt him.

People's Daily released an age comparison table for housework and was reluctant to use children, which hurt him.

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on the Internet, I saw a video speech by Wei Shusheng, former director of the Education Bureau of Panjin City, Liaoning Province. in the speech, he did not talk about his grades or the enrollment rate, and the first thing he mentioned was housework.

"I am the director.

starting from tomorrow, everyone will go back and implement:

all the children in Panjin have to do housework when they go home. There is time to do more, no time to do less, but can not stop. You have to do it for a minute, and it would be better to do it for half an hour. "

doing housework has become an educational requirement. You can imagine how many families are now offering their children as little emperors, unwilling to let their children do a little housework and concentrate on keeping their children busy studying.


parents who take care of everything can't raise grateful children.

tell a true story. I have a friend who only got a daughter when he was nearly 40. She is an old girl and is very precious to her children. She is afraid of falling in her hand and afraid of melting in her mouth.

she is in junior high school, and she still doesn't know how to do anything. She calls her parents if she needs anything. Her parents are also happy to wait on her.

until one time, my friend's husband was on a business trip, and his friend caught a cold and got sick and went to the hospital to get an intravenous drip. When she got home at more than nine o'clock in the evening, her daughter's first sentence was, "Mom, how come you just came back? I'm starving. Go cook!"

the friend immediately became sad and prepared the meal. The daughter, as usual, put down the bowls and chopsticks and left. After the friend packed up everything, he called her husband. The two talked about half the night and discussed whether there was something wrong with their own way of education. Is it really right to pamper your daughter like this?

psychologically, there is a word called "feeling worthy of receiving it", which means that when a person is used to accepting it, he or she takes it for granted.

if parents do too much for their children, their children will feel that everything comes easily and will naturally "deserve it".

I don't have the heart to let them experience the hardships of life from an early age, and they don't know how to ask them at the right time, so in the end, it will be difficult for their children to ask for money from them all their lives. "

parents who "love" their children too much will only raise children who "only love themselves".


there is a big difference between children who do housework and those who do not.

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A survey shows that Chinese primary school students work only 12 minutes a day, compared with an average of 1.2 hours a day in the United States. Chinese children obviously do too little housework.

parents always think that their children are still young, housework is far away from them, and that doing housework prevents their children from learning, but in fact, housework and study are never two things that contradict each other.

on the contrary, children who can do housework get better grades.

A domestic educational research institute has conducted a survey on 20,000 primary school families across the country. The results show that the proportion of children who like to do housework is 27 times higher than those who do not.

and Harvard scholars conducted a 75-year follow-up survey of 456 teenagers and concluded that children who do housework are more promising in the future.

for children who like to do housework and those who do not, the adult employment rate is 15:1 and the crime rate is 1:10.

Children who like to do housework have a low divorce rate and a low prevalence rate of mental illness.

parents take responsibility for washing clothes, tidying up rooms, packing schoolbags and doing housework. Parents who are overly responsible deprive their children of the opportunity to be responsible for themselves.

being kind to children, in fact, it will only lead to the slow development of children's independence, consciousness and self-control, and depend on their parents for everything.

do not let children do housework, blindly spoil, arrange to replace, not only reduce the happiness index, but also let the "giant baby" and "mama's boy" and other unhealthy personalities appear, affecting the child's life.


doing housework is the first step for children to become elites

the ancients said, "if you don't sweep a house, how can you sweep the world?"

if you want your child to become an elite, it is essential for him to do housework.

but children are not born to do housework. It takes some skills to make children know how to do housework and be willing to do housework well.

1. Give children the opportunity to do housework, actively encourage children

in a program, ahem wants to help his mother make juice, so he directly throws the fruit into the water, thinking that the "juice" is done, and gives it to Huo Siyan with confidence.

Huo Siyan took a sip of tasteless water and praised it as "delicious".

this compliment made Ahn more motivated and tried over and over again until he was almost tired of trying. Huo Siyan led him to use the juicer.

under Huo Siyan's encouragement and guidance, uh-huh consciously helped her mother collect bowls, take out the garbage and clean the table, showing no displeasure at all.


one netizen said:

"when I was young, I thought it was fun to do housework, and I was very happy to help parents.

later, my mother made it my duty to do housework, forced me to do what I had to do, and criticized me for not doing it, saying that I had gone bad.

I become more and more disgusted with housework. In the end, I have to do it, and I don't feel like enjoying life anymore. "

Don't make housework a task for your child at the guidance stage. Although the child will complete the task under the authority of the parent, the child's heart is repellent.

Children like to imitate. Parents can invite their children to join them when they do housework, and they are naturally willing to participate.

3. Parents learn to show weaknessChildren are more willing to take on

Hu Ke said on the program: "A boy's mother must know how to weaken the role of a mother and show weakness in front of her son, so that he has a chance to grow into a real man."

she often acts coquettish with her son Angie. For example, when she feels tired, she truthfully tells her how she feels: "Today, I am very tired. I need you to help my mother with some housework. Is that all right?"

it is this sign of weakness of Hu Ke that makes Anji grow into a pure man, who knows how to take care of his younger brother and is very considerate to his mother, and has become a little man with a great sense of responsibility.

treat a child as a "little adult" and you will see that his ability is growing rapidly, becoming more independent and more responsible.

4. Give children housework within their ability

Children need a sense of achievement. If parents arrange housework for their children beyond their ability, it will only make children feel frustrated and affect their enthusiasm to do housework.

therefore, it is important to arrange housework for children according to their age characteristics.

the following is a table released by People's Daily on children's age and housework for parents' reference:

A child is like a knife. Only by constantly sharpening him will it bloom its original edge and remain idle all the time. It will only make him rust.

doing housework is an ability and an invisible wealth that accompanies a child's whole life. Children must master that a child who can do housework is the creator of a happy life.