People's Daily recommends: develop 9 micro habits of self-discipline (suggested collection)

People's Daily recommends: develop 9 micro habits of self-discipline (suggested collection)

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Zhu Xi said, "if you don't work hard, your heart will be decadent; if you don't pick up the bundle, your heart will be wanton."

only by maintaining self-discipline and self-spur all the time can people go far.

but in reality, few people can achieve long-term self-discipline.

often start with complacency and end up with only three minutes of heat and give up halfway.

Life is like sailing against the current. If you don't advance, you will fall behind. The way to defeat anxiety is to persist in self-discipline and hard work.

Today, we share with you the nine tips recommended by People's Daily to achieve self-discipline, hoping to help you say goodbye to procrastination and anxiety and become a better self.


make conspicuous plans and define work goals

We are used to writing plans for the next year at the beginning of the New year. For example, I will finish reading 10 books this year.

and when I look back at the end of the year, the books I bought haven't even been flipped through.

there is nothing wrong with planning. The key lies in whether your plan is specific and enforceable.

the writer Lu Yao also made a strict plan for himself when he wrote the novel "the ordinary World".

he first made a writing outline and worked out a rough outline.

then, break down the parts that need to be done every day, and mark the completion date later.

watching the work schedule on the wall cross off day by day, his enthusiasm for writing is also growing.

finally, it took him six years to complete this million-word novel and won the Mao Dun Literature Prize.

people are not afraid of the long road, only afraid of not moving, according to the original plan step by step, will be able to reach the end.

the plan is the guiding route of the action, and the route is clear so that you won't get lost.


make good use of free time, constantly enrich yourself

live in the era of material desires, always full of all kinds of temptations.

when too much of our spare time is occupied by mobile phones, people will live in emptiness and depravity.

if you want to make yourself better, you must learn to make good use of your fragmentation time to improve yourself.

Bai Yushuang, a famous actor in pingju opera, is known as the "queen of pingju opera" because of his high acting skills.

in order to practice the lyrics well, whenever she has time, she goes to practice her voice, and she goes back and forth between cold and summer, never stopping.

someone asked: "you have become famous, why do you practice so hard?"

she smiled and said, "the play is endless."

I deeply agree that this is true of learning drama, and so is learning, which is endless.

No matter when and where, we should maintain this attitude, make good use of time, high standards, do one thing to the extreme, you are the winner.

the shortcut to success is to keep your feet on the ground step by step.


start with small habits, details change your life

A long journey starts with one small step, and small habits make a big difference.

Life is never achieved overnight, it's more about jogging.

A literary master Lu Xun had a lot of chores in his family because his father was seriously ill when he was a child.

whenever he takes care of his family and goes to private school, he is late and criticized by his husband.

instead of defending himself, Lu Xun carved the word "early" on his desk and secretly told himself that he must get up early and not be late.

in those hard days, Lu Xun always insisted on getting up early, formed the habit of punctuality, and was never late again.

later, the desk engraved with the word "early" has always inspired Lu Xun to move forward on the road of life.

everyone wants to be better, but in the process of sculpturing themselves, they must beat themselves with a hammer before they can be stereotyped.

A perfect life starts with small details, every part is done, and the whole is not bad.


learn to reflect and review and find room for progress

Zeng Zi said, "should I reflect on myself three times a day and be unfaithful to others? Make friends but don't believe it? Are you used to it? " The importance of reflection is self-evident.

only by thinking and summarizing more and checking leaks and filling gaps in time can one correct the deviant direction and avoid a detour.

once there was a celebrity who reviewed everything he accomplished, regardless of success or failure, keeping good and correcting mistakes.

later, he achieved "virtue and meritorious service" and became an example to many people.

he is Zeng Guofan, and most of the letters he wrote are his reviews and experiences of his own experiences.

if you want to go beyond low-level repetition, you must learn to look back from time to time and avoid repeating the original mistakes.

people should not be afraid of making mistakes. Only by finding their own shortcomings can they have room for progress.

the ancients used to say, "A sharp sword needs polishing."

every sharp sword is born after rectification and polishing.

Review is to constantly polish yourself. Only by grinding away your own grievances can you make the edge of the sword sharper.


reward yourself appropriately and maintain continuous self-discipline

people are always used to self-criticism and are not good at self-praise.

Huawei President Ren Zhengfei spoke highly of self-motivation, saying: "Heroes should be good at finding the bright spots in themselves. The biggest motivation in life is self-motivation."

he told employees that if your leader doesn't praise you, you should learn to cheer yourself up.

for example, if you have finished a job, you can buy yourself a meal;

if you have achieved a small goal, you can buy yourself a small gift.

when you see your progress, you should tell yourself that you have done well and keep it up.

this kind of positive self-suggestion can virtually increase our self-confidence and form a positive cycle.

Kazuo Inamori once said, "Please be moved by your small success and use it as motivation to work harder."

the sense of achievement of achieving small goals will give you more confidence and motivation to persist.


do things with a degree of relaxation and effectively relieve stress

if a bow is taut all the time, the string will break sooner or later.

people are the same, do not always stretch yourself, occasional rest and relaxation, is also very important.

Chinese flying man Su Bingtian is a very self-disciplined and self-regulating person.

he usually trains very hard in order to speed up, and often feels that he doesn't have enough time.

but still go to bed on time before 22:00 every night.

only in this way can I continue to train in a better state the next day.

hard work is a good thing, but it also needs moderation and relaxed self-discipline to be more efficient.

as the master of aesthetics Zhu Guangqian said: "the smarter people are, the more they know how to rest. Rest not only accumulates energy for work, but sometimes work must mature during rest."

people are more energetic only when they have a good rest.

relax the taut nerves and stop properly in order to go farther and longer.

Life is a continuous process. Don't let the first half of your life overdraw the rest of your life.


Don't be afraid of failure. Persistence is the only way to achieve results.

there is no shortage of people who have dreams, but there is a lack of people who stick to them.

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although we don't have to ask ourselves to be perfect in everything, we should have the courage to challenge ourselves.

everyone will face failure, and even the famous writer Haruki Murakami will miss the Nobel Prize many times.

but he didn't give up writing because of it.

on the contrary, he still maintains a peaceful state of mind, insists on writing and loves life.

25 years of hard work, the level of writing continues to improve, and many of his books have been well received by readers.

people are not born to be defeated.

refuse to start because you are afraid, which will only make you miss out on more opportunities.

only if you dare to challenge yourself again and again and stick to it, can you win.

Life is not a monotonous repetition. When we meet the basic needs of life, we should also strive to tap our own value and expand the width and thickness of life.


know how to restrain yourself in order to control your

self-disciplined life, which requires self-control.

Xu Heng, a famous thinker in ancient times, was hungry and thirsty on his way to escape with many people one summer.

at this time, someone found a big pear tree by the side of the road, covered with sweet pears.

so everyone went up to the tree to pick pears, but Xu Heng sat under the tree and was unmoved.

the crowd was surprised and asked him, "there is no one here, why don't you pick it to quench your thirst?"

Xu Heng replied, "if you don't have your own pears, you can't pick them randomly."

even if the pear tree does not have a master, is there no master in my heart? "

self-discipline is self-discipline, and you should manage yourself well and consistently when there is no one to supervise.

those who know how to restrain their desires and do not act arbitrarily are bound to go for a long time and take fewer detours.


overcoming procrastination and starting an efficient life

laziness is human nature.

from our summer homework at school to our work planning when we grow up, we are used to procrastination and delay a lot of things.

when procrastination becomes a serious internal friction, it's time to change.

as the Song of Today says:

"Today is so rare!" Not today. When did this happen?

A hundred years of life today, it is a pity that today is not the day!