People's Daily: 9 little things that benefit you in your life

People's Daily: 9 little things that benefit you in your life

Good morning, accompany you to read.

there was a very hot topic on the Internet not long ago: how to live a good life?

the message that received the most likes was what Chen Danqing said to a confused young man:

"you have to start small and save yourself inch by inch."

in many cases, the wisest choice is to grasp the present and do the unremarkable things at hand.

Today, I would like to share with you 9 little things recommended by People's Daily, which can benefit us for the rest of our lives.


going to bed early is a habit

not long ago, Xiao Ai, a strong woman in moments, went to the hospital.

she worked hard during the day and didn't get off work until late at night. when she got home, she was reluctant to sleep, so she began to stay up late in revenge.

once, when she was lying in bed playing games, she suddenly felt dizzy and almost fainted. She was so scared that she went to the hospital to register before dawn the next day.

but the doctor's advice to her is: put down your phone and go to bed early.

Spanish novelist Cervantes said: "Sleep is the best cure for waking distress."

give the body a little time to take a nap in order to keep a leisurely attitude to life.

get into the habit of going to bed early. After going to bed, stay away from your cell phone, close your eyes, and forget all the complexity.

sleep well in the second half of the night before you can live the rest of your life.

start with going to bed early, take good care of yourself, and pursue and enjoy the life you want with enthusiasm.


cleanliness is a kind of self-cultivation

Chekhov once said: "everything should be clean, whether it is face, clothes, heart, mind."

the poet Mu Xin was originally a son of the family, but he had a bad fate in the first half of his life and went to prison three times.

during the day, he was forced to write a confession;

but at night, he drew black keys on white paper and played Mozart and Chopin silently.

No matter how unsatisfactory life is, he always smiles, keeps his waist straight, sees no resentment, and is clean and elegant.

Clean, in the final analysis, is actually a kind of self-cultivation.

is that after you have experienced difficult times, you can still see and understand the world with gentle and broad eyes.

people have a clean spirit, and their demeanor comes by themselves.

only people with clear hearts can keep a peace of mind, get rid of the secular noise, and reduce a lot of unnecessary troubles.

from today on, we will do things openly and behave innocently.


exercise is a kind of strength

Socrates said: "the health of the body is destroyed by being motionless and maintained for a long time by exercise."

nowadays, many people are busy with their work and families, shuttling through various occasions and working desperately, but they only forget to take care of their bodies.

Harvard lecturer Tal once pointed out that exercise is the most powerful psychotropic substance.

when you feel stressed, tired, or in a bad mood, you might as well get out of the house, take a long run, jump rope, and kick a ball.

exercise can not only calm your inner anxiety, but also give yourself a new look.

there is still a long way to go in life, a long way to go, love yourself well and don't lose your health.


Travel is a kind of spiritual practice.

there is a question on Zhihu: "Why do people travel?"

someone below replied, "because of travel, you can add something to an ordinary life and save a withering heart."

if there is always nothing but poetry and distance in life, people will feel tired and hard.

so go out, get close to nature, feel the dusk, sunset and evening wind, and experience the purity and beauty of nature.

Travel is not only a cure, but also a kind of spiritual practice.

the scenery you see, the people you meet, and the things you experience on the road will become a part of your life, increasing your knowledge and experience.

in this process, you can relax the body that walks too fast, and you will gradually become a better self.


Reading is a return

I remember a writer who said, "Reading is the simplest and most practical way to drive out confusion or fight mediocrity."

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Reading is a process of returning to spiritual life from the outside world, which not only broadens the horizons, but also enriches the heart.

with a book in hand, the complicated world and its noise are left behind.

good books can pour vast amounts of time on you and pass on the wisdom of generations before you.

maybe reading won't help you solve your current problems right away.

but the books you have read will eventually melt into your bones, increase your wisdom, improve your pattern, and make you a warm and interesting person.


cooking is an attitude

foodie, which is the most articulate, belongs to Su Dongpo. "Dongpo meat" has spread to this day.

Su Shi has been relegated many times in his life, but his poems are not melancholy and pessimistic, but full of broad-minded optimism.

this actually has something to do with his love of eating, being able to eat and being good at making good food.

some studies have found that cooking can not only reduce anxiety and irritability, but also increase self-confidence and happiness.

when you learn to cook, you learn to make a living and make love.

try to cook a few meals in your spare time. Experience the temperature of life in stir-frying, and feel the sweetness of life in sweet and sour.

take a little time and thought, pour some patience and tenderness, and use both hands forLife adds a touch of color.


Saving money is a kind of strength

there is a "crazy" saving group on Douban, and the theme of this group is to save money to the extreme.

some people post their shopping list of 200 yuan a month; some people use bookkeeping forms to coordinate their daily expenses;

there are people who work hard while working part-time.

I agree with a sentence:

A deposit does not allow you to achieve wealth freedom, let alone help you to the top of your life.

but when an accident comes, it's hard to save your life without savings.

saving money is a person's greatest strength, how much savings, how much resistance to risk.

so, don't spend on impulse, save and save as much as possible.

you will find that spending money is good, but saving is better.


solitude is a realm

in Bali, there is a festival called Silent Day.

during the festival, people do not go out, do not socialize, but stay at home quietly, examine themselves and purify their minds.

in life, we are always used to staggering preparations and yearning for bright lights and wine.

but a group of people who live for too long are most likely to ignore their hearts and don't know what they need or where the future lies.

occasionally settling down and being alone with ourselves can bring us back to our inner strength and return to the most authentic life.

Zhou Guoping said: "the best state of life is rich and quiet, which can only be reached when alone."