People who have no ability can only talk about others.

People who have no ability can only talk about others.

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when a tree is higher than the whole forest, the wind will destroy it; when one person is better than others, people will begin to slander and talk.

through the ages, anyone who has achieved great things has been hurt by gossip.

and those who are incompetent will only talk behind their backs.


people who have no ability will only talk about others

Confucius said, "the superior man speaks with his deeds, and the villain speaks with his tongue."

people with high morality always speak with actions, while people with despicable conduct only speak with their own tongues.

in life, there is always a group of people who make brothers with you when you have nothing, and when you change yourself and begin to grow, they will talk about you.

they do not strive for self-improvement, but also lead others to be mediocre and waste their time with him.

they envy what others have, slander them, and resent them.

I don't want to work hard, so I can only be jealous.

use gossip to denigrate others, hinder others, and force others to be content with the status quo.

they tend to make a mess of their own lives and comment on other people's every move.

only those who are incompetent will talk about others!


people with abilities are not afraid of others' comments

as the old saying goes, "there is no perfect man without gold."

No one can satisfy everyone, whether it is the government of King Qin, who unified the Central Plains, or Kong Qiu, the master of a generation of great Confucianism.

people are hard to tune and their hearts are hard to please. Only the weak will be bound by the opinions of others.

No matter how good it is, it will be criticized, and no matter how good it is, it will be discussed.

those who have the ability will never pay attention to the comments of others.

whether you are happy or not depends on your own heart and has nothing to do with what others say.

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the value of life is not to surpass others, but to break through yourself.

A man's life is to live for himself. It is enough to have a clear conscience and be magnanimous.

Let him slander, ridicule, ridicule, I let it go.

the mind is not bound by people's words, so that we can live a natural and comfortable life.


be yourself and don't talk about others

there is a saying in the six Zutan Sutra: "if you are a true spiritual practitioner, you will not live in the world."

the real practice in life is not to observe the rights and wrongs of others, but to seek inward and cultivate one's own openness.

those who do not have the ability will only talk about others, and those who have the ability can be discussed.

your comments can not stop the progress of others, let alone change your own status quo.

everyone's energy is limited, focusing on other people's lives is just a waste of their own time.

Why should you talk about others? you might as well calm down and be yourself.

as the old saying goes, "if you don't talk about things in the world, there is nothing in the world."

what other people say, we can't change our future. No one else can limit it.

Life is only a few decades, and the world is already troubled, so why bother to ask for trouble?

May we all keep our mouths shut and our hearts guarded.