People who are good to their parents will be good all their lives.

People who are good to their parents will be good all their lives.

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filial piety to parents is a traditional virtue of the Chinese nation, and being kind to parents is the bottom line of our life.

the attitude towards our parents determines the fate of our lives. If we treat our parents kindly, we will have the best feng shui.

for parents, what on earth can we do to avoid or leave fewer regrets?


I remember that when Dong Qing interviewed Ma Yili, she once asked:

Ma Yili replied:

when parents grow old, what we need most is more love, more carefulness, more attention, and more patience.

Don't let them become cautious and submissive, which will make us feel guilty and uneasy.


mention the attitude towards parents, there is a particularly shocking word, it is "color is difficult"!

"color is hard". To put it bluntly, it means that you don't look good.

how should an elder feel when he wants to see the face of his children?

there is always a time of old age, a time of garrulous talk, and a time when one cannot take care of himself when he is ill.

maybe they want you to bring a glass of boiled water,

maybe they want you to send a steamed bread,

maybe they want you to pass a pill,

maybe they need you to help them.

but every now and then, if you show great impatience or even look sideways, won't your parents feel sick?

in front of our parents, we should regard obedience as filial piety, respect as pride, "color difficulty" as shame, and disrespect as shame.

if our parents are cautious and submissive in front of us, we should check our words and deeds;

if our parents are worried and hesitant in front of us, we should reflect on our filial piety.


Mr. Lao she said:

"even if you live to be eighty or ninety years old, you can still be more or less childish if you have a mother.

losing a loving mother is like a flower in a bottle. Although it still has color and fragrance, it loses its roots. "

the experience of life and life tells us:

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when parents are here, there is still a place in life; when parents go, life is only on the way back.

the warmth of the world is better than the great love that parents give to their children;

the sadness of the world is better than the "color difficulty" that parents get from their children in their old age.

change your bad temper, suddenly your arrogance, do not use a cold face and white eyes, face the white-haired parents!

for some people, what is the root cause of being "hard to be attracted" to their parents?

it is that he does not have a respectful heart, that is, he does not have a respectful attitude, and that he lacks the moral yardstick of family love and filial piety.

A person who truly loves and respects his parents should be filial, patient, sincere and pleasant.

Let your filial piety and love accompany your elderly parents and make them feel happy, happy and comfortable with the smile from the bottom of their heart.


parents are the mirrors of their children, and they will follow suit as you treat them!

Please treat your parents well.

Don't wait for one day to find that their backs are hunched, their eyes are dazzled, their wrinkles are full, they walk slowly, they are ill in bed, and they sigh sadly that their parents are really old!

it's too late to regret!

the highest upbringing of a person is to be kind to his parents.

those who are good to their parents will be good for the rest of their lives!