People must understand themselves thoroughly.

People must understand themselves thoroughly.

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understand the state of mind

what people live is the state of mind.

many variables in life depend on the changes in the operation of heaven, earth and man.

how much can you care about the innumerable little things in one's life?

the major events in life can only do their best to listen to the fate of heaven. How can ordinary people do anything about it?

it is not worth worrying about small things and grieving for big things.

so be happy about the little things and be relaxed about the big things.


realize giving up

Life is a process of constantly choosing and giving up.

give up something in order to release the maximum energy from the limited life.

if there is no bold giving up, there will be no tenacious persistence.

giving up is a spiritual awakening, a manifestation of wisdom, just like sending birds back to the forest and fish into the water.

when everything settles down and the hustle and bustle of the past is calm, we will really understand that giving up is also a choice and loss is also a kind of gain.


learn to be alone

learn to be alone with yourself, and the mind can be purified.

solitude is also a necessary space for the growth of the soul. Only when you calm down can you return to yourself.

where there is a home in the heart, there is a road to life.

only when you learn to be alone with yourself can your heart be clean, your mind mature and your mind broad.

solitude is a kind of quiet beauty and a kind of practice.

be able to be at ease when you are alone, so as to be at ease in the hustle and bustle.


show weakness

A person is too strong, no matter whether the intention is good or not, he will be hurt, and this kind of damage is almost irreparable.

so many people are black and blue all over, in fact, it is because they do not know how to show weakness.

it's easy to show weakness, listen to other people's opinions at critical times, pay attention to feelings, manage EQ properly, and get people to cooperate with sense of security.

showing weakness is not a compromise, but a tortuous way to achieve the goal faster, which is great.

learn to show weakness and make fully ripe rice!

finally, I would like to give you "six epiphany" to keep your life happy. May everything go well and be happy every day.

both sorrows and joys are filled with anger, glory and glory are everywhere, and people who have never dreamed of things have seen through the cold things calmly.

the wise man tries to look forward; the wise man looks backward in everything; the wise man defeats others; the wise man defeats himself.

the cultivation of the mind should be based on the pure mind, and the practice should be based on selflessness.

the past, the past, can not be remembered; the present, the present, just follow the fate;

the future, the future heart, rest must work hard.

Don't mind people who are unkind to you. No one has an obligation to be kind to you.

what you have learned is that you have weapons that you can start from scratch, but not unarmed.

how you treat others doesn't mean how they treat you. If you can't see through this, it will only add to your troubles.

relatives have only one fate, cherish it, and in the next life, whether you love or not, you will never see each other again.

there is no work in the world that is not hard, and there is no place that is not complicated.

even if you reject the present unhappiness, time will not go any slower.

so be careful!

Don't lose your temper at will. No one owes you.

learn to keep a low profile, there must be gains and losses between trade-offs, don't worry too much about it.

learn to be down-to-earth and pragmatic, the simpler the happier.

when a person has enough connotation and material backing, life will become full of confidence.

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everything is caused by karma and born by thought.

if you cling to something or something, you will worry about gain and loss, and troubles will follow; if you can see everything and have nothing to worry about, you will have nothing to fear.

Life is often about what you are afraid of. When you look down on gains and losses and meaningless success or failure, on the contrary, the wind goes well and the death becomes auspicious.

the most precious thing in life is to have an ordinary heart, far away from turbidity and calm as water, not to be confused by the five colors of the world.

in life, there are always some things that we can only appreciate from a distance, but we can't get close at last, and finally choose to walk away.

there are always some feelings, we can only experience it silently, but we can't accept it, and finally we choose to leave.

on the way of reincarnation, choose to be connected with fate and give up to be related to life.

Life is to move towards a new life in choice, to be free from giving up, and then to move on.

many people often like to study the "way of speaking" in order to be able to behave in the world.

in fact, the best way to speak is not to learn how to speak, but to learn how to be a man.

people are more kind and sincere, even if the language is poor, people will like you.

if you have a bad heart, even if your mouth says again, others will not be deceived forever if they are deceived for a while.

therefore, words are the voice of the heart, and don't miss the bottom of the story when you learn to speak.