People, how quiet the heart is, how deep the blessing is! (the depth is good.)

People, how quiet the heart is, how deep the blessing is! (the depth is good.)

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in Chapter 16 of the Book of morality, it is said: "to return to the root is to be quiet, and to be quiet is to restore life."

the origin of all things in the world is stillness, and only stillness can return to the essence of life.

the human heart is leisurely because of stillness; life is peaceful because of stillness; years are beautiful and peaceful because of stillness.

stillness is not only a kind of strength, but also a kind of blessing.


quiet, make the heart clearer

Chapter 26 of the moral Sutra says: "heavy is light root, static is irritable monarch."

Laozi told us that "stillness" is a way to observe its inherent laws, and to keep "stillness" is to keep the Tao. Only by being "quiet" can you brake.

if the heart is quiet, life is safe; if the heart is impetuous, everything is chaotic.

once upon a time, there was a rich businessman who had an ancestral pocket watch that he used to show off with him.

one day, the rich merchant went to the warehouse to inspect the goods and did not know when he lost his pocket watch.

the rich businessman was so anxious that he ordered all his buddies to help find it and offered a reward: if anyone could find his pocket watch, he would give him a hundred taels of silver.

hearing this, the men stopped their work one after another and worked hard to find the watch.

however, seeing that the sun was about to set, the guys were breathless, hungry and fruitless, so they wanted to fill their stomachs and look for their watches.

at this time, the son of the rich businessman went out and came back. After learning what had happened, he also began to look for his watch.

everyone laughed and said, "We haven't found it all day. Where can you find a child?"

unexpectedly, it wasn't long before the rich merchant's son came out of the warehouse with a pocket watch.

everyone was surprised and hurriedly asked, "how did you find your pocket watch?"

the son of the rich merchant smiled and said, "I entered the warehouse and sat down in a corner. The whole warehouse was very quiet. I listened to the sound of the needle jumping on my pocket watch. I slowly approached and found my pocket watch."

when the mind is calm, it is clear, and when the heart is clear, it is clear.

only when you calm down can you concentrate, focus on what is in front of you, and everything will suddenly become clear.

if you are impetuous, things will only become more and more messy and troublesome.

in ancient times, a young man who dreamed of becoming a martial arts master found a Taoist master with high martial arts skills.

the Taoist master taught him a set of secret books on martial arts and asked him to calm down and concentrate on practice.

two months later, the boy competed with the Taoist monks on the mountain, but he was defeated again and again.

he asked him anxiously, "I've been practicing hard for two months. Why can't I compete with others?"

the Taoist said: you just started, and you want to be a top master. Is there such a truth? you'd better calm down and practice steadily. "

A few months later, the boy thought he had learned something, so he competed with others again.

in the end, he not only failed miserably, but also suffered serious injuries.

he angrily asked the Taoist: "I have studied with you for more than half a year. Why have you been hurt like this? you must not have taught me the best kung fu."

the Taoist said, "the man who competed with you has been practicing martial arts since he was a child for more than a few decades, but you have only studied for half a year. How do you compare with him?"

I told you earlier, do not be impetuous and impatient, practice steadily, but you refuse. Who is to blame for the end up like this? "

it is difficult to be impetuous, but the difficulty lies in the inability to maintain inner peace, let alone to do things in a down-to-earth manner.

the ancients used to say, "when you are quiet, you can be safe, and then you can worry."

anything, only by meditation can we seriously think about it.

if your heart is affected by impetuosity, you will lose your way and are more likely to make mistakes.

if you are impetuous, you can only fail; if you are calm, it is easy to succeed.

through the ages, whenever you accomplish great things, you can maintain a kind of stillness, because stillness is more powerful than impatience.


quiet can produce wisdom

Taoist saying: "Lingtai is quiet, static energy is calm, and wisdom is born."

everything is born in stillness and belongs to stillness. Peace of mind is a kind of realm, a kind of thinking, but also a kind of wisdom.

he who has a calm mind can control his own destiny.

when Nanjing was the capital of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, Li [f ú] was the former Qin emperor who ruled North China with a million troops and strong strength.

but the Eastern Jin Dynasty that competed with it had only 80,000 troops.

when the two armies were at war, there was a shortage of troops and horses in the Eastern Jin Dynasty, so they were at a disadvantage, but they seized the opportunity and began to attack.

Ling Jian looked from the city wall, and the other side's position was unassailable and approaching in an orderly manner, which made him nervous and uneasy.

when he was in a panic, he mistook the vegetation around him for the soldiers and horses of the Eastern Jin Dynasty.

panic-stricken people made mistakes in command, and in the end, a million troops were defeated by the Eastern Jin Dynasty with 80,000 troops.

the more flustered you are, the easier it is to confuse yourself and let others take advantage of it.

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during the period of the three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang was ordered to attack Wei and appointed Ma Kui, whom he admired very much, to lead his troops.

but Ma Jing lost the street pavilion and Zhuge Liang had no choice but to withdraw.

he personally led thousands of troops and horses to carry food and forage.

unexpectedly, Sima Yi led 150000 troops under the city.

at the moment, Zhuge Liang is short of troops and no one can take the lead.

everyone was frightened and didn't know what to do. Zhuge Liang was silent, thinking about the countermeasures.

A moment later, Zhuge Liang climbed the tower and ordered someone to open the gate. He sat on the tower calmly, stroking the piano and playing music.

Sima YiSeeing this, he was afraid of an ambush, so he dared not raise his troops to come forward, and finally retreated without a fight.

what really defeats you is not others, but your own restless heart.

if the heart is restless, everywhere is bumpy, if the heart is calm, everything goes well.

it is said in the New Edition of Zhaode: "the quiet pole of water leads to clear image, and the quiet pole of mind leads to wisdom."

when the water surface is very calm, the reflection will be clearly visible.

the same is true of life. Only in a state of peace and tranquillity can we see clearly the nature of things, develop wisdom, and solve problems.


how calm the heart is and how deep the blessings are

all blessings come from peace of mind.

if the heart is calm, the world is quiet; if the heart is impatient, the world is impatient.

the world is full of troubles, gains and losses, pains and joys, all troubles come from the heart.

Chapter 39 of the Book of morality says: "who can be turbid in order to be quiet and clear? Who can be comfortable with Xu Sheng? "

the muddy water will be crystal clear only when it is quiet, and so is life. Only by settling down the impetuous heart can we think about life, understand life, and live at ease.

as the old saying goes, "peace of mind is the joy of God, and pleasure of God is the blessing of life."

A person with a calm mind is calm and does not worry about trifles or trifles.

such people are in a relaxed and pleasant state of mind, and their trivialities will be treated with pleasure, and blessings will come uninvited.

quiet is the best practice in life.

once people calm down, they have more peace and comfort, less disputes, more happiness and less natural and man-made disasters.

when a person removes his distractions and returns to peace, he will have incomparably great power, and good fortune and good fortune will come as promised.