People have a small abacus, heaven has a big abacus

People have a small abacus, heaven has a big abacus

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in the biographies of Historical Records, Sima Qian wrote:

living all day long between gains and losses, in fact, everyone has an abacus in mind.

and the sky only has a big abacus.


be more confused and care less

everyone wants to be smart, and the smarter the better.

do not realize that cleverness can be divided into big and small, and there is also a difference between true and false.

people who are good at making small abacus tend to care about everything and treat others with hypocrisy.

caught up in the entanglement of one thing and one thing, he took advantage of it for a while, but lost for a long time.

even if you look generous, you lose your peace of mind.

think about calculating others every day, be careful everywhere, always beware, physically tired, inner uneasy.

they also feel pain and anxiety for many times and depth than the average person.

the Book of changes says: "in the land of Kun, a gentleman carries things with virtue."

Heaven and earth, sincere and deep, containing all things, how many have been calculated, how many have been calculated?

as the saying goes, when you come and go, you are actually calculating yourself.

intrigue and intrigue every day, relatives will be estranged, friends will be far away, and the road of life will be narrower and narrower!

be more confused and care less. How nice it is to have an uncalculated life!


A gentleman loves money and takes it.

as the saying goes, "the bird that flies high dies from delicacy; the fish in the deep pool dies from the bait."

there are gains and losses in everything. If you only pay attention to the small abacus in your mind, you will easily fall into a trap.

how many people are put in danger because of desire and lose their minds because of temptation.

the Book of changes says, "those who benefit are the sum of righteousness."

the real interests are based on morality, win-win cooperation and mutual benefit.

there is a story about Mencius receiving gifts. Mencius rejected 100 taels of gold from Qi, but accepted 50 taels of gold from Xue.

this is because Mencius never helped the State of Qi, but actually helped the State of Xue, and the gift of the State of Xue was well founded.

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A poor businessman found Hu Xueyan and transferred all his property at a very low price.

in the face of fat meat in the mouth, Hu Xueyan lent money to the businessman at very low interest.

he said that everyone has a rainy day without an umbrella, so cover people from the rain if you can.

later, the businessman made a comeback and became Hu Xueyan's most loyal partner.


people have thousands of calculations, while Heaven

Wuzhen Xiuzhen

there is a big abacus hanging from the door.

take a closer look, there is a bead that does not go up or down, from the ninth on the left and the fifth from the right, which means ninety-five.

there is a couplet on both sides of the gate of Xiuzhenguan: people have thousands of calculations, but heaven counts.

and the first word "count" was deliberately misspelled.

people have a small abacus and heaven has a big abacus.

so, what is heaven? It is the "virtue" of everyone.

there are two big abacus hanging in Dongyue Temple in Beijing.

most of the city god temples in Taiwan are hung with big abacus.

abacus symbolizes accuracy. And these big abacus mean that there is no difference in distinguishing between good and evil.

there is a famous saying in the Book of changes:

families that often do good deeds are bound to have extra blessings for their children and grandchildren.

this book is divided into doing things, thinking about being a good person, and God will never treat you badly.

when the heart is big, everything is small; when the heart is small, everything is big.

Happiness is not having more, but caring less.

put aside the small abacus before you can hear the sound of the big abacus.