People fail because they are lazy, things fail because they are proud, and families fail because of extravagance.

People fail because they are lazy, things fail because they are proud, and families fail because of extravagance.

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Zeng Guofan wrote in his letter to the Family: "all failures are due to laziness, failures are due to pride, and family failures are due to extravagance."

the so-called fate, you don't have to ask for help, you only need to see it in your daily habits.

laziness, arrogance and extravagance, the decline of a family often begins with these three signs.


people fail because of laziness

if you want to get rid of someone, keep him lazy all the time.

"nothing in the world is difficult when you are diligent, but everything is off when you are lazy."

Sima Guang, since childhood, he can't remember the text and recite the text more slowly than others.

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others memorize it twice, Sima Guang has to memorize it five or six times before he can write it down, resulting in a shortage of time.

stay up late at night to recite, can't get up in the morning, and delay the class.

Sima Guang wanted to break this habit. He saw a log in the backyard and picked it up immediately.

he used the log as a pillow. As soon as he rolled over while sleeping, the log would roll, woke him up, and immediately got up to read.

after some persistence, Sima Guang became a knowledgeable writer, editing nearly 4 million words of "Zizhi Tongjian."

and the log he uses as a pillow is called "log police pillow" by later generations.

there is a saying in the Book of morality: "the platform of the nine layers rises from the foundation of the earth; the long journey begins with a small step."

laziness is the beginning of a person becoming useless.

We are often determined to lose weight, learn foreign languages and learn programming, but do not take action.

year after year, I constantly envy the growth of others while complaining that I don't have time.

actually, the root cause of all this is laziness.

writer Zhou Guoping said: "many things in the world are not difficult as long as they are willing to do them. Everything is difficult at the beginning, but the difficulty lies in the fact that everyone is lazy and doesn't start because he is afraid of trouble. Over time, you will really feel that things are too difficult and incompetent. "

the best time to plant a tree is now.

for the rest of my life, everything begins with diligence, and success or failure depends on one thought.