People, everything is floating clouds except health.

People, everything is floating clouds except health.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

A few days ago, when I saw a piece of news, my heart was filled with emotion:

A 16-year-old teenage girl in Hefei suddenly detected four kinds of cancers, all of which were advanced.

the doctor diagnosed that the disease developed so fast that it could not be treated by operation, and the life could only be prolonged by chemotherapy in the later stage.

this is undoubtedly a bolt from the blue for the girl's parents, and the family is almost on the verge of collapse.

facing the camera, her father burst into tears several times and said in despair, "I don't know what to do. She is still so young and hopeless."

who would have thought that a young life would be sentenced to "death" so cruelly as if her life had just begun and was about to end hastily.

it is obviously the best age, and there are still people who do not have time to love, and if they do not have time to reach the summit, they have to suffer from surgery and chemotherapy, and spend all day with hospital beds and medicine. be prepared for an abrupt end of life at any time.

and this is not an isolated case. More and more surveys show that the age of onset of major diseases such as cancer is getting younger and younger.

according to the statistics released by the Anti-Cancer Association, the age of cancer onset in China has been advanced by 15-20 years, and the cancer that was easy to develop at the age of 50-80 has been advanced to 35-55 years old.

the causes of cancer are hidden in our daily habits, such as staying up late, eating irregularly, ordering takeout every day, and not taking care of our health.

relying on youth, we unscrupulously overdraw our health and consume our lives, but forget that youth can be wasted, but health is not.


consumption of health is the greatest irresponsibility for one's own health

how important it is not to say too much here, I believe everyone knows.

but "being reasonable" and "being able to do it" are two different things. while watching the news of a case of cancer and sudden death on the Internet, we continue to stay up late all the year round, eating Haisai without paying attention to our health.

and the reason why I do it knowingly is that I feel that these things will not happen to me.

because I have not experienced life or death or the crisis of "critical point of life", I have a fluke.

Internet celebrity blogger @ Poison Corner SHOW felt the same way until fate dealt him a heavy blow.

he was diagnosed with diabetes. In addition, he had severe fatty liver, thyroid cyst, aging liver and kidney function, and his body was not as good as his old father.

32 years old, in the prime of life, it should be difficult to relate to these terrible words.

but in the past three years, he used to drink coke and eat hamburger slices in the middle of the night, staying up until five o'clock in the morning every day.

in his own words: "whatever oil is big, what is delicious, what I eat, I don't eat any green vegetables, and drink it as water."

this has been done for several years, but the price paid is too high.

he lay in the hospital bed unable to move, the back of his hand was full of needles, and the time he had won by frantically squeezing his body would eventually be returned in another way.

people will not be afraid of what has not happened, and no one will think that something will happen to them until the disease comes.

Zweig also said:

but who can guarantee that he will always be the lucky one?

according to the 2019 National Cancer data report, more than 10, 000 people are diagnosed with cancer every day, that is, 7. 5 people are diagnosed with cancer every minute, and 300000 young cancer patients are added every year.

this is not alarmism. Behind the shocking data, there are many young people who turn on red lights like @ Poison Corner SHOW.

those who inadvertently overdraw their health have already secretly priced us.

Ranging from the sexy to the sober, our maroon party dress are definitely fundamental. We have a huge range of styles and cuts to choose from.

do we have to bet on only one life to witness the occurrence of the disease?

in the face of health, there is nothing to do, and it is worth fighting for. Don't wait until the balance of life is insufficient to realize the meaning of living.


timely stop-loss is the highest level of self-discipline

We seem to be on our way all the time, in a hurry for the sake of fame and fortune and for the sake of money and status.

but the career made by overdraft life is successful, and you really can't buy the bill for health.

I have heard such a story:

A rich man went for a checkup when he was not feeling well, and the doctor told him that he needed to rest.

he said in surprise, "do you know how much wealth I waste a minute?" Besides, with so many employees under my hands, who will take care of them if I go to rest? "

the doctor took him to a graveyard and said to him, "how many people here, like you, feel that it is important to make money and that no one can do without them?" But now they are gone, others live as usual, and the sun rises as usual. "

the rich man broke out in a cold sweat and dared not delay any longer. He quickly handed over his job and made time to recuperate.

indeed, when work deviates from a healthy course, it loses its meaning.

the world is punishing young people who don't take care of their bodies, but fortunately it gives us enough time to get back on track.

if you don't want to fall in front of your health, correct and change yourself before it's too late.

at a reunion with classmates a few days ago, Lao Jiang, who has always been known as a "heavy smoker", actually gave up smoking.

A friend, who doesn't know that he is a heavy smoker? he has to go out for a smoke after two or three hours at a party, otherwise he will be restless and addicted to smoking.

I didn't expect to quit smoking after smoking for more than ten years. I didn't know until I asked.Tao, it turned out that he had been coughing for several days in a row and went to the hospital for examination. as a result, a "nodule" was found in his lungs. The doctor advised him to observe first and review regularly every year.

Old Chiang Kai-shek always drank and smoked when he was young, but now he has a regular routine and has long since given up smoking and drinking.

he smiled and said:

"they all say that I am a pussy. If you lose face, you will win health. It is worth it."

in fact, any physical discomfort is a kind reminder:

irregular daily life and unhealthy living habits must be stopped in time.

the body cannot stand consumption and health cannot afford to be squandered. I hope each of us can understand as soon as possible that this life does have an end, and that those who live should be grateful and careful every day.


at the end of life, health

A lot of time is spent working and studying in the whole life, so why rush to squeeze yourself dry in the first half of life.

not long ago, a video showing a 92-year-old grandmother riding a tricycle with her 30-year-old grandson went viral.

in the video, the old woman has quick legs and good spirits. She asks her 30-year-old grandson, Mr. Zhu, to get in the car and take him out to play. Grandparents and grandchildren are talking and laughing all the way, not to mention how happy they are.

after this video became popular, being liked by many netizens is the happiest way to show off. Mr. Zhu also said in an interview afterwards:

and talking about the secret of Grandma's health, this is all due to her usual hobby-riding tricycles.

Grandma often rode her beloved tricycle around the village when she was young, and she never forgot this love when she was old.

it can be seen that maintaining good health is not a difficult and time-consuming thing, as it was said in "everyone's War":

the 92-year-old grandmother only adhered to a small hobby in exchange for decades of healthy life.

A person's health is not the only factor, a healthy lifestyle is the only factor.

Please don't lose yourself because you are busy under any circumstances.

every day, work and rest regularly, eat healthily, and give yourself some time to exercise and dress up, so that every moment can live abundantly.

to borrow a sentence from Haruki Murakami:

stop and have a rest when you are tired, relax and move on. Don't embarrass yourself. We can walk slowly or love well.

there is still a long way to go, so don't lose your health without anything.

finally, may you and I both have a healthy body and do what we want to do.