People, don't let your emotions get sick.

People, don't let your emotions get sick.

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people who have read A Dream of Red Mansions find it hard not to love Daiyu, a "woman made of water".

she is talented, intelligent, amazing, and always touches people with frowns and smiles.

but on the other hand, her weak body, bumpy love road, and sad ending are often sad.

in fact, when you think about it, Daiyu's bad luck has something to do with her personal temperament.

there is a term in psychology called type C personality.

in general, they are submissive, sulky, sensitive and thoughtful, and like to think negatively.

if a person is in this state of depression for a long time, the immune system of the body will inevitably be affected.

some studies have shown that the incidence of cancer in people with type C personality is more than 3 times higher than that of ordinary people.

therefore, type C personality is also called "cancer personality".

Sister Lin, who is sentimental and unhappy in Cao Xueqin's works, is this typical "cancer personality."

as the ancients often said, "anger harms the body" is actually not empty talk.

most of the time, emotions dominate our bodies and even our lives in an imperceptible way.


negative emotions are the biggest killers of health

A survey conducted by Harvard University shows that

sometimes our bodies suddenly "fail" because of rubbish emotions.

blogger @ Xiulu has shared her personal experience online.

Last September, a family member underwent stent surgery because of heart problems.

when advising the postoperative precautions, the doctor said solemnly: try to keep a good mood.

she found it very strange: since when is mood important enough to be written into a doctor's order?

then, the head nurse's words solved her doubts:

A health scientist once said:

everyone has an emotional map hidden in their bodies.

angry, sad, complaining. If these bad emotions accumulate, the body will begin to go downhill.

it is often said in traditional Chinese medicine that anger injures the liver, likes to be sad, thinks about hurting the spleen, sorrowful lungs, and fear injuring the kidney.

A large number of medical studies have also shown that people's emotions are closely related to everything from headaches and colds to coronary heart disease and cancer.

some time ago, actress Ma Sichun exposed at the variety show that she had an "anxiety disorder" and needed to take medicine to control her emotions.

"the body will become so stiff and the legs so soft that you can't walk a distance from the bed to the door of the house."

feeling helpless, I kept panting, and then I couldn't see. "

her description of the disease was frightening.

think of a sentence that American writer John Steinbeck once said:

A lost soul can kill you quickly, much faster than bacteria.

Bad mood is like a small pebble, it looks so inconspicuous that it is often ignored by us.

over time, it will cause a "butterfly effect" in our bodies.


your mood determines your face

in the movie "God of Food", Stephen Zhou, played by Stephen Chow, is flushed and radiant when he is famous all over the world.

his reputation was tarnished by the framing of his opponent, and when he entered the low ebb, he no longer had the high spirits he once had, and often looked sad and unhappy.

in the second half of the movie, because the turkey sister shielded the gun for himself, his life or death was uncertain, and when he was discouraged, he turned white overnight.

I remember a sentence from Mr. Zhu Ziqing:

once the negative emotions accumulated in my heart reach the limit, they must be expressed in some form.

in many cases, even if you are lucky enough to escape the attack of the disease, those bad emotions will not let you go easily.

there is a hot topic on Zhihu: can mood or mental personality affect a person's facial appearance?

countless people have answered with their real experience: those who are always in a bad mood will really get ugly.

some people mentioned their aunt, who was famous and beautiful in her hometown when she was young.

after marriage, I don't know why I am always depressed and I don't like anything, so I have to make a scene at home every other day.

then the situation became more and more serious. I frowned every day and showed no interest in anything.

now in his forties, he is getting fat quickly, and there are several serious Sichuan lines between his eyebrows. His eyes are always dim and his mouth is pouting all the time.

the whole person has not only lost his former demeanour, but even a little scary.

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someone had a sudden family accident and broke up with their boyfriend. The whole person was in a state of self-abandonment and was depressed for more than half a year.

one day she looked up at the mirror and was startled by the people in the mirror:

within a few months, her eyes were sunken, her eyes were blank, her dark circles were thick, and she was all old.

Bi Shumin wrote:

the scalpel of a plastic surgeon can never match the other two sharp knives in the world.

A knife is time, time will wash away the effect of cosmetic surgery, and a sharper knife is the carving of the soul.

if you are only occasionally depressed and depressed, there will naturally be no obvious facial changes.

but if you are surrounded by negative emotions for a long time, people will inevitably look haggard and old.


the second half of life is about mindset./p>

recently, Yu Zeqin, a 100-year-old "grandma foodie", went viral on the Internet.

in the impression of centenarians, most of them are blind and deaf, tired and tired, and it is often difficult to take care of themselves.

Granny Yu, who is ruddy and Hale and hearty in front of the camera, has captured millions of fans online by eating and drinking.

she is straightforward, never beat around the bush, and often says "you know a shovel".

I love delicious food. When I was lying in the clinic changing my dentures, I was still thinking about eating hot pot and rinsing my belly.

at the birthday party, a person drank five glasses of white wine without changing his face.

when she teaches the secret of longevity to others, she always says:

Grandma, who is transparent and straightforward, doesn't like to be angry, never cares about it, and can quickly digest bad emotions, live a long life and live a long life.

in many cases, compared with Chinese wolfberry, drinking traditional Chinese medicine and moxa, a good attitude is the best way to keep in good health.

in life, there are too many things that affect our emotions:

there are always some people who like to point and judge you behind your back; a plan that has been completed all night, but was overturned by the leader;

has been corrected many times, but the bear children in the family still can't change the problem of picky food.

I've tried my best, but I still can't live the life I want.

as the old saying goes, "when the heart is small, all the little things are big; when the heart is big, all the big things are small."

the mind goes with the mind, the body with the fate, people live a lifetime, not by the mood, but by the state of mind.

between heaven and earth, you and I are both passers-by, so why tie the knot?

only a peaceful state of mind can nourish our internal organs.

A good mood will cultivate a lasting feast for the eyes.


at the age of 92, Mr. Zhao Puchu, a calligrapher, wrote a "Ballad of Relief". It was thought-provoking:

Sunrise in the East China Sea and setting in the West Mountain, sorrow and joy.

when things happen, people are comfortable and their hearts are at ease.

if negative emotions are allowed to accumulate, you will only lose your health and mood.

try to classify emotions as garbage, those that should be thrown away and those that should be forgotten.

Life is only a few decades. Don't let your emotions get sick is the best way to be kind to your body.

A doctor friend once told me about a sentence that the professor said on the day he first took the basic medical knowledge class:

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