People can be refined, but not Yin!

People can be refined, but not Yin!

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when people walk between heaven and earth, the most basic thing is to have a conscience worthy of their hearts.

you can have no wealth, no bottom line, no beauty, no goodwill.

be a man, be kind-hearted, live up to me, I live up to him;

be a man, be beautiful, plant fewer thorns and plant more flowers.


whoever you are will attract

according to legend. King Xuan of Qi likes to recruit talents, so he asked Chunyu Kun to recommend talents.

Chunyu Kun recommended seven talented people to King Xuan of Qi in one day.

King Xuan of Qi was surprised and asked Chunyu Kun:

Chunyu Kun replied:

this is the reason why birds of a feather flock together.

what kind of person you are, you can attract what kind of crowd.

if you are kind, you will naturally have the company of good people; if you are treacherous, you will keep company with treacherous people.

people with ideas can make progress together; people with good conduct will help each other.

A good character can not be realized instantly, but it allows you to meet high-quality social circles and give you good luck.

We all know the saying that you can only be rich for three generations. In A Dream of Red Mansions, you are as rich as Jia Fu, and it also vanishes in an instant.

and some families, the fire has been handed down to this day, there are still a large number of talents, enduring.

from the Zeng family of Zeng Guofan to the Qian family of Qian Xuesen, Qian Zhongshu, Qian Xuantong and others.

what these two families have in common is that they both have a strict and systematic family style, family morality, family rules,

has an excellent family culture, and every member flows this kind of cultural blood from the bottom of their bones.

this is probably the blessing accumulated by the ancestors for their children and grandchildren.

as Mr. Nan Huaijing once said:

if you are wonderful, you will make your own arrangements. If you are kind and do things with your heart, you will live up to your destiny.


good will be rewarded with good, and evil will be rewarded with evil

there is such a story:

there is a lion looking for food. He sees a lamb eating grass leisurely.

however, the forest law has just been promulgated, and animals that have not made mistakes cannot be harmed, and the lion hesitates.

at this time, a fox, who had been watching for a long time, guessed the lion's mind.

he thought that if I could give the lion a hand, the lion would surely appreciate me, and I would have a patron in the future.

thinking of this, the fox jumped into the grass and quietly put the eggs he had just stolen behind the lamb and shouted:

when the lion heard the news, the lamb immediately said:

"Lion King, I didn't steal the eggs, but I know who stole the eggs!" Just look at the people here and see who has chicken feathers on them, which shows who has been to the chicken coop! "

as soon as the voice fell, the two gray chicken feathers on the fox's tail were blown up by the wind.

the lion was furious:

after that, he jumped on it.

the lamb continued to eat grass happily, while the fox was killed by his cleverness.

as the saying goes, wisdom is wronged by wisdom.

the fox wants to plant the wrong lamb, but it brings disaster for himself.

it is his own fault.

good is rewarded with good, and evil is rewarded with evil. I believe that God will not let the villain happy, nor will he disappoint the good.

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small victory depends on wisdom, great victory depends on virtue

some people say that small success depends on diligence, middle success depends on shrewdness, and great success depends on honesty.

Li Yifu, prime minister of the Tang Dynasty, was resourceful and talented.

helped Wu Zetian become emperor and helped Li Zhi get rid of the forces around him.

on the surface, he is easygoing, polite and pleasant, but inside he is narrow-minded, jealous, cruel and cruel.

after he occupies an important position, anyone who commits a slight offence against him will be framed.

at that time, people said that he had a knife in his smile and called him "Li Cat".

because he was prime minister, he moved the most luxurious ancestral grave of the Tang Dynasty at that time, which greatly dissatisfied officials in the Tang Dynasty.

Li Zhi warned him to be careful, but Li Yifu disagreed and asked Li Zhi who told him about it.

before long, Li Yifu thoroughly annoyed Li Zhi, was removed from his official post and exiled to the state, and eventually died of illness in the government.

A person's blessings can be seen from his behavior, and from his words and deeds.

time will make insidious people have nowhere to hide and good people will find treasure.

those with good character will have their own help; those with poor character will push down the wall.

as said in Zuo Zhuan:

there is no fixed number of disasters and happiness, they are all brought by people themselves.

your blessings are, in the final analysis, the virtues you have accumulated.

people can be careful for their own interests, but they can't climb on the flesh and blood of others.

people who are both smart and insidious often end up living on an isolated island.

Don't be afraid that good people will not be rewarded.

the rest of your life is long, and your blessings are on the way to find you.