People are at a low ebb, and self-passage depends on these two things.

People are at a low ebb, and self-passage depends on these two things.

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some people say that it is a lifetime of knowledge to behave in the world.

internally, you need to practice your heart, don't get angry, don't complain, don't force, and look for the best living condition.

to the outside world, we need to put ourselves in a correct position and learn to be a man, speak and handle affairs, which is the foundation of our society.

in just a few decades, what you can live like is determined by both internal and external aspects.


practicing the "three noes" can change the fate

in life, many people feel very tired, and no matter how hard they struggle, they are just struggling on the edge of life.

it is difficult to find a stable state of balance between heart and reality.

but in fact, it may be difficult to change your life, but it takes a moment to change your mind.

A lot of times, the way you look at things changes, and so does your destiny.

1. Not angry

when people are alive, there are always people and things they don't like, and anger is inevitable.

No matter how much you try to be a passer-by, it's hard to avoid someone trying to get you into trouble.

but no matter who is angry with, losing gas hurts the body, it just makes the villain triumphant, so what if he wins, it takes time and energy.

in any case, the loss outweighs the gain.

someone once asked Wang Yangming, "what should a spiritual practitioner think of anger?"

Wang Yangming's answer is:

"how can people not be angry?

anger is inevitable, and the key is to grasp the following principles:

the first is to grasp an appropriate degree, and the second is that as soon as the matter is over, anger should go with it, and there is no need to persevere or hold a grudge. "

after all, life is too short, there are too many things to do, there is not so much time to be angry.

think about the classic "angry poem":

"lose your temper for trifles, why look back and think about it?"

I'm not angry when others are angry, and there's no one to replace me when I get sick. "

Happiness is also a day, and so is unhappiness. Which one do you choose?

2. Not complaining

it is not easy for everyone to get used to complaining.

complain that the company does not pay overtime, complain that customers are too difficult, complain that children are disobedient, complain that they are not lucky enough.

but have you found that complaining is like a negative energy circle? the more you complain, the worse your life will be. The more unwilling you are, the worse things will be.

Sanmao said:

the two most useless things in the world, one is angry, the other is complaining.

complaining won't solve anything. On the contrary, it will blind your heart, make you lose morale and bring new troubles.

in this life, people should always learn to face real life and accept what has happened to them.

instead of complaining all day long, put aside your complaining and try to control your mood and state of mind.

pay more attention to the good things in life and feel the little luck in your daily life.

Blessing comes when there is no resentment in the heart.

3. Don't force

Lu Yao said: "Life is always like this, and people can't be satisfied everywhere."

people live in the world, but live at ease.

sometimes the more you ask, the less you get; the more you care, the faster you lose.

blindly pursue wealth and status, but do not realize that there is a fixed amount of money in life, and morality is not worthy of wealth, which is ultimately a cloud;

the feelings that are too strong can not go too far, and people pay attention to the word "fate" between people. Those who love you cannot drive away, and those who do not love you cannot stay;

want desperately to keep the rest of the time, but bind themselves to memories and miss the beauty of the moment.

you know, there is no absolute fairness in life, and the world is not perfect.

Life has its own destiny, sometimes you have to have it, and don't force it all the time.

Don't force others, don't embarrass yourself, learn to accept and understand, and cherish what you have right now.

although everything can not be satisfactory, but I want to be worthy of my heart.


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to be a person's "three meetings", you can take fewer detours

in fact, with the increase of age and experience, we gradually understand that

A mature person, in fact, all know how to observe words and emotions and size up the situation in the process of interacting with others and handling things.

this is not only an ability based on society, but also a kind of wisdom.

1. Know how to be a man

Wang Xiaobo said: "if one lives in this world, the first thing is to be a good person."

then how can you be a human being?

is actually very simple, kind-hearted, grateful, sincere, modest and low-key. Can be regarded as the law of being a man.

but in the final analysis, these are the embodiment of everyone's good character and a person's best business card.

to be a human being, character is always the first.

I have seen a piece of news before that a 30-year-old engineer was detained by criminal punishment for 480 fancy ticket evasion in more than a year.

is he in financial difficulty? No, on the contrary, he is highly educated and has a decent job.

but still for a little petty gain, abandon character, and finally leave an indelible stain on the resume of life.

in life, everything has cause and effect.

the people you meet, your good luck, your wealth, all come from your character.

people with poor character will lose their hearts and minds no matter how good they are, and they will be consumed slowly.His own blessings.

to be a man, you can't lose your character if you lose anything.

only good character deserves the most respect and more opportunities and recognition.

2, able to speak

writer Wang Meng once said: "whether a person has a level or not is mainly manifested in speaking."

how important is speaking to a person? turn on the search engine and there are about 100000 related results:

"not very good at speaking, how to improve your speaking skills?"

"what's the least talkative person you've ever seen?"

"how to become a very good talker?"

"what should I pay attention to when speaking?"

words are spoken every day, but not everyone can speak.

in life, people who can't speak regard open mouth as their true temperament, causing disgust without knowing it.

words without boundaries and moderation will only bring annoyance and inconvenience to others, and that's why disaster comes out of the mouth.

people who can talk know well not to ask, to see through, to speak, and to argue with reason.

this is not only the measure of speaking, but also the measure of being a man. Between speaking and not speaking, it shows one's EQ and self-cultivation.

so practice the art of speaking. It's the most cost-effective way to socialize.

3, can do things

I don't know, have you found that usually we judge whether a person is worth trusting or not, depending on his attitude towards the details of life.

if a person can give an account for everything, everything has an answer, and everything has an answer.

then this person is what we often say, reliable, able to do things.

reliable, is a person's basic survival ability, but also our highest evaluation of a person's ability to do things.

there was an internship boy in our department. At first, he thought he was very smart, but after working together for a long time, the problem was exposed.

just entering the company, he is not very skilled, and he can understand that he often makes some small mistakes, but when everyone corrects him, he always likes to find a lot of excuses to explain prevarication;

the things he has explained are often forgotten. Everyone had to remind again and again to confirm the progress, affecting the progress of the whole team.

gradually, everyone had some opinions, and the result of his internship was so obvious that he failed to become a regular employee as scheduled.

in fact, we often say that we can do things, but we don't have a high standard, which is to let people see your attitude and professionalism.

do not procrastinate, do not talk much, people do not do, down-to-earth to give people trust, you can gain recognition from the outside world.

in fact, if a person wants to have a foothold in society and interpersonal relationships, these most basic and simple principles of life still need to be understood.

then achieve success through continuous self-improvement, self-improvement, and better integration into the circle.