People are afraid of going the wrong way, afraid of giving it to the wrong person! (incisive)

People are afraid of going the wrong way, afraid of giving it to the wrong person! (incisive)

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people are afraid of going the wrong way, afraid of giving to the wrong person,

going the wrong way, wasting time,

loving the wrong person, wasting feelings.

so choose carefully,

walk with people of good quality,

talk to real people.

if the heart is not true, it will be broken in the place, and if the product is not good, it will break up on foot.

in this world, there are thousands of

roads, but there is only one heart.

choose the way before you go, lest you regret it.

see that people love again, leaving no scars.

take the right road, unimpeded,

take the wrong road, bumpy and difficult.

Love the right person, enjoy happiness,

Love the wrong person, painful life.

Louis is easy to walk, but hard to turn back.

Love is easy, but the most unforgettable.

Road is most afraid of making mistakes, and people are most afraid of loving mistakes.

how many people go to the bottom of their hearts and are finally disappointed,

how many feelings they pay again and again, and finally there is no response.

so don't be too nice to some people.

for a long time, you take it for granted.

there are thousands of roads, and people have thousands of faces.

how many people are kind on the surface but vicious in the heart,

how many people smile on their faces and play behind their backs.

how many people have bad intentions and calculate you,

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how many people don't know how to cherish you and throw you away.

you don't know who's real until you break your heart, and you don't know how stupid you are until you've been cheated.

so whether it's making friends or falling in love,

you should distinguish carefully and look at it with your heart.

Don't be blinded by appearance, learn more about character,

Don't be moved by sweet words, look at practical actions.

character is more important than appearance, and actions are more reliable than sweet words.

people with sincere intentions can get to know each other deeply.

people with false feelings, don't associate with each other.

those who value affection and righteousness can be trusted.

those who are heartless, don't like them.

in this life,

people are afraid of going the wrong way and loving the wrong person.

when getting along with others,

be sincere and don't play games.

be wary and don't be too credulous.

it is not in vain to give your heart to a person with good taste.

giving trust to reliable people is not in vain.

otherwise love the wrong person, heartache, pay the wrong feelings, uncomfortable.

in this life, don't forget:

No matter what kind of relationship,

is the best,

is the most expensive, and

is the most true!