Peace is a blessing, contentment is a blessing

Peace is a blessing, contentment is a blessing

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

everyone has a different view of life.

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some people think that a house full of children and grandchildren is happiness; some people think that wealth is happiness; some people think that fame and fortune are happiness; others think that mediocrity is happiness.

in fact, no matter what kind of life we are going through, I have always felt that peace is a blessing and contentment is a blessing.


there is only one life, safety is true

some people are born sound, and some people are born disabled. We can't change the circumstances of our birth, nor can we influence the accidents in our lives. A car accident, a fire, an accident, may break the original quiet life.

Don't envy how good other people's lives are, and you don't have to compete with others. It is really lucky to ignore the gains and losses in your life and just pray that every day can be spent safely.

money, fame and wealth can be lost in the world, but there is only one life and there is no way to start over.

every day is spent, and happiness is every day in peace. Do not ask for wealth and wealth, hope peace and joy.


in only one life, it is important to know that contentment is important.

some people live in high-rise buildings, others live in deep ditches. Everyone has his or her own way of living. If you always compare yourself with people who are better off than yourself, you will never be satisfied with your present life.

"one porridge and one rice is not easy to come by." Nothing in this world is easy to get. Everything we have now is earned by those who love you.

know how to be content, but also know how to be grateful. Don't be fascinated by the fancy world and forget the people around you who pay for you.

contentment is the cultivation of body and mind. May you and I both be content.


if you have only one life, you don't have to be too tired.

people always feel that it is not easy to come to the world and must have everything they like. But there are too many things in the world, and people's desires are endless. If you like everything you see and get everything you like, you will be really tired in this life.

if you like a flower, you don't have to fold it down and put it in your pocket. Let it bloom on the side of the road, watching from a distance every day, is it not a kind of possession?

Life is full of trivialities and pains. You really don't have to let yourself live too tired, be strong in everything and fight for everything. A hundred years later, it is really a pleasure to be able to live a comfortable life as soon as it is covered with loess.

A hundred-year-old can be happy only if he is pure-hearted, free from desire, and does not fight for the anger of the moment.

when you are alive, you should not do anything against your will or harm others or yourself, but seek peace and contentment.

have only one life, remember to live for yourself!