Parents must know when to go to bed at night has such a great influence on the child's height.

Parents must know when to go to bed at night has such a great influence on the child's height.

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it can be said that parents always worry about the height of their children.

from birth to adult epiphyseal line closure, we all hope that children can grow normally and reach the expected height.

expectations are good, but the upper limit of a child's height is actually restricted by a variety of factors.

when it comes to the factors that affect height, the first thing that cannot be bypassed is the internal factor--

the influence of heredity on height is 60%, 70%.

and external factors are no stranger to everyone. Parents are more commonly used to start with nutrition, and all kinds of "eating" methods emerge one after another: nutritious meals, milk, bone soup.

I have talked to you a lot about "eating" before. I believe you all know something about growing and taller food.

but people seem to ignore the importance of sleep for growth.

or, know this situation, but the child does not cooperate, the study is not allowed, what should be done?

Today, Uncle Fan is going to tell you about the effect of a child's sleep on his height.


Why does sleep affect height

many parents wonder: during sleep, there is neither exercise nor intake, why does it affect height?

that can be attributed to the wonder of the human body.

A substance called growth hormone is secreted in the human pituitary gland. This substance will help us to grow taller.

in infancy, growth hormone is secreted 24 hours a day, so babies before 1 year old grow very fast.

but after entering early childhood, the secretion of growth hormone is very low during the day, mainly at night.

its secretion shows the shape of a wavy line.

there will be a small peak from 9pm to 1pm and around 6am.

moreover, the condition for secreting growth hormone is not as long as you fall asleep.

the prerequisite for normal secretion of growth hormone is to achieve deep sleep.

that is to say, in the long run:

if the child does not go to bed at 11:30 and may have to make a fuss after going to bed, then this peak of growth hormone secretion at night cannot be achieved through deep sleep.

if the child gets up at 6 o'clock the next morning to go to school, the morning peak of secretion will also be missed.

the helpless thing is that the secretion of growth hormone is irreversible.

that is to say, if you miss it, you miss it. It is not as simple as "lack of sleep today, make up tomorrow".

although modern science has been able to promote growth by injecting growth hormone, this scientific method is mainly used in pathological dwarfism.

besides, why do we have to get a needle for something that can be done with a good night's sleep?

back to the point, due to the mechanism of growth hormone secretion, sleep is no less important to height than nutrition intake.


how to arrange sleep time

after understanding the importance of sleep, how to make our children sleep normally has become a difficult problem for us.

many parents leave messages to Uncle Fan backstage: how can children go to bed at 9 o'clock now?

indeed, raising a baby is not raising a robot. Let it go to bed regularly.

first, our bears don't want to go to sleep, and second, they do have homework that they have to finish.

these are also the two big problems that bother our parents the most.

how to solve this problem? Uncle Fan, here are some tricks for you!

1. Deal with children who don't sleep

"four noes" and "three desires"

first talk about the "four noes" before going to bed:

Don't eat a lot of food, don't do strenuous exercise, don't play with electronic products, and don't have violent mood swings an hour before bedtime.

eating too much is not conducive to digestion, increasing the burden on the intestines and stomach, so that the child will not fall asleep easily, and it is not good for the body.

at the same time, strenuous exercise and electronic products will promote the excitement of the child's cerebral cortex, not only difficult to fall asleep, but also relatively shallow.

it's even worse if parents scold their children before going to bed. You can't sleep well if you have negative emotions.

so how to improve the quality of sleep and let children go into deep sleep quickly? Just remember the following three points.

parents should lead by example

when the appropriate time comes, parents should also turn off electronic products with their children and form good habits.

it is unreasonable for parents to ask their children to go to bed while watching TV in the living room.

to create an atmosphere for sleeping

when you announce that your child is going to sleep, you should create an atmosphere for your child to fall asleep.

after taking a bath, the child lights a light that is not so bright and tells a short story. When the child's drowsiness strikes, he can fall asleep obediently.

make sense of security

remember not to scold the child mentioned above? Not only that, we also need to make sense of security for our children.

parents' company is the best guardian for their children.

in short, when the child does not have the burden of schoolwork, the task of guiding the child to sleep is mainly on the shoulders of the parents.

2. What about children with heavy schoolwork

many parents will wonder: my children come back late from self-study and have to get up early in the morning to go to school, completely missing the peak of growth hormone, will they not grow up?

as mentioned earlier, growth hormone is one of the external factors affecting height. Most of the factors play a role, such as heredity, nutrition and so on.Synergy.

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that is to say, growth hormone is not the determining factor, but it is also indispensable.

Children who sleep well are advantageous in the secretion of growth hormone.

for example, there must be a difference between careful matching of nutrients every day and eating only rice every day.

what parents can do is, according to the situation, let their children sleep as much as possible when they can sleep more, such as on rest days and holidays, and make more efforts in other aspects that affect height, such as nutrition and exercise.

I hope these experiences can give parents some help.

the situation of each family and child is different. Parents can adjust these practices flexibly for only one purpose: to prolong their children's deep sleep.