Parents are asked to say good words and witty words that encourage their children every day.

Parents are asked to say good words and witty words that encourage their children every day.

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I have read a sentence: "every child is dancing on the tip of his parents' tongue."

what parents say determines what their children will take in the future.

for children, the encouragement from parents and teachers can cheer them up the most.

parents and teachers must say more of these good words and witty words that motivate their children if they want their children to be better.


encouraging children to be positive  American psychologist Rosenthal has done an experiment that shows that encouragement is often more effective than other ways of educating children.

when children grow up, most of their self-knowledge comes from the evaluation of the most intimate people, especially their parents.

Children who are encouraged and supported by their parents will have a great sense of satisfaction, which will be transformed into a continuous motivation of inner persistence and effort.

in the process of teaching children, when they encounter difficulties, they choose to give them a hand to help them find problems and find solutions as soon as possible, which is often more conducive to regaining their confidence.

therefore, parents should always give their children some encouragement in life to make them motivated and positive:

you are bound to be a great person in the future.

although it is not the first place, your progress is the greatest success.

Don't be afraid to encounter difficulties, try to find a way to solve them, we are always behind you.

you have done a good job, and it is worth learning from you.

I see your efforts, and you are already great.


words to make children confident

Haruki Murakami writes in his book: be confident! As long as you are confident, you have nothing to fear.

A child's self-confidence or inferiority complex often depends on his family environment and what kind of education his parents have given him.

the best way to cultivate confident children is to help them understand themselves correctly and persist in making positive comments and hints about them.

discover the advantages of the child, and give specific praise to the child.

when the child feels inferior to others and feels depressed, tell the child, "you are not inferior to others, but your strengths are different."

this is a very easy thing for parents to do. As long as we stick to it, we will find that it brings us a brilliant and confident child.

often say these words to your child, and you will find that your child is becoming more and more confident:

you are excellent.

in my eyes, you are the best kid in the world.

I am proud to have a child like you.

We can try again, it doesn't matter.

you've done a great job. I'm proud of you.


Let children study hard

for children, learning is their greatest responsibility, and it is also their hardest career at present.

as parents, we all hope that our children can study hard, be admitted to a good university and have a brighter future.

but sometimes, the greater the expectations of parents, the greater the pressure on the child, and even make the child become rebellious and depraved.

in fact, there is a deviation in the way parents educate.

We should tell the child that we understand that he studies hard, but learning is already hard, and everyone is the same.

We should tell children that learning is not for parents, nor for teachers, but for themselves.

We should tell our children that if they don't study hard early in life, they will regret it when they grow up.

these words, please parents often say to their children, so that their children more understand the meaning of learning:

Learning is your own business, you must be responsible for yourself.

when you finish your homework and then play, you can have more fun.

grades are important, but your hard work is more commendable.

study must be hard, but it can take you where you want to go.

someone always wants to win, so why can't it be you?


Let children have sense of security

Human sense of security has been established since it first came into the world. The younger the age is, the more important the state of sense of security is, and the greater the impact on one's life.

and the most important source of children's sense of security is the parents around them.

all the experiences in the original family in which the child was born determine the establishment or destruction of this sense of security.

as the child grows up, the child will internalize the parents' voice into the inner voice and lay out the inner background.

sense of security is related to the happiness of a child's life and whether the child has a strong heart to face one unknown after another in life.

if you love your child, pay attention to your child's sense of security.

saying these words to children often helps to build sense of security in their hearts:

anyway, I will always love you.

I will never leave you.

Thank you. It's nice to have you.

Sorry, I'm just in a bad mood, not because of you. Don't be afraid.

Don't worry, I'm here all the time.


if children are optimistic and strong

nine times out of ten, they will not be able to do as they wish. Having a good state of mind is already a successful beginning.

only by loving life with your heart and facing it with a smile can you experience all the joy that life gives you.

Roman Roland once said:

I have to admit that an optimistic childIt is easier to overcome difficulties and obstacles in the future.

optimistic children are not born, but influenced by their parents. Parents say these words more to keep their children optimistic in the face of anything:

try again and don't lose heart.

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I believe you, you can do it on your own.

although there is no sun, rainy days are also beautiful.

I know you are unhappy. Do you need a hug?

it doesn't matter if you fail once, failure is the mother of success.


Let children learn to work

Mr. Chen Heqin, a famous educator, put forward: "whatever a child can do by himself, he should let him do it by himself."

but nowadays, most children are highly dependent and have poor ability to take care of themselves, so that they can not adapt to the new environment well.

A 20-year study from Harvard University shows that children who love housework have an employment rate of 15:1, earn 20% more and have happier marriages than those who don't.

A survey of 20,000 primary school families across the country by the Chinese Academy of Educational Sciences also shows that families whose children do housework are 27 times more likely to have excellent grades than those who do not.

there are many examples to prove that it is essential for a child to do housework if he wants to become an elite.

encourage children to do housework, so that children have the ability and habits to work, parents should say these words:

you are also a member of the family, and you also need to bear part of the housework.

do your own things.

it doesn't matter. Take your time. You can do it well.

you are really my little helper.

the dishes you washed are really clean and wonderful.


Let children cherish time

time is equal to everyone. Whoever has a sense of urgency, who cherishes time, and who is diligent will be rewarded by the old man of time.

Childhood, youth is the beginning of life, such as the rising sun, is the golden age of learning.

A study in the United States shows that children's time management ability has a direct impact on academic performance and efficiency.

every moment you grasp will be the luck of every day in the future.

Let children know that cherishing time, making full use of time, and spending time on meaningful things will have a far-reaching impact on the child's life.

say these words to your children often, and let them be the masters of time:

the class starts in 30 minutes, and if you don't hurry up, you'll be late.

you have to go to bed at 9 o'clock. If you finish your homework before 08:30, you can listen to the story for half an hour.

an inch of time is an inch of gold, an inch of gold is hard to buy an inch of time.

I'll give you two hours. You can arrange it yourself, but you have to finish these things.

it's time. It's time for me to go to work and you to read.