Orthopaedic expert: it destroys the knee more than running! It does great harm, but you do it every day.

Orthopaedic expert: it destroys the knee more than running! It does great harm, but you do it every day.

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sedentary for a long time, fat burning decreases and cholesterol increases, which may block the heart and blood vessels and increase cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

sitting for a long time, calcium accumulates in the arteries, causing arteriosclerosis. Sitting for an extra hour a day increases the risk of coronary atherosclerosis by 12%.

this article guidance expert: Yan Shigui, Director of Orthopaedics Department, Director of Orthopaedic Research Institute, Professor, doctoral Supervisor, Chief physician, second affiliated Hospital, Medical College of Zhejiang University.


sedentary: movements that are very close to death

suffer from head to toe

the June 2017 issue of the American Journal of Orthopaedics and exercise Physiotherapy, an authoritative journal of international medicine, pointed out that the incidence of arthritis was 3.5% for fitness runners and 10.2% for sedentary people.

are you surprised to see this data? Every day I sit and browse on Wechat, watch TV, eat, read newspapers and play cards. At the end of the day, it seems that the body is very relaxed, but over time, the joints will be as stiff as rusty machine bearings.

Professor Yan Shigui, director of the Orthopaedics Department of the second affiliated Hospital of the Medical College of Zhejiang University, said:

the harm of sitting for a long time is not only to hurt the knee, but also from head to toe. The World Health Organization has already listed "sedentary" as one of the top ten causes of death.

sitting posture for 1 hour, blood is concentrated in the lower extremities, circulation is weakened, insufficient blood supply to the brain, hypoxia, dizziness, low mood, reduced thinking vitality, and even an important factor of senile dementia.

2, sedentary sadness: heart function decline

sedentary motionless will lead to slow blood circulation, heart function decline, resulting in myocardial atrophy. For middle-aged and elderly people with arteriosclerosis and other diseases, sedentary blood circulation is slow, and it can also cause myocardial infarction and cerebral thrombosis.

3. Sedentary vascular injury: arteriosclerosis

long-term sedentary, fat burning decreases, cholesterol increases, which may block the heart and blood vessels, and increase cardio-cerebrovascular diseases. Sedentary, calcium accumulates in the arteries, causing arteriosclerosis. Sitting for an extra hour a day increases the risk of coronary atherosclerosis by 12%.

sedentary, leg muscle contraction decreased, lower limb blood flow velocity slowed down, and the incidence of thrombosis increased. People who sit for more than 3 hours a day have a two-fold increase in the risk of lower limb deep venous thrombosis. Sitting for more than 12 hours increases the risk of pulmonary embolism, especially in middle-aged and elderly people with high blood lipids and high blood viscosity. Sitting for a long time is a potential terrible risk factor.

4, sedentary grief: dizziness

sedentary blood circulation slows down, but also leads to insufficient blood supply to the brain, injury to the brain, fatigue, dizziness and other symptoms.

5. Sedentary injury: neck, shoulder, low back pain

neck, shoulder, waist and back are in a tense fixed position for a long time, which will not only cause local blood circulation disorder, but also lead to neck, shoulder and waist stiffness, sore pain, headache and cervical spondylosis.

6. Sedentary injury to the lung: affecting the blood supply to the heart and lung

the amount of sedentary exercise is small, the lungs can not get effective exercise, which will affect the blood supply to the heart and lung. Most of the common pulmonary diseases in the elderly, such as emphysema infection, are related to the decrease of lung function.

7. Sedentary injury of pancreas: diabetes

when the cells are in idle muscle, the response of pancreas is slow and it is easy to produce more insulin, which leads to diabetes. Long-term sitting increases the risk of type 2 diabetes by 112%.

it is clearly stated in the 2016 edition of the guidelines issued by the American Diabetes Association that everyone should reduce their sedentary time, especially to avoid sitting for more than 90 minutes.

8, sedentary injury to the stomach: loss of appetite

sedentary is easy to cause gastrointestinal peristalsis, digestive gland secretion of digestive juice, loss of appetite and other symptoms, aggravating abdominal distension, constipation, indigestion and other digestive system symptoms.

9, sedentary bowels: colon cancer

the peristalsis of intestines and stomach in sedentary people weakens and slows down, harmful components are easy to retain in the colon, stimulate intestinal mucosa, plus poor blood circulation in abdominal cavity, pelvic cavity and lumbosacral region, intestinal immune barrier function decreases, which increases the risk of colon cancer. "Ten people and nine hemorrhoids", keeping sitting posture for a long time can easily lead to hemorrhoids.

10. Sedentary injuries: pulmonary embolism

the American Cancer Society has released the results of a new 14-year study of 120000 people. Sitting for more than 6 hours a day may increase the risk of early death, and women are at higher risk.

Australian researchers found that compared with people who sat and watched TV for more than four hours a day, compared with less than two hours, the risk of death from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases increased by 80%, and the risk of death from other causes increased by 46%.


eight ways to avoid the harm of sedentary

Professor Gao Fangyi, former director of the Beijing Institute of Geriatrics, reminded: the ligaments of the elderly are beginning to become ossified, the muscle malleability is getting worse, the bone is deteriorating, and the whole function is declining. "people have to move when they're alive." In fact, there is only one word to resolve the harm of being sedentary: move.

1, sit correctly

keep the correct sitting posture, the back is straight, the shoulders are naturally drooping, can be placed on both sides of the elbows, the chair is too soft may oppress the prostate, you can change a seat with a little hardness, add a cushion to the back to reduce the pressure on the waist and not cross your legs.

2. Walk frequently

to ensure that you will not sit for too long, it is recommended to take a short rest of about 20-30 minutes at a time. It's best to get up and walk around. Even when sitting, you can bend over, lift your shoulders, or take a deep breath to relieve muscle tension.

3. Take a few steps during TV commercials

even walking at snail speed burns twice as many calories as sitting. Of course, more intense exercise is better.

4, tiptoe

usually in working lifeIn life, especially when the lower limbs are sore and tired after sitting or standing for a long time, you can use the method of tiptoe to keep fit. Because, when tiptoe, the contraction and extrusion of the posterior muscles of both legs will promote the reflux of the blood of the lower extremities, accelerate the blood circulation and prevent varicose veins of the lower extremities.

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5, lift your legs alone

sit on a hard chair with a backrest, reduce your abdomen and lift one leg until the leg is sore and then change to the other, which can exercise the quadriceps femoris, which is rarely exercised.

6, clip the mineral water bottle in the knee

open the width of a fist in both legs, clamp the bottle, and lift the heel for two minutes. This small action can exercise the muscles around the knee. When exercising, the supply of qi and blood will remove some chills and chills and treat knee pain.

7, pillow under foot

No heart disease group, sleep can be under the foot of the pillow, help blood reflux, improve lower limb edema, can also properly bubble feet, promote blood flow.

8. Walking backwards

can exercise the waist and back muscles that are rarely used. Middle-aged and elderly friends who sit and watch TV for a long time might as well try the combination of positive walking and backward walking.