Open yourself (this article is priceless)

Open yourself (this article is priceless)

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philosopher Rousseau said: "Man is born free, but he is always in chains."

the biggest yoke in the world is actually our own thinking and pattern.


Open your mind, the crisis is to take a turn for the better

the European Basketball Championships in 1982, when Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria competed for the finals.

Bulgaria had a two-point lead with eight seconds left, but according to the previous points of the two teams, they had to win more than five points to qualify.

but it is almost difficult to score 3 points in the last 8 seconds.

at the critical moment, the coach of the Bulgarian team asked for a time-out and quietly arranged tactics for the players.

after the game resumed, the Bulgarian players suddenly threw the ball into their own basket with the last second left, allowing the opponent to score two points for no reason.

when everyone was dismayed, the referee announced that the two sides had a draw and entered overtime.

Bulgaria, which had no hope of victory, finally won the qualifying right with a six-point advantage in overtime.

most of the time, it is never the problem that bothers people, but the way we think about solving it.

when you are in a desperate situation, it may be a time to think differently and live in a different way.

remember a short story I saw before.

A sculptor went to the competition with his elaborate work "getting paid".

as a result, before participating in the exhibition, the work accidentally fell to the ground, and the original statue was thrown beyond recognition.

when everyone felt sorry for him, he had an idea and changed the name of his work to "squeeze the subway".

the result, on the contrary, won the Silver Award for being more vivid.

English poet Thomas Hood said:

in many cases, when we encounter setbacks and problems, our brains are used to judging by experience, and then only complain and give up.

in fact, as long as you think about a few more steps and dare to break the rules, you will have a chance to turn against the wind even if you are in a desperate situation.


Open the pattern, stand high and look away

A pomegranate seed, if planted in a flowerpot, it can only grow to more than half a meter high, and even wither due to insufficient nutrient supply.

plant it in a jar, it can grow to more than one meter, but due to the limitation of space, the fruit is astringent and bitter.

if it is planted in the open space in the courtyard, it can grow to four or five meters high and produce red and sweet pomegranates.

our pattern is like the living environment of that seed.

if the vision and pattern are different, the final result will be different.

the writer @ Miss Hui told a story about her own experience.

one year, her family asked her to help introduce jobs to relatives' children. after careful selection, she recommended a company in Beijing.

although that company is not particularly large, the salary is only 8000 yuan, but the platform is good, the strength is strong, the boss is also capable, and the future is bright.

and the child's friend also recommended him a newly registered company. Because of the urgent shortage of manpower, the salary offered by the company was very high. During the interview, he offered him a salary of 15000.

he hesitated for a long time and finally chose 15000 yuan.

Miss Hui also understands this.

but a year later, the company he worked for went bankrupt because of poor management and broken capital chain.

while the previous company that paid 8000 yuan has been successfully listed on the market, all the veteran employees have raised their wages, and some have even got shares in the company.

Miss Hui can't help feeling:

the gap between people is of course an element of luck, but what is more important is the pattern of not greedy for petty gain and the vision of looking into the distance.

as the saying goes, "the horizon determines the realm, and the pattern determines the outcome."

if you want to achieve great things, you must first open up the pattern and stand high and look at things.

when the height of things is enough, the height of life is naturally there.


Open your mind, forgive and tolerate

Zi Gong once asked Confucius, "is there a word that can be used as a lifelong principle?"

Confucius replied, "it's probably 'forgiveness'."

when Great Way is implemented, it is a person's mind not to blame others, but to forgive others with self-forgiveness.

one year, Hillary Clinton published her autobiography, "experiencing History," which many people were not optimistic about at that time.

talk show host Carlson publicly attacked her, even threatening:

Hillary Clinton remained silent and unmoved in the face of cynicism.

as a result, 500000 copies of the book were sold on the first day of publication, and in less than a week, the goal of 1 million copies had been achieved.

later, Hillary ran into this Carlson on a show, and Carlson was ashamed to mention it.

however, instead of being unreasonable, Hillary took out a specially made shoe cake and handed it to Carlson herself.

Carlson ate the cake and was impressed by Hillary's mind.

Li Shutong once said:

when you encounter different voices, it is better to open your heart than to compete with each other.

forgiving others is actually fulfilling oneself.


Open your mind and look at the world

Ji Xianlin mentioned in the Ten lectures on Life that the most taboo thing in life is self-closure.

Ji Xianlin had a former teacher when he was in high school.The scholars of the Qing Dynasty memorized the four Books and the five Classics so that they did not have to bring textbooks with them in class, and all the knowledge was readily available.

however, all the students don't like him.

in the era when everyone pursues freedom, he still lives in the world of the "Qing Kingdom", with stereotyped essays and imperial examination system.

students will be regarded as rebellious if they slightly violate the standard answer when answering a question.

when the students raise questions or dissenting voices, he may even fly into a rage.

he completely enclosed himself in the past and was unable to integrate into the society and never make progress.

the more closed and opinionated a person is, the easier it is to be limited by himself and not to see the scenery elsewhere.

on the contrary, those who are really knowledgeable will keep an open mind and humbly listen to the voices of the outside world.

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A big shot once went to see Yu Minhong, president of New Oriental, to discuss his views on the education industry.

after the meeting, Yu Minhong asked him to wait and immediately went to get a book and a pen.

at the end of the meeting, Yu Minhong recorded three pages of notes in that book.

Yu Minhong is still learning with an open mind.

there is a saying in Buddhism:

A person who puts aside his own opinions and opens his mind can break through his inherent cognition and always have a foothold in this era of great rivers.


Open the boundary and expand your life.

Deng Yaping has been number one in the table tennis world for eight years in a row.

after she retired full of honor, she was not satisfied with her comfortable present situation and went to study for further study.

from a poor student who can only recognize 26 letters, he studied all the way to his PhD at Cambridge University.

in her opening speech in 2021, she said:

"actually, whether you can go down or not depends on whether you have a unique stunt, and my only stunt is to do it!"

with that strength, the more you work, the clearer your future will be, and there will be hope for the future. This is the only way for me to constantly reinvent myself, challenge myself, and break myself in my 14-year sports career. "

with the rapid development of the times, the comfort zone has never been a safe haven.

only by constantly broadening one's own boundaries can one have more possibilities.

I have seen such a group of pictures, which is very vivid.

in the beginning, our knowledge boundary is a small blue circle, isolated in the middle of the world:

with the increase of age and experience, the radius of our knowledge is getting larger and larger:

when we find our interests and delve into it, our world will become like this:

after a lot of hardships, we have come to the boundary of this world. And tried to push him:

after repeated defeats and battles, he finally promoted such a small part:

is this seemingly inconspicuous little point, which expands the cognitive boundary of the whole human being.

everyone's growth is actually a process of competing with themselves.

keep opening your boundaries to see a different world.


some people say that each of us has a button in our lives that we ignore.

either close, stop and relax, or turn on the torrent.

and the so-called growth is to find the switch in our lives.

take the initiative to open yourself and broaden your thinking in order to achieve tearing growth and insight into a wider world.