One is the smartest and the other is more stupid than the nail.

One is the smartest and the other is more stupid than the nail.

What is a friend with ten questions of the soul? THE SECOND ANSWER △, if you have a problem and Best still doesn't understand, you might as well ask others.

after graduating from high school, we were scattered and went to other places for study and work. But every year on the third day of the Lunar New year, no matter the cold wind and heavy rain, no one is absent in the old place.

A good friend is when you slap him.

he thinks you touch him too hard.

Don't feel embarrassed to be able to understand each other's silence, don't really think about good or bad things, think of each other not necessarily in the first place, but also feel that they are cherishing themselves in the first place

lovers are together or for sex or to resist a person's loneliness

only true friends ask for something else

go with you.

recall the common ideals we once had

break up with you,

looking forward to the carnival of our reunion.

when the express delivery comes and he is not here, he can naturally think of some people who can be called to help with it. Difficulties come to their own irritability, can naturally do not mind thinking of a few people who can confide in. When good things come, you are happy, and you can naturally think of some people who want to share your happiness without hesitation.

whenever, just send a message "what are you doing?" He will know that you are unhappy, and then the phone will ring and listen to you cry about your unhappiness.

you send a note saying that you are in a bad mood recently, and he calls you in a few minutes to ask what's wrong with you, and then the two talk aimlessly for a long time. When you were in a bad mood, you picked up the phone and called him and cried, and he listened without giving you chicken soup. In the end, you felt much better when he didn't say anything.

think of you first and the person you think of first when you need it.

if you use a mask that is easy to use, you will naturally buy an extra one for her;

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in the face of something, even if you are far away, you send out the same words, word for word;

long time no see, having dinner together, she naturally told the waiter: no coriander, no onions, because you don't like it.

maybe a lot of people will care if you need help, but I have silently helped you with your trivia. Maybe a lot of people will hate your late night interruptions, but I will only be nervous about whether there is an accident. Maybe a lot of people will tell you how good he is to you, but I do a hundred times as much as he does, but I don't want to hear you say thank you.

maybe there are a lot of people who want you to stay with him forever, but I just hope I can stay with you forever.

I just came back from Shenzhen the day before yesterday. I had an internship interview during the summer vacation. I am single at present, but I am not blind in my desire for love.

the interview place is unfamiliar, and the interview position is a little at a loss. I have a lot of negative emotions recently from Foshan to Shenzhen. I was a little flustered along the way. I told him before I went. I told him before the interview that I was there. After the interview, I told him that I was eating ice cream quietly. I didn't pass the interview, but I wasn't so scared. You asked me what a good friend is. When I was taking risks from my family, I was eating ice cream quietly. There is a secret place of peace of mind, like my last line of defense, there are infinite changes in life, after the adventure hurt, there is still a different from the love of the embrace, the same warm.

even with the passage of time, if someone believes in you, you also believe that ta protects each other's secrets, even the wind does not know that although each has a life and only occasionally chat, but the faith has not changed, you can still open your heart, shoulder armour and pour out bitterness to each other.

I think this is your bosom friend

. Even if she sleeps soundly and receives your phone call, she will still listen to you without hesitation. When you need it most, she will stand by your side and support you unconditionally. Even after a month of no contact and meeting, there will still be endless topics that will never end. For nine years, we have an invisible tacit understanding between us. This is not just a good friend. This is a best friend. You can't. Say how good she is, but no one can match her. I think I'm starting to miss you.

is that he has all kinds of ugly pictures of you. When you are lovelorn and have something on your mind, I will go to the stall with you to order a lot of beer, and then I will send you home when you are drunk.

won't be jealous of everything she /he has. No matter how she /he is, good or bad, rich or poor, she /he will be there for her /him. Only you know whether you love her /him or not, what you can do for her /him and what you can give. She /he is an indispensable existence in your life.

in your world, you are equal, and you should not be superior or inferior. A good friend is a close lover.

one is brilliant, the other is stupid

I have been mentally retarded for many years, but you still don't give up