Of the 12 characteristics of high EQ, more than 10 are great.

Of the 12 characteristics of high EQ, more than 10 are great.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

in life, it is not difficult to find that no matter where some people go, they make people feel like a spring breeze and have a sense of intimacy.

but some people are embarrassed and shy away from opening their mouths.

this is the language difference shown by the level of EQ.

so someone says:

the so-called high EQ means being able to talk.

but in fact, being able to speak is a sign of high EQ, while high EQ is more than just talking.

every move, words and deeds in life can reflect a person's EQ.

most people who really have high EQ have the following 12 performances in their lives. Do you have any?


can talk and praise

, everyone can speak, but it is a great knowledge.

some people say that the best state between people is to get along comfortably.

so, what could be more comfortable than praise?

A good word is warm in three winters and a compliment can make people feel warm from the bottom of their hearts.

I have read a sentence:

people with high EQ always find good things and are not stingy with praise.

praise is powerful.

in many cases, a word of praise and encouragement can become the motivation for others to work hard and the courage to live.

of course, praise needs to be moderate and sincere.

is not flattery, not deliberately flattering, but from the heart of appreciation and recognition.


to listen and respect

to listen is a virtue and respect for others.

interpersonal communication, eloquent eloquence is easy to be boring, good at listening is easy to get favor.

people have two ears but only one mouth, which means that we should listen more and speak less.

No one wants to communicate with someone who just wants to show themselves, but most people want to make friends with people who are good listeners.

after all, most people still want to have somewhere to talk to.

people with high EQ are good listeners.

he will give the speaker the greatest respect and win the deepest trust of the speaker.


will show weakness, know how to keep a low profile

show weakness, it is a kind of wisdom.

as the saying goes: the wood is better than the forest, and the wind will destroy it. If it is too public, it is easy to suffer bad consequences.

so, the smarter people are, the more they know how to show weakness and keep a low profile, so that they can avoid jealousy and slander.

Franklin, the founding father of the United States, went to visit a respected old-timer when he was young.

at that time, he was young and energetic, with his chest out and his head raised. As soon as he entered the door, he hit his head against the door frame so hard that he kept rubbing it with his hands while looking at the door which was much shorter than him.

the seniors who came out to meet him saw him like this and said with a smile:

bowing his head is not cowardice, but to see the road under his feet;

to show weakness, not to be weak, but to see the way forward.

the ancients said: the low earth is the sea, and the low man is the king.

keep a low profile in order to get the respect and appreciation of others.

after all, no one likes to get along with people who are arrogant and above.


can laugh at himself and understand humor

, which is a kind of advanced humor.

those who are good at laughing at themselves always bring people infinite joy and make it easier to get along.

self-deprecation requires humor, and humor requires wisdom. In other words, self-deprecation is the embodiment of wisdom.

Cai Kangyong's way of speaking says:

because of self-confidence, he dares to laugh at himself.

self-deprecation is a lubricant for people to get along with each other, can quickly get closer to people, and is a kind of advanced social skill.


No comparison, contentment

some people say: many troubles in the world are compared.

when I was a child, I was better than my grades; when I grew up, I was better than my job; when I was older, I was even better than my children.

if you win, you will have a false sense of superiority; if you lose, you will fall into a depressed negative mood.

whether you win or lose, the result will make your mood fluctuate and it will be difficult to return to peace.

No comparison is actually "being yourself", winning without arrogance, not discouraged by defeat, contented with contentment, and living a life of peace and ease with equanimity.

people with high EQ know best how to be themselves and how to live a more authentic self.


Don't care, know how to tolerate

once read a sentence: the height of life is not how many things you see clearly, but how many things you despise.

does not care, reflecting a person's belly and pattern.

people, the more they care about, the more distant they become;

things, the more they worry about things;

feelings, the more they care about, the colder they become.

Don't care, not because of incompetence, but because of tolerance.

the human heart is like a road, the more deliberate, the narrower; the more tolerant, the wider.

We tend to prefer to get along with people who are tolerant and magnanimous rather than people with small bellies.


do not laugh, know how to cultivate

do not laugh, reflect a person's self-cultivation.

A person's life is like a tide, with ups and downs, with peaks and troughs, and with rapids advancing and retreating.

therefore, do not envy the glory of others, nor should you laugh at the misfortunes of others.

luckily withUnfortunately, they all have their own lives.

it is important to know that people are mutual.

ridicule can only be exchanged for ridicule, and respect can win respect.

A person's birth and appearance are determined, but self-cultivation is not.

the communication between people, in the end, depends on self-cultivation and character.

not laughing is a person's basic self-cultivation.


do not complain, know how to transposition

complain, is blindly poison.

the contact between people, friction, collision is always inevitable, after all, everyone is in a different position, it is inevitable that there will be disagreements.

customers feel that businesses are profiteering, businesses think customers are picky;

teachers want students to be clever, students want teachers to be kind.

No one is wrong, but the location is different.

blindly complaining will not only solve the problem, but also keep people away.

what should I do?

people with high EQ say: it is better to change than complain. Many things in life, change the position, change the angle, the result is often very different.

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only by changing positions can we understand each other, and only by understanding each other can we move forward together.


have responsibility, understand responsibility

what is responsibility? To put it simply, it is to take responsibility and take responsibility.

A responsible person has integrity and ambition, acts upright and sits upright;

A responsible person has integrity and integrity, walks steadily and stands upright.

such people are generally very popular, have no bad luck, and are easily trusted and recognized by others.

after all, it is most practical, reliable and reassuring to get along with people who are responsible and responsible.


people who have enthusiasm and know how to appreciate

high EQ are always enthusiastic and know how to appreciate all kinds of goodness in life.

I have read a story.

Cupid and evil spirits come to earth together.

in spring, they visit the garden together.

Cupid said, "Oh, what a beautiful scenery-a hundred flowers are brilliant!"

the devil said, "what's so beautiful? there are thorns under the flowers!"

in summer, they travel together in the mountains and forests.

Cupid said, "look, what a wonderful scenery-the shade of trees!"

the devil said, "what's wonderful? there are bugs in the tree!"

in autumn, they travel to the countryside together.

Cupid said, "look, what a joyous beauty-the golden world!"

the devil said, "what are you happy about? yellow represents withering!"

they travel together in the desert in winter.

Cupid said, "Ah, what a clean earth-- covered with snow!"

the devil said, "Jie, the snow is full of sand!"

so God kept Cupid in heaven and sent evil spirits to hell.

the same scenery and different psychology lead to different results.

this is not only the difference in thought, but also the difference in EQ.

people with high EQ can always make people's eyes bright and enlightened.