Not to judge others is a person's highest self-discipline.

Not to judge others is a person's highest self-discipline.

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Please look at the picture below.

do you think the two pictures are different, but they are actually different sides of the same object?

in life, it is difficult for us to have a "full perspective".

just like everyone has their own thoughts, strengths, and views.

it is rare to be sober and wise not to judge by your limitations.


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recently, there was a very popular video interview on the Internet.

A young man once went to a store to buy drinks.

he took four bottles of water. When he went to check out, a cashier aunt asked, would you like a bag, a big one or a small one?

the young man asked about the size of the big bag and the small bag.

the cashier aunt said, now that you have bought four bottles of water, you can just take a big bag.

the young man said that if a small bag can fit, you need a small bag instead of a big one.

later, when the young man checked out and turned to leave, the cashier aunt said, this is a matter of 1.2 cents, why take it so seriously.

when the young man heard this, he knew that his aunt said she was stingy.

then explained that he did not want to save the two or three cents, and if he could not use the bag, it would be more low-carbon and environmentally friendly.

after hearing this, the aunt cashier was speechless.

there is a saying: "I don't know the whole picture, so I don't want to comment."

Don't judge when you don't know what you really mean.

Don't take your ruler, measure others.

and don't use your values to denigrate others at will.

there was a result of the selection of Lu Xun Literature Award, which caused great controversy among the public.

A reporter specially called the writer Jiang Fangzhou.

I hope she can talk about her views on the works of one of the winners as deputy editor of the magazine.

but Jiang Fangzhou refused, saying that she had not read each other's works and could not make any comments.

but the reporter failed to achieve his goal. Without giving up, he immediately read her the award-winning poem and asked Jiang Fangzhou to give his opinion.

Jiang Fangzhou had to say, "with only one poem, I really don't know what to think."

there is a saying: "if you speak, you will do more than you can do."

it's best to keep silent when you don't know all the facts.

random comments will do great harm to others.

wanton judgment will bring unbearable disaster to others.

bad comments can be blurted out.

but in the end, the misunderstanding and trouble caused by

can not be explained in a few words.


the more ignorant

, the better to be a teacher

in Zhihu, there is a question: "are there any behaviors that seem smart but are actually stupid?" There is a high praise answer, like to be a teacher. The more you find fault with others, the more you expose your ignorance.

the more shallow people are, the more they think they know more.

one day, Belloni, a famous French painter, was practicing his pen by the lake when he came face to face with three British female tourists.

the three female tourists looked at Belloni's works and began to comment.

one person mocked, "Oh, my God, is this painting, too?" Another could not help complaining: "Sir, you shouldn't do this. It's ugly, here and here!"

Beloni was very kind, listened to their opinions, put down his brush and thanked the three ladies one by one.

the next day, Beloni went to the station on business and happened to meet these three tourists.

A lady came to see Beloni and asked, "Sir, we heard that the great painter Belloni was on holiday here, so we came to visit him."

do you know where he is now? Beloni bent over to greet them, then smiled and said, "No, I am Beloni."

the three ladies were so shocked that they felt ashamed when they thought of yesterday.

people always give advice, other people's right or wrong.

but can not see clearly, their own shortcomings and shortcomings.

one day, painter Zhang Daqian held an exhibition in England.

in order to have a better display effect, at the end of his pen, he sprayed it evenly on the drawing paper with water in his mouth, and the peony, which was a little stiff, immediately became smart.

at this time, a man said angrily: it turns out that Chinese painters paint by spitting!

everyone turned to look at Zhang Daqian, but he just smiled.

after the event, someone asked him: you obviously used the ink method, why did not explain at that time.

Zhang Daqian said, "Why should I argue with him?" If he knows anything about Chinese painting, I would like to learn from it. "

the painter Chen Danqing once said, "I am ignorant most of the time, so I never dare to give others advice casually."

the less a person knows, the more he will point out the bad things of others.

A real master never speaks easily.

it's not that he doesn't understand, it's that he knows, and what he knows is limited.

the more humble people are, the less they correct others and the less jokes they make.


the three values are different

there is no need to integrate

in the Story of your Life: "maturity means seeing differences, but realizing differences is not important."

everyone has their own choices and preferences.

It is more important to respect the differences of others than to judge others.

at that time, writer Bai Xianyong became famous for his stage play "A Dream in the Garden" and "the Young version of the Peony Pavilion."

his good friend Chen Wenxi, in fact, does not like the two dramas or even likes them, but she has never said anything wrong.

when Bai Xianyong knew about it, he didn't have a grudge against Chen Wenxi.

on the contrary, I seldom talk to Chen Wenxi about "A Dream in the Garden", and never try to get her to change her attitude towards these two dramas.

later, Chen Wenxi mentioned in an interview: "Thank you very much for what Bai Xianyong did. He can innovate, I can be stubborn, and no one has to convince anyone. "

there is a sentence in Ode to Joy: "you can have different opinions, but you don't have the right to throw stones."

Don't judge good or bad just by your values.

allow others to disagree with you.

there was a stranger who came across Zhang Taiyan, a famous scholar of the Republic of China, on the road.

the stranger looked familiar, but didn't know him, so he asked, "what's your name, sir?" Zhang Taiyan replied, "my last name is Zhang."

the stranger asked again, "is it a long bow or a morning chapter?"

Zhang Taiyan replied, "make a morning chapter."

after the man left, the friend present asked Zhang Taiyan, "Why don't you say ten chapters, but the morning chapter?"

Zhang Taiyan said: "most people only know how to set up morning chapters, but few know how to pronounce ten chapters.

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not to mention that when the other person asks,'is it a long bow or a morning chapter?'I can't show my writing skills to correct him. Besides, it's all right, so there's no need to embarrass people."

Zhou Guoping once said: "how a person treats people with different views can better reflect his level of civilization than his own views."

sometimes we judge others just for the sake of competition.

people who are really cultured know the wisdom of keeping a low profile.

there is no need to show off and show off on trifles that don't matter.

truly respecting others is a person's top EQ.


in the West, there is a basic morality deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.

-- Don'tjudgepeople. (don't judge others)

in this world, everyone has his own perspective.

A thousand people, there are a thousand kinds of life.

what you think may be your own imagination.

what you see may just be your own shortsightedness.

what you like may be just your preference.