No matter how old he is, long live Happy.

No matter how old he is, long live Happy.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.


the years endow winter with simplicity and quiet beauty, and life with clarity and purity.

when the lead is washed away and the dust is not stained, the best pleasure in life is to return to tranquility and serenity and to be shallow and warm.

We stumble along the way to this world, and there are a lot of things you have to go through, whether you like it or not.

only when you are serious and happy to live the present day, and let yourself have a part of the heat and light, can you leave fewer regrets.

to live is to know the world, but not sophisticated, proud and compassionate.

Let the rest of life be affectionate with a normal heart, watch the sun and moon with a pure heart, and live with joy.

the heart is beautiful, everything is beautiful, so life is more joyful, and days are full of joy.

because the happiness we pursue all our lives is not in the past, not in the future, but only in the present.

in the eyes, the bowl of Chinese food, the people around you, is the best warmth!

only enjoy the gift of life, even if you are not rich, learn to laugh at life!


people come to the world, honed, let people understand a lot of cool world.

the best way to live is to live a casual and unhurried strength, to keep yourself optimistic and contented in the midst of trivialities.

in fact, sometimes we don't have to care too much about the bad judgment of others.

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manage your dignity and beauty, keep a good mood, smile your life all the time, and make life wonderful and beautiful, which is what we must care about.

as the saying goes: if the heart is concerned, there are complaints everywhere; if the heart is relaxed, it is spring all the time.

the only way is not to neglect yourself, to look down on human feelings, and to look down on things.

do not mistreat every care, please any indifference, do not squander all trust.

if flowers have fragrance, they have butterflies to follow. If people have taste, they have their own voice to accompany them.

as long as you look aside and look down on everything, don't worry about material power, have money, protect your conscience, have no money, maintain your integrity, and live happily every day, it is the best peace of mind.


the best way to live a lifetime is to see the world with a pure heart, live with an ordinary heart, and practice your character with a happy heart.

in a simple and calm way, please yourself and reassure your family.

this is what we must pay attention to.

because Pepsi starts from the heart and solves a thousand sorrows with a smile.

the greatest fulfillment of life is to live every day of your life with a smile, and to keep a big smile in your lifetime.

as someone said: how old to live, long live!

the most gratifying thing in life is to be happy and live an ordinary and ordinary life.

to know that the true happiness of life is not to be rich and noble, not to be right in everything, but to live with a clear conscience.

Life is to accept the imperfections of life and make it enjoyable.

in ease and calm, free and low-key, do not make public, do not compare, do not perfunctory do not show off, live their own integrity, do not compete with people who are not worth it.

even if life is not satisfactory, you should examine yourself and exercise self-discipline in silence.

because the mind can be calm when nothing happens, which is a kind of self-cultivation.

being able to settle down when something happens is a kind of ability. The most eternal happiness in life is happiness, and the most long-term possession is cherish.

the best end of life is not to reach some things that are out of reach, to live as much as possible, to live with quality and taste, and to grow old confidently, elegantly and happily for the rest of your life.

the rest are fleeting, and only by doing and cherishing it is the most practical.

in this way, we all encourage!