No matter how much you love your child, you must make him suffer these seven kinds of suffering.

No matter how much you love your child, you must make him suffer these seven kinds of suffering.

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Nature's experience of raising children is more or less the same.

in order to make the baby eagle learn to fly, the eagle took him to the cliff, then let go and let the young eagle fall into the abyss.

in order to survive, the young eagle can only flap its wings desperately and finally fly high the second before falling to the bottom of the cliff.

people are the same.

when the child is young, parents only know how to dote on the child, but do not know how to teach him to fly. When the child grows up, he does not know how to survive in the wind and rain.

the spoiling of parents is that they accidentally cut off their children's wings.

seedlings in the greenhouse cannot grow into towering trees.

the children in the honeypot cannot face the test of society.

No matter how much you love your child, no matter how much you love your child, you must make him endure these seven kinds of suffering before he has the strength to carry the future.


A poor student from a humble background can change his fate as long as he studies hard and is admitted to the best university.

students who are stupid enough can have wisdom as long as they study hard and arm themselves with knowledge.

the life of reading is completely different from that of not reading.

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A child who does not read books is easy to go to school. His mind is distracted when others listen to lectures, while others learn from him and play.

but when he grows up, knowing nothing, he can only do the most tiring work and live the most difficult life.

I was lazy in the first half of my life and paid it back desperately in the second half of my life. Reading is hard, but life without reading is even more difficult.

the hardships of reading must start from snacks, are not afraid to eat, and take the initiative to eat. The more you eat, the broader the future.


the bitterness of labor

labor is the most honorable thing, but also the most bitter and tiring thing.

those who love labor and are willing to sweat have finally made outstanding achievements and lead a better and better life.

people who never work are being punished by society.

there is a good saying:

parents encourage their children to do housework and do more work, not only to share family responsibilities, but also to make their children understand the meaning and importance of labor.

Research shows that the higher the employment rate of children who love work, the greater their happiness in life, which can not be enjoyed by children who do not like to work.

when they were young, they enjoyed the days of holding out their clothes and opening their mouths, but when they grew up, they could not even do simple washing and cooking, so they became an incompetent "giant baby".

to really love a child, it is not to put him in the honeypot, but to let go and be willing to use the child.

Labor is the best source of education. Far-sighted parents are willing to educate their children through labor.


the bitterness of criticism

A host once said:

"it is easy to have a child, but difficult to raise a child; it is easy to raise a child, but it is difficult to teach a child."

how many parents love their children and are reluctant to criticize him, resulting in their children becoming more and more ignorant and self-willed.

remember that some bad elements in a child's nature should be eradicated.

if parents are unwilling to criticize and discipline their children, they are indulging and coddling their children.

criticism certainly makes the child uncomfortable, but it is because of the pain that the child knows that he has not done well and wants to do better.

A good education is bound to be a combination of leniency and punishment, and a clear distinction between rewards and punishments; good parents must be simultaneous discipline and strict kindness.

there is also an old saying:

A growing seedling can thrive only after pruning, and a growing child can be better only through discipline.

strict is love, leniency is harm, connivance is destruction.

parents' criticism can promote children's progress and growth.


the pain of thinking

Confucius said:

"to learn without thinking is labor lost, and to think without learning is perilous."

A professor at Tsinghua University also pointed out that in China, 90% of children are pretending to study.

some children feel that this is the way to learn. If they listen to classes on time and do their homework on time, they are lucky if they get good grades, and admit that they are stupid if they do not get good grades.

there are no really stupid children in the world, but they are just "lazy".

these children have given up actively using their brains, refused to solve problems, and entered a state of numbness.

all procrastination, inactivity, tiredness of study, deterioration or stagnation of grades are all because children are unwilling to suffer from thinking.

to cultivate a studious child, please give him proper discipline.

parents are gentle and demanding, giving their child respect and a bottom line that cannot be breached, and he will know what to do and will be willing to do so.

only by letting children study hard and keep thinking, can they get rid of "laziness" a little bit.

parents should be ruthless to discipline, not connive at, not lazy, so that their children can really benefit a lot from their studies.



although he Youjun comes from a wealthy family, he works harder than his peers. he didn't give himself a day off when he was in college, but he took eight courses while others took four courses a semester.

so, not only did he become the youngest master of finance at MITAnd won the British Mathematical Olympiad Gold Award for five years in a row.

but looking back at the poor students, the situation is worrying:

there are parents who clearly have ordinary family conditions, but leave all the best to their children, and as a result, they raise black sheep;

there are parents who unconditionally indulge their children and do everything for their children, resulting in an imbecile.

Bai Yansong said:

Let the child eat more of the hardships of poverty and life, so that he will know how difficult life is and how hard he has to work.

the real "enrichment" is not to give children endless material satisfaction, but to train children to become independent, strong, cultured and knowledgeable people in spirit.



parents should understand that there will be regrets of one kind or another in adulthood.

regret that I didn't learn a specialty, so that I was ordinary when I grew up;

I regret that I didn't keep on studying hard, so that I couldn't live the life I wanted when I grew up.

the bitterness of persistence must be eaten by children.

Let children learn to persevere, not to let them endure the pain of flesh and blood, but to experience the process of running a race with themselves;

is not to make them be successful, but to learn to do anything. to persevere to the end is victory.

to teach a child to persist is to teach him to be passionate about things, have goals, have a vision, and be willing to stick to them no matter what difficulties or setbacks they encounter.

there are always regrets in life, which can only be resolved by persistence.

True happiness is the result of fighting.

if you don't experience deep pain, you can't experience sound and dripping happiness.

on the way of education, it is the parents who should not be lazy and the children who should not be indulged.

insisting on what you should insist on is the greatest responsibility for your child.


the bitterness of failure

nine times out of ten, there are more unpleasant things in life, when you lose than when you win.

low-level parents only blame their children, make them timid, and flinch for fear of being blamed.

High-level parents tell their children not only how to succeed, but also how to deal with failure.

there are always ups and downs in the way of growing up. Parents must let their children learn to suffer from failure, because it is a good medicine for growth.

the mind polished by setbacks will become stronger; the life tempered by failure will become more gorgeous.

Ouyang Xiu, a scholar in the Song Dynasty, said:

the more in the face of difficulties, the more you can find a person's talent, and those who can bravely meet the storms of life can open up a broader road of life.

A man lives all his life. If he does not suffer now, he will suffer in the future. If he suffers for a while now, he will be used forever.

here, I hope all parents will understand:

only by letting the child go through the suffering can the child be reborn.

for the sake of your child's future, let him grow up.