No blame is the best feng shui for a family.

No blame is the best feng shui for a family.

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Home is a nest of dreams and ups and downs.

Home is not a battlefield, it is not a chess game, there is no need to win or lose, there is no need to win or lose.

the family lives with tolerance and accommodation.

Men are philosophy and women are poems. Exclusion can only go farther and farther away, and harmony can become more and more beautiful.

the happiness of a family lies not in the amount of wealth or the size of the house, but in not blaming, fighting for right or wrong, and tolerating each other when things go wrong.


No blame when something happens, it is a sublimation of the relationship between husband and wife.

Han Feizi once said:

between husband and wife, one less complaint, one more understanding, and no blame in case of trouble, can run a family well.

A golden mother, on his 50th anniversary, told the secret of keeping his marriage happy.

she said: "from the day she got married, she decided to list 10 shortcomings of her husband, and when he made one of these mistakes, I decided to forgive him."

when someone asked what the 10 specific shortcomings were, she said:

in the journey of marriage, there will not always be sunshine, but also wind, frost, rain and snow.

in the face of some small contradictions in life, learn tolerance and tolerance, you will find that happiness is actually around you.

husband and wife do not fall into one thing at a time, but one thing at a time.

Marriage is not a chicken feather, but love and tolerance.

tolerate each other, understand each other, do not blame when things happen, put away the thorns on your body, and be warm to your loved ones, you will be closer to each other.

A good family is never rich and rich, but in ordinary life, they understand each other and say good night to each other.

even if there are ups and downs in your life, there will be people who will stumble with you.


do not blame, parents and children are more harmonious

good words are warm in three winters, and evil words hurt people in June.

sometimes, language can be the snow above the temple, or it can be the blade of murder without seeing the blood.

A family is particularly important to the education of its children, and endless blame will cause irreversible harm to their children's body and mind, because the heart is more terrible than the body.

there is such a news abroad that the father saw his son, who was addicted to games all day, angrily brought a pistol and said, "Don't live if you dare!"

as a result, the son really pulled the trigger.

the mother of a female doctor used to use "verbal lashing" to stimulate her daughter.

once, the daughter finally couldn't help asking her mother, "will you never be satisfied?"

Mom: "you think you're doing a good job?"

the female doctor who had already collapsed resolutely turned over the window and jumped off the building.

A voice between words, a cough, all with emotion.

blame that inadvertently contains verbal violence will become the yoke of a child's life. Whether

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is hurtful or warm depends on the attitude of parents.

the most common mistake people make is to give gentleness and politeness to strangers, but leave the worst temper and blame to those closest to them.

Liang Qichao especially knows how to get along with his wife and children, and never blames him excessively. It is in this warm family atmosphere that all his nine children have made great achievements.

Tagore said, "the blow of the hammer is not as good as the singing and dancing of the water."

to educate children, we should choose encouragement and respect rather than blame and attack too much. In this way, we will get along with our children more like friends and talk about everything.

in fact, every child is a little angel who comes to the world. If parents can blame less and encourage more, the children will be more active and work harder.

talking well and not blaming too much is the best love for children.


No blame. In the Analects of Confucius, Zi Xia once asked Confucius: what is filial piety?

Confucius said, "Color is difficult."

filial piety to parents, what is the most difficult, do not get angry, do not blame the most difficult.

some people say that the greatest sorrow in the world is that parents have to be careful in front of their children when they are old.

I don't know when the back of those two great banks was so small in front of us.

We always blame our parents for the little things in life, but we don't know how much it hurts them.

Children, no matter how beautiful they are outside, at home, please don't criticize your parents for no reason. They may not be able to do so, but they used to protect you when you grew up.

when we grow up, we should protect our parents well.

Life is short and parents have a long relationship.

Zhang ailing didn't understand her mother's difficulties because she was young, and she didn't see her until her mother died. it was only when Zhang ailing grew old that she understood this heartbreaking regret.

Shi Tiesheng was moody and often lost his temper with his mother after he was paralyzed in his legs. later, after his mother died, he began to regret: if my mother were still alive, I would have treated her gently, and how I wish she were alive now.

parents may sometimes make mistakes, sometimes they may be too strict and too stubborn, but everything is for your better life.

who can make mistakes if he is not a saint? Don't let time catch us off guard.

some people say, "parents areA wall between us and death. "

parents, accompany us through the beginning, but can not accompany us to the end, this is the greatest sadness of parents.

filial piety comes first, and how to be kind to our parents is a compulsory course in our life.

Don't let today's accusation become a lifelong regret.


Zhou Guoping said:

there are lovers, white-haired parents, naughty and lovely children on board.

they are the most important people in your life. Cherish, tolerate, care, and don't criticize and hurt for no reason.

because the only people we can hurt are those who love us.

what we should bring home is not worry and blame, but happiness and warmth.

the most worthwhile thing in life is to make the people who love you and those you love happy.

May everyone and their families sit idle and the lights are amiable.