Never underestimate a "henpecked" man!

Never underestimate a "henpecked" man!

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"A man who is afraid of his wife is such a pussy!"

before entering the office, Zheng Ke heard his colleagues in the same department gossiping about him.

he didn't mind, pretended not to hear, and began to work on his own.

my colleagues saw him enter the door, touched his nose, walked up to him sheepishly, and began to persuade him:

"Xiao Zheng, I didn't say you, you're a big man, why are you so obedient to your wife?"

"tell me about yesterday's dinner, but in two hours your wife called three times to tell you not to drink. You really stopped drinking and told you to go home early. You left us and ran away. This man is such a pussy!"

Zheng Ke smiles. His "henpecked" reputation has been spread in the company for some time, and even the leaders tease him from time to time.

has been talked about so much that he can't help but reply:

"I want my wife to take care of me. She loves me. When I was young, I drank and hurt my stomach. If my wife hadn't often told me, I couldn't help it. If she hadn't urged me to exercise and study, I would have been fat and accomplished nothing."

the more she cares about me, the more sober I live. I am strict with my wife, that is, I am henpecked. Why? I live a much happier life than you! "

as the old saying goes, if you are afraid of being rich in your family, you will deceive your wife and be poor all his life!

through the ages, no able man likes to beat his wife, but the vast majority of talented people are "strict with their wives."

the ancestor of "henpecked wife" recorded in the history books is called "Zhizhu". He is listed as the "five great assassins" in ancient times along with Cao Mo, Yu Rang, Nie Zheng and Jing Ke.

one day, my friend Wu Zixu saw Juanzhu fighting with a lot of people and was angry. When his wife went out to call him, his impulse immediately disappeared and obediently followed his wife home.

Wu Zixu was very strange and asked: "you are a big man, how can you be held by a woman?"

focus on: "he who can succumb to a woman will stretch above ten thousand men."

A real man will not be a little man outside, he will be a big man when he comes home, he is afraid of strangers, he is submissive to his powerful superiors, and when he comes home, he dictates to his wife. With the word "failure" written all over his face, he has neither talent nor wealth.

A man's attitude towards his wife indirectly affects his external achievements. There are too many discerning people in the world. How good can his character be if he has no love and respect for his wife?

A man with real ability and self-control is willing to lie low in front of his wife. He is not afraid that others will laugh at his wife and show off in time.

Hu Shi, a great modern writer, advocated the "three obedience and four virtues" of men in the new era:

the wife should follow the orders; the wife should follow her when she goes out; and the wife should blindly follow her mistakes.

the wife has to be willing to spend money; the wife has to wait for makeup; she has to remember her birthday; she has to bear beating and scolding.

his wife is just a woman with small feet who can't read. From an outsider's point of view, the degree of match with Hu Shi is about 0.

but he still tried his best to dote on his wife, even if he had a "henpecked" reputation, so that the marriage could survive healthily.

as the saying goes, home and everything are prosperous.

if men want to strive for success outside the country, they must have a harmonious and happy family, have no worries, and can rush into battle.

and the premise of a happy family is to be "henpecked". You can love as much as you are afraid.

put armor on your wife with your own hands, so that your marriage and family can be harmless.

there is a word in Sichuan dialect called "rake ears".

means that nine out of ten men in Sichuan are henpecked.

some people think that people in Sichuan must resent the title, but in fact they enjoy it and are even proud of it.

in the daily life of Sichuan men, the husband buys food and cooks to coax the children, and the wife gets together to play mahjong.

after making a mistake, I wrote down the whole street that I was wrong.

compared with the words of outsiders, they care more about whether their wives are happy or not. If their wives are happy, their marital happiness will rise exponentially.

what do you say these "henpecked" men are really afraid of? Is

really timid? Or is it the power and ferocious character of being henpecked?


is henpecked and tired, so I would rather do housework on my own.

it is difficult to relieve the depression of being henpecked, so I can always find time to accompany my wife.

it is the feeling of being henpecked, which hurts the liver and lungs, so make up first after quarreling, and speak first after the cold war.

actually, they are the really smart people.

Director Wu Jing once admitted generously in an interview: "being afraid of your wife is a good thing. I don't think that if you are soft, you are not a man. A woman needs to be taken care of. A man should listen to his wife."

those exhortations that are tired of hearing every day seem to be under the control of women, but for men, they are like "Millennium Ginseng". If you listen to them one more time, all aspects of life will be more comfortable and smooth.

"honey, don't drink!"

"husband, let's go shopping and buy food"

"husband, go home early"

henpecked men eat healthier, drink less and smoke less; do more light exercise, go shopping, walk the dog, buy food and cook; work and rest more regularly, go to bed early and get up early, and go home early.

there is a saying that a man's attitude towards a woman determines her temperature towards a man.

woman is a very emotional animal. If a man gives a little love, she can give it back very well.

the more a woman with a husband loves and loves, the more she can help her husband and give her family stability.

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Ip Man, a kung fu master, is also henpecked. In the movie Ip Man, there is such a line:

the bottom of fear is love and respect.

the appearance of "fear" in exchange for a good wife and a warm and happy family, this business, not a loss.

the Bible says that love is patient and kind.

to put it bluntly, men and women understand each other, endure each other, tolerate each other, understand each other and be kind to each other.

A real man and man will try his best to give sense of security to his woman. no matter what words from the outside world, as long as his woman is happy and happy, his family and harmony will not matter.

Don't underestimate any "henpecked" man!

they are mature and have a firm attitude towards marriage and relationships, and they know how to buy a stable family at the lowest cost.

they have a family as their backing and a wife as a right-hand man to move forward calmly towards the broad road of life together.

in the final analysis, being willing to be "henpecked" is to seek happiness for your life.