Never save the best for last (profound)

Never save the best for last (profound)

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Don't take the best things

for a special day

after my father died, my mother took out a brand new but somewhat out-of-date suit when she tidied up her belongings.

Mom burst into tears and said,

When you buy our red backless prom dresses, you will get funky and cool look. Our newest arrivals are waiting for you!

this suit is your father's favorite suit. He said to save it for your brother's wedding.

I told him to wear it again and again, but he didn't want to wear it. as a result, he didn't wear it once until he died. "

he usually keeps all the good things. If he has money, he doesn't spend it at all, but keeps it all for the children.

if he has delicious food, he won't give up one more bite, for fear that his children will lose their mouthful.

Mom said that before your father died, there was a very abnormal thing. He bought a jin of blood sausage by himself, and without waiting for you to come back, he cut it in the kitchen and ate a few pieces.

I still blame him for not waiting for dinner. He said he was greedy, and for the first time in so many years, he saw that he didn't leave this for this or that, and he didn't know.

my father seems to have been diligently accumulating materials for casting happiness all his life, but he dared not enjoy a little;

he kept all the good things.

he always saves his wishes, thinking that the time has not yet come true.

at first, he wanted to relax when we graduated;

when we graduated one by one, he began to wait for us to work and help his family share a little;

then, he hoped that we would all get married and start a family.

after we got married, we were still worried and wanted to wait for us to have children.

but everything will expire and happiness will be the same.

he got through the most difficult days of his life, but the best part was taken away by impermanence.

he has suffered all his life, but he has not enjoyed a day's happiness.


the wish doesn't have to be saved for a special day

once upon a time, I watched people fly kites in the square. Because I couldn't fly kites, I always wanted to learn it one day and fly a kite with the person I like.

the hope that the result can be cleared in half an hour is wavering, day by day, year by year.

when I really want to fly a kite, I either catch up with the sky without a breath of wind, or catch up with the person who flies the kite and leave.

suddenly one day, the wind was right, and I had company again, but I had already lost my yearning for flying kites.

every time I pass by the square, I see those people shouting "Wow, flying so high, I really want to fly kites". When I see people who are so happy, I feel sad and vaguely jealous that they still have this yearning.

I can't help feeling annoyed with myself yesterday: why did you have to fly a kite in the first place?

when you invited me to fly a kite, I could have gone right away, so that I wouldn't be thinking about whether I could fly into the sky if I bought that big centipede kite many years after you left.

the days went on, and it was not until later that we found out that what we had taken for granted might never continue.

or because of something sudden, it changes the course of our lives forever.

when everything changes completely, what makes sense, there will be no follow-up.

We can no longer meet, meet, fall in love, or repay.


I have read this sentence on the Internet:

"We are always thinking about tomorrow. I always think that if we have a good tomorrow, we will be happy today.

but the best youth is not last, the best feelings are not last, and the best life is not last. "

there is such a story:

there is an old lady who is very frugal. She is always picking out a small piece of apple to eat.

wait until the next day, one of the original good apples has rotted away a small piece, then continue to eat this rotten apple.

as a result, in this way, a box full of apples was eaten in the end, and the old lady had not eaten a single intact apple.

many people laugh at the old lady and tell her that she should eat the best first.

the old lady said:

some people do not think so:

the old lady thinks she is frugal. She always puts the best at the end. In the end, she eats rotten fruit all her life and suffers the pain she shouldn't have suffered all her life.

it turns out that those delicious and fun things will lose their original value in the passage of time.

and so on, when you climb another mountain in your life, you will find that the things and happiness that you have not unsealed have changed again.

beloved clothes are out of date;

beloved people do not chase them and have no chance to express their love;

beloved food can no longer eat the rich and delicious taste of the past because of age;

do not do the things you like, and now you have lost the energetic energy of that year;

Don't save the best for last, and don't be reluctant to give up when it's time to enjoy the good things in life.

writer Ding Dingzhang said:

that is to harvest your own blessings in time.

in fact, happiness is like ice cream, held in your hand for a while. Eat it before it melts. "

I have read such a passage and think it makes a lot of sense:

everyone has their own small hobbies or pursuits, and the greatest thing is to make you happy.Where the value lies.

have a good time, and don't miss the things and people that make you happy.

there are some things that some people don't wait for.

and so on, is it really happiness? it is more likely to be irreparable regret.


Why do we have to save good things for special days? how many special days can we have in our lives?

Yu Juan, a lecturer at Fudan University, once said at the end of her life:

"at that time, I thought that I could only enjoy these wonderful things until I struggled to a certain height." this is to create regret for myself that "this life is not finished."

people are used to 'pushing' happiness, which is a wrong idea. Most people want to use the bad first, and all the good is left in life. "

in fact, Dou Wentao once said at the round table:

We open our eyes every day and tell ourselves that this is the day I want to "earn".

earn what you have today, earn your loved ones by your side, and get what you want.

Mr. Cai Lan put it particularly well:

"We must have the ability to live a good life and do what we most want to do when we most want to do things."

in fact, eat better, sleep better and play more. This is the greatest meaning of life. "

so never save good things for a special day.

every day we live is a special day. Only by living in the present can we seize happiness in time.

because the people in front of us, the things around us, and the love in our hearts are beautiful and fleeting, and none of them can afford to be wasted!