Men who are bad to their wives have problems with EQ.

Men who are bad to their wives have problems with EQ.

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A netizen on Zhihu asked such a question: "Why should you be nice to your wife?" The high praise answer to the question

moved countless people:

"she married into our family thousands of miles away from home and entrusted her life to me;

she risked her body to get out of shape, conceived in October, and gave birth to a child;

she accompanied me through the happiest time and through the trough of my life, and my happiness for the rest of my life depended on her. You tell me why I should be nice to her, which is what I should and must do. "


the best way to invest is to be kind to your wife

the higher the spiritual level, the more you appreciate your wife's strengths and tolerate her weaknesses.

being kind to your wife is actually accumulating character and good luck for yourself.

Jack Ma is worth more than 400 billion yuan. After his success, he never disliked his married wife. He thanked his wife for her service many times in public, and said that his wife, Zhang Ying, was an important person in his life.

Ma Yun said:

"my wife's ability to work is better than me, and my housekeeper's ability is better than me, but my ability to work is OK, and my housekeeper's ability is even worse, so we agreed to divide the work and cooperate, so one person is in charge of the career and one person is in charge of the family!"

and Zhang Ying also gave Jack Ma the greatest support on the way to start a business, accompanied him to start from scratch, and retreated behind the scenes to become a good wife after starting a successful business.

now Jack Ma is the richest man in Asia, but he has a better attitude towards his wife than before. No matter how busy I am, I try to find time to have dinner with my wife and go to the movies together.

Love is mutual. When a man takes his wife to heart and gives his wife the greatest care and consideration, the wife will be willing to pay for the family and save the husband from worries.

when a man dotes on his wife, he gains not only a gentle wife, but also a happy family, smart and clever children, the trust of leaders and colleagues, and the approval of his parents.

so, if a man is kind to his wife, he will eventually achieve himself and his family. The best investment in a man's life is to be kind to his wife.


be kind to your wife, even if you are poor, you can get rich.

in a marriage, the husband loves his wife, the husband and wife are harmonious, and no matter how poor they are, the family can get rich.

Harmony between husband and wife is the foundation of a family. No matter how many difficulties they face, as long as they work together and work hard together, life will always get better and better.

Zhang Jie is a famous good man in the entertainment industry. When Xie Na couldn't sleep during her pregnancy, Zhang Jie told her fairy tales until Xie Na fell asleep.

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when the couple traveled abroad, Zhang Jie was afraid that Xie Na would get lost, so he bought a balloon and tied it to Xie Na.

Xie Na came out to work alone since childhood, independent, but lack of sense of security in her heart. It was Zhang Jie's care and love that made her heart soft and confident.

Zhang Jie was a poor boy when he first met Xie Na, and his career was at a low ebb. He has nothing but his love of music.

Xie Na accompanied him through the most difficult time, and they faced the pressure of public opinion together. Xie Na said:

it was Xie Na who unswervingly supported Zhang Jie's music dream and accompanied and encouraged Zhang Jie to go through that low period. to make Zhang Jie's career take a turn for the better.

now that Zhang Jie's talent and music have been recognized, the poor boy has finally been able to counterattack.

the Book of Rites says: "husband and wife are fat in the family."

husband and wife are of one mind, carrying difficulties together and working together on a good day. No matter how poor they are, the family can get rich.


being kind to your wife is the best education for your children

psychologist Wu Zhihong said:

"Father, mother and children are emotional triangles. If parents love each other and the family is harmonious, then the child will inherit a very healthy pattern of love, and when he grows up, he will project this pattern of love into his own love and family. "

Zhang Jike is an Olympic champion and has won numerous awards. While many people envy Zhang Jike, they are also curious about what kind of family will cultivate such excellent children.

in their family, in addition to making money to support the family, Zhang Dad will also take the initiative to contract household chores, wash dishes, mop the floor, clean the house, and prepare fruit for Mama Zhang.

while Mama Zhang is only responsible for being as beautiful as flowers and good looks and temperament, she looks spoiled in marriage.

Dad Zhang spoiled Mama Zhang into a little girl with his actions.

it is such a loving family that has trained Olympic champions.

the best education for children is that fathers love their mothers.

writer Liu Na once wrote a story about a girl:

Mom loves mung bean cakes, and the first thing my father does every month is to buy a bag of mung bean cakes to carry home. This habit has been maintained until now.

in order to support the two sisters' studies, my mother later opened a cigarette hotel. But as soon as his father got off work, he came to urge his mother to go home to rest and keep the shop himself.

this kind of child who grew up in love has a rich spiritual world and a rich heart.

Children are copies of parents. No matter how many sermons you use to educate your children, it is better to set an example and be kind to your wife.

in a family, parents who fall in love will give their children more sense of security and give them more courage to face the unknown world.

with love as background and sense of security as energy, children will have a sound personality and a good state of mind, and these areThe most precious and rare wealth that parents give to their children.

so, the father's attitude determines the mother's mood, and the mother's emotion determines the child's future.


A good husband comes before a good wife

Venus once said:

A few years ago, Zhang Xinyu was still an unscrupulous girl in the eyes of many people. Word-of-mouth is poor, black material is flying everywhere, especially her relationship with Li Chen is very controversial, and she looks like a resentful woman after breaking up.

later she married a soldier, he Jie, who announced loudly to the world at the wedding:

he Jie not only said so, but also did so.

how much he Jie loves Zhang Xinyu can be seen from Zhang Xinyu's changes.

Zhang Xinyu became tranquil and beautiful after marriage and began to develop her hobbies in her spare time to learn to paint, make delicious food, take care of her own small garden, and share the joy of harvesting fruits and vegetables with her fans on Weibo.

over the past two years, even her makeup temperament has changed, neat, beautiful and rustling, instead of being gaudy in everyone's eyes.

now she has a happy family and a group of loyal fans.

there is a passage on Douyin that reveals the true meaning of getting along with husband and wife:

A happy marriage is that there is a good husband before a good wife.

if you want a gentle and considerate wife, you must first have a husband who has rational care.

the husband's attitude towards his wife determines his wife's mood, and the wife's mood determines the temperature of the family.

A woman is not afraid of hard life in marriage, but is afraid that her husband will make her heart suffer.

how good the wife is depends on how good the husband is to her.

I think so.

behind every unhappy family, there is a vacant husband.

the husband socializes all day long, lies on the sofa when he gets home, doesn't share the housework, doesn't care about the children, and is picky about his wife. Over time, the wife naturally gets angry, nagging, quarrelling and even divorcing you.

on the contrary, the husband knows how to share, understand and tolerate his wife, no matter how stormy it is outside, as long as you are there, she will feel at ease. If the wife is in a good mood and the family is in harmony, the family fortune will become better and better.

with all due respect, a man who is bad to his wife may not have a problem with EQ. Click [watching], may everyone know how to be a really wise man, be kind to his wife, and harvest a happy family.