Meditation, leniency, and happiness

Meditation, leniency, and happiness

Good morning, accompany you to read.

A person, rich or poor, high or low, can enrich himself.

quiet to nourish the heart, width to nourish qi, and harmony to nourish happiness.

do these three things well and live a better life.


resting mind

Huangdi's Internal Classic says: "if you are quiet, you will hide the spirit, and if you are impatient, you will die."

according to traditional Chinese medicine, the heart is the first of the five internal organs.

keeping peace of mind is the best way to maintain good health.

to be calm, you need to make more efforts at ordinary times.

one day, a student asked Wang Yangming, "teacher, I cultivate my mind when I am quiet, and I feel that my mind is fine. But when I encounter something, my state of mind is very different. What should I do?"

Wang Yangming replied, "one must grind things before he can stand. Only then can he be quiet and fixed."

No one is born to know how to meditate.

We must stand the temper of the world in order to have a more solid foundation. In order to be calm when there is something, and peace of mind when there is nothing to do.

if you learn to stay still, you can be as calm as still water.

No matter what the surrounding environment is, we should learn to meditate.

when you encounter frustration, you can put up with it, when you encounter happy things, you can take it lightly, when you encounter honor and favor, you can let it go, and when you encounter worry and indignation, you can calm it down.

be a calm person for the rest of your life.


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tolerance is a kind of extraordinary bearing.

as the ancients said: to be kind to the masses, to be lenient to treat others, to forgive others, and to be a gentleman.

the great wise must be modest, and the great good must be tolerant.

with a broad mind, accept all kinds of things in the world and laugh at a thousand kinds of people.

A broad-minded person can tolerate other people's offenses and forgive others' mistakes.

if you can swallow stinginess, you will not suffer from the atmosphere; if you suffer a small loss, you will not suffer a big loss.

during the three Kingdoms, Zhuge Liang scolded Wang Lang and angered Zhou Yu.

but the same stratagem is not equal to Sima Yi.

in order to provoke Sima Yi to send troops, Zhuge Liang sent someone to send him women's clothes.

Sima Yi didn't care, but changed into women's clothes on top of the lobby.

Zhuge Liang had no choice but to withdraw his troops.

I often hear people say, "it is better to tolerate slander than to be able to argue." If people insult me, it is better to change them than to be able to guard against them. "

in the face of gossip, malicious slander, no matter how many arguments and explanations, it is useless.

it is difficult to prevent, and it all depends on your own heart to solve it.

the human heart is like a container: if there is more tolerance, there will be less hostility. The pattern opens naturally, and the day goes well.


Chinese people have always valued harmony. Harmony can not only make money, but also bring you blessings.

there is a saying in Mencius: "the weather is not as good as the place, and the place is not as good as the harmony of people."

No one can live into an isolated island, and people need to achieve each other.

being kind can resolve conflicts and let others get closer to you.

during the reign of Kangxi, Zhang Ying, a big bachelor, received a letter from home.

it is said that their families have disputes with their neighbors in order to fight for land.

after reading it, Zhang Ying waved her pen and replied to a poem: "thousands of miles of books are only for the wall, so what's wrong with letting him have three feet?"

after receiving the letter, the family offered three feet of homestead voluntarily.

when the neighbors saw it, they gave way on their own initiative, and finally built a six-foot lane for the benefit of the neighbors to this day.

the foundation of a family's fortune lies in harmony.

if you break your friendship, the family is in danger of decline.

there is a saying in the hanging Mirror: "there is no hostility, but the family is not in decline; there is no harmony, but the family is unlucky."

be kind to people and things, and happiness comes uninvited.

only when the family is in harmony and the person is smooth, can everything be prosperous.