Measurement (well written)

Measurement (well written)

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the famous poet Hugo once said:

in life, there should be measurement. Only with a broad mind can we accept all rivers and have great tolerance. Measurement is the amount of the heart, the size of the heart, the road of life will be how broad.


A man should be measured

Li Si once said: "Mount Tai does not allow soil, so it can become large; rivers and seas do not choose small streams, so it can become its depth."

Mount Tai is so tall because of its broad mind, and the river is so deep and wide because of its attitude of accepting all rivers.

to be a man, one should be measured. Only those with great measure can have a big pattern, and only those with a big pattern can achieve great things.

History has recorded such a story: in his later years, Emperor Qianlong fell inadvertently on a rainy day because of inconvenience in his legs and feet, and no one dared to go up and help all the civil and military officials around him.

at this time, an eight-grade sesame official rushed out and helped Qianlong up.

people looked at each other, this step is not even qualified to go up, he unexpectedly rushed up.

after that, many officials reprimanded him for being too small and dared to disturb the emperor.

Qianlong's approach surprised everyone. He first expressed his thanks and gave him a reward.

this kind of thing also happened to Zhu Yuanzhang, but they handled it in a completely different way.

when Zhu Yuanzhang fell, a man hurriedly came forward to help him, but he did not expect that Zhu Yuanzhang Longyan was very angry and felt very humiliated, so he ordered his head to be cut off.

the same thing, the bearing of the two stands high and low. The former became a ruler of the Ming Dynasty because of his magnanimity, while the latter betrayed his relatives because of his pettiness.

the Tan Sutra says: "True spiritual practitioners do not see the world past."

A true gentleman can tolerate what ordinary people cannot bear, and can tolerate what ordinary people cannot bear.

to be a man, you must have a broad heart, measure, tolerate people, and be able to do things. Only in this way can you live freely and comfortably.


there is a saying in the Buddhist sutra: "Life is made by oneself, phase is born by the heart, there is no way for good or evil, but people call themselves."

A person's life is inseparable from his own heart and spiritual practice. The inner measure is great, and the blessing is naturally deep.

during the Song Dynasty, the thinker Fan Zhongyan invited Master fengshui to visit his mother's graveyard. After seeing the fengshui master, he sighed again and again, saying that the grave was a Jedi, which would cause him to sever his heir and advised him to move quickly. Unexpectedly, Fan Zhongyan said: "since this place is a Jedi, then no one else should bear it. If I should be killed, it is useless no matter where I move."

therefore, Fan Zhongyan did not move the grave in the end.

if it were someone else, he might have chosen to give up because of the Jedi, but Fan Zhongyan would rather be himself than someone else.

his measurement and mentality determine the future development. from then on, he no longer thought about it and greatly promoted education.

but the result is not like the fengshui master said will be lost children and grandchildren, on the contrary, its offspring, countless successful people, family prosperity.

A person's measure determines his demeanor and character, and determines the level of the realm.

in life, the size of blessings and the depth of good luck depends on a person's mind and broad mind. the deeper the retribution is, the better the good fortune will be.

Master Nan Huaijin once said, "Don't be narrow-minded. You can only be blessed with a big heart."

if you have a large heart, your troubles will be reduced; if you have a large heart, happiness will come naturally.

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what is a metric?

if the ink drops in the clear water, the water will become dirty; when it drips into the ocean, it will not be affected at all. This is measurement. The immature ears of wheat raise their heads high, and the mature ears bow their heads modestly. This is the measure. The pattern is as big as the measure, and the horizon is as wide as the measure.

May you have a magnanimous heart for the rest of your life, with no right or wrong in your heart, beautiful scenery in your eyes, and a wider and wider road to life.