Life, need to cross by yourself!

Life, need to cross by yourself!

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

Life is not always plain sailing,

years, there is no forever good years,

life, there is no permanent wish,

feelings, there is no permanent perfection.

people are alive, that's it.

there are always some obstacles,

always have some ups and downs, let us mature,

there are always some difficult, make us strong,

always have some loss, let us grow up.

in life,

every fall is a sign of maturity;

every failure is a foreshadowing for success;

every experience is a useful memory.

Don't blame life for many obstacles, don't complain that life is too difficult,

if there are no obstacles, how to grow,

how brave if there are no difficulties.

on the road of life, there are both ups and downs.

No one can ferry you, but on your own.

take control of your own life;

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make your own decisions;

heal your own wounds;

take care of your own things.

there is no one to rely on, you must rely on yourself.

Life, you need to cross by yourself.

if you don't cross by yourself, no one will cross you!

if you want to get out of trouble, you must endure humiliation;

if you want to overcome obstacles, you must grit your teeth;

if you want to be successful and rich, you must redouble your efforts.

ability is called ability only when you cross yourself, and ability is only when you succeed on your own.

Life, you need to make your own journey.

No one controls you, and

No one decides for you.

difficulties, solve

sufferings, bear

setbacks, sum up

pain, heal yourself.

you are as strong as you are.

you are as good as you try.

when you are alive, you will walk alone in the end.

No one can be who's forever.

rely on yourself to meet the difficulties,

do it alone.

when you are independent and strong,

success is not far away.

you have to believe:

those who cross by themselves will always be winners, and

their hearts will never hurt!