Life is not long, you should associate with people with good character.

Life is not long, you should associate with people with good character.

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as the saying goes, it is difficult to draw bones when painting dragons and tigers.

whether it's talking about feelings or making friends, you can't just look at the surface.

A person is worthy of deep acquaintance only when his character passes.

because of the moral character of being a person, it determines the nobility and despicability of a person and the level of his realm.

as the saying goes, it is better to believe in his character than his oath.

if you make friends with others, your character will always come first!


people with good character are honest and kind to others.

Laozi once said:

the establishment of a good relationship is inseparable from the consideration of the conduct of others.

and seeing whether people are kind or not is the key to knowing people.

A person with a good character is simple and generous.

they are not so fancy in life and doing things, nor will they be opportunistic and cunning.

get acquainted with it, you can open your heart without defense.

but a person with bad character tends to be unkind and dishonest.

such people, who like to be greedy for petty gain, always proceed from their own interests, seem to be exquisite in all aspects, have both sides, but are actually anxious and abominable.

there is a saying in the Book of changes: "only thick Germany can carry things."

if you can really become a friend, you must be based on honesty and kindness. Only in this way, he will not extract you blindly, just to satisfy his own selfish desires.


people with good character are kind and grateful

someone in Zhihu has asked: what is the most important quality of being a human being?

one of them replied: always be grateful, treat others without resentment, and do things without complaining.

it can be seen that kindness is the key element of a good character, and one must always be grateful in order to be respected by others.

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as MiyazakiHayao said:

kind-hearted, grateful, willing to help others, in the face of other people's help, often can lend a helping hand, regardless of their own gains and losses.

with such people, we can feel the beauty of the world all the time, and we can also learn to have a warm heart and the spirit of sacrifice and dedication.

on the contrary, if you meet a person who is unkind and ungrateful, and you help him, he will take it for granted. If you tolerate him, he will get worse.

for a long time, you will only be drained and exhausted by him, and then throw it away.

therefore, it is necessary to have discerning eyes to know people, like those ungrateful white-eyed wolves, it is better to stay away as soon as possible!


people with good character know how to be filial to their parents

since ancient times, filial piety is the most basic principle of being a person, and it is also a reference for us to make friends.

most unfilial people lack sunshine and warmth in their hearts, are dissatisfied with society, are indifferent to human feelings, and are not moved by beautiful things, and their hostility is very heavy.

just like many losers in life, they will blame their parents for their failure, thinking that they have harmed their lives and have a deep hatred in their hearts, not to mention the word "filial piety".

filial piety, do not forget their roots, to know how to be kind to others.

if a person does not even love the parents who gave him life and loses his conscience, how can he love others?

Why should a person who has no love in his heart be worthy of our deep acquaintance and giving?


people with good character have self-cultivation and knowledge

the biggest difference between people is not that they have money, but that they have inner character.

people with good character have empathy and know how to think of others, so they always feel like a spring breeze.

they have the ability but do not put on airs and know how to leave leeway for others;

they never expose others to their faces and know how to keep others respectable;

they never complain about prevarication and know how to deal with negative emotions.


such people are really educated and knowledgeable people, who have a deep acquaintance with them, and have endless motivation in life!

as the saying goes, "circles determine life". The higher the accomplishment of the people you associate with, the faster your ability will improve and the more opportunities you will have.

the more people you know about yourself, the more you will learn, the more interesting your life will be, and the better your state will be.

at any time, friends with good character are indispensable precious wealth in life.