Life is like a cup: the mouth should be kept, the heart should be repaired, and the man should be thick.

Life is like a cup: the mouth should be kept, the heart should be repaired, and the man should be thick.

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there was an old master who made three cups out of the same material:

one filled with mud, which people stayed away from; one filled with clear water, which everyone was happy to use; and one filled with red wine, which everyone unconsciously tasted.

the same cup, because of the different contents, the fate is also very different.

the same is true of life. What kind of heart you have, what kind of life you have; what kind of thought, what kind of life!

because what one sees, thinks and thinks comes from one's own heart.


Life is like a cup. Watch your mouth and your heart

those who are selfless are public, those who are selfless are clear.

there are thousands of temptations in life, and it is difficult to control your behavior rationally in dealing with the world.

Life is like a cup. When a person indulges his behavior, calculates others, is greedy and selfish everywhere, he allows himself to be filled with mud, and he becomes dirty and difficult to get good results.

such people seem to be "smart", but in fact they are "stupid".

because of the "bargains" occupied by calculation, greed and selfishness, the price has long been marked, and the price must be paid in the end.

in Mr. Jin Yong's novel The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils, Murong Fu is a calculating man who failed to keep his mouth shut and came to a miserable end.

for feelings, he calculates.

Murong Fu did not like his cousin Wang Yuyan, but because of the "face" brought by Wang Yuyan and the Mantuo Villa behind Wang Yuyan, Murong Fu never refused Wang Yuyan's infatuation.

however, when I have the opportunity to become a Xixia horse, put aside Wang Yuyan and do not delay for a moment.

for people, he calculates.

when people besieged Xiao Feng, he could not tell who was right and who was wrong. In order to get more people to help him, he resolutely stood on the opposite side of Xiao Feng.

because the mind is all about calculation, the kung fu that you can really rely on is becoming more and more sparse. Not only is it not as good as Xiao Feng, who was once as famous as Xiao Feng, but even in the face of Duan Yu learning martial arts along the way, he is also losing ground.

in the end, the wish was dashed and the rest of his life was sadly crazy.

it can be said that he is busy calculating, calculating and calculating himself.

instead of calculating, it is better to keep your heart, refine yourself, and keep your feet on the ground to achieve your wish.

also in The Demi-Gods & Semi-Devils, there are also Jiu Mozhi and Ah Zi who cannot keep their hearts well:

as soon as he enters the stage, he is a man of strong strength, who should have appeared as an elder in martial arts.

because of greed, he was thinking about the martial arts of others all the time, and eventually became obsessed with it, and lost all his martial arts.

at this time, he thoroughly realized that he put aside his greed, poured out the mud in the cup of life, and became a generation of eminent monks. It was also a blessing in disguise.

and A Zi, who grew up around Ding Chunqiu, has developed a selfish disposition because of the poor living environment.

as long as it is the person or thing you want, you will do whatever it takes, let alone take into account the feelings of others.

all evils begin with private words. When a person's heart is full of selfishness, it will eventually run counter to goodness and integrity.

Life is like a cup, get rid of these muddy thoughts and keep out calculation, greed and selfishness, so that there is room to meet the sun, and there is endless joy and emotion.


Life is like a cup, install good intentions, build a pure heart

scholar Graude said:

in the cup of life, install a good heart as clear as water, preserve sincerity, reflection and contentment, is the respect for life, and even life.

such people can always be blessed by fate, either remain immortal, or counterattack life, and become the master of fate.

throughout ancient history, those who climbed to high places mostly achieved a pure heart.

even if life is not simple, it can be simple. People who are pure in heart tend to have more happiness.

Empress Sun, the first generation of virtuous queens in the Tang Dynasty, treated people very sincerely.

she is sincere not only to meritorious ministers, but also to ordinary palace people.

whenever Emperor Taizong of the Tang Dynasty reprimanded the angry palace because of official troubles, the eldest grandson pretended to be angry and asked to deal with the "wrong" palace personally.

but the eldest Sun Queen will not really punish them, but when the anger of Emperor Taizong subsided, she will once again put in a good word for these palace people.

the sincerity of the eldest Queen Sun has naturally won everyone's sincere treatment. The harem she is in charge of is called a rare "warm harem" in history.

and the political achievements made by Emperor Taizong of Tang Dynasty are also recognized by the world to be due to her.

similarly, a person who knows how to reflect and be contented is more likely to get the energy to keep his life at the top of the mountain.

Zhang Xianming, "the first title system of the Song Dynasty", Empress Su was originally an orphan girl from Shu and came from a humble background. Song Taizu did not approve of her being with his son Zhao Heng and ordered her to be driven out of the palace.

in the face of such "humiliation", she did not give up, but reflected on her own shortcomings. Over the past 15 years, she continued to study and increase her talents and knowledge.

finally, after entering the harem, he ushered in the peak of his life and held great power. He not only did a lot of practical things for the people, but also realized his own value.

A man's greatest victory is to defeat himself.

in the cup of life, fill it with clear water, overcome yourself with a vegetarian heart, know how to reflect, and know how to be contented.

on the one hand, you know what matters, and you know how to advance and retreat.Strengthen your ability on the one hand, so that you can always gain something and become more and more powerful.

like Empress Dou Xiaowen of the Western Han Dynasty, who advocated the study of Huang and Lao, in the harem, she focused on self-improvement and education of her children.

when he has both power and ability, he still puts the power in his son's hands. Although he has not changed his hand, he is always filled with happiness and enjoys the glory of reverence all his life.

Laozi said:

people have nothing to ask for.

fill your cup with clear and clear water, build a pure heart, be sincere to others, always reflect on yourself, and be content with things, you will find the mercy of fate.


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Life is like a cup, hold the bottom, be a valuable person

"people can not increase the length of life, but can increase the thickness of life."

Life is like a cup, filled with red wine, it will last for a long time: keep an appreciative attitude when getting along with others;

have a tenacious character in the face of setbacks; correct your own virtue to make life thicker and thicker.

Bao Shuya, who knows how to appreciate the talents of others, said to Duke Huan of Qi:

if you want to overrule, you must control Yi Wu. The country where I live is important, so we must not lose it. "

if you just want to run the country, Gao Ying and I will suffice. If you want to achieve hegemony, you must have Guan Zhonglai.

under the strong recommendation of Bao Shuya, Guan Zhong's talent was brought into full play, which finally helped Duke Huan of Qi rank as the overlord of the Spring and Autumn period, and made himself the "first phase of all ages".

Zhang Juzheng, a Ming Dynasty politician with a tough personality, endured the long career winter of nearly three decades with tenacious endurance.

when he had come to the end of his hardships and was in power, he resisted public opinions, was not afraid of offending the dignitaries, insisted on reform, and was born to extend a period of life for the Ming Dynasty, becoming the "world-saving prime minister" in everyone's eyes.

it is a kind of grace and an ability to appreciate others and be tough to yourself.

as the saying goes, "if three people walk, there must be a teacher."

appreciate others, you can not only achieve others, but also see your own shortcomings and make yourself better.

do things tenaciously, don't be afraid of people's words, stick to your original heart and realize your dreams, and you won't be disappointed all your life.

in addition to backing your cup with appreciation and tenacity, deep virtue can make the wine filled in the cup of human life more mellow and memorable.

the thinker Aristotle said:

"Germany can be divided into two kinds.

one is the virtue of wisdom, the other is the virtue of behavior.

Lou Shide, the famous prime minister of the Tang Dynasty, was a man of both virtue and virtue. He was in a high position, but he never made a difference to himself.

once, when Lou Shide was out on a tour, when he was eating at the post house, he found that his bowl was milled rice, but his subordinates were brown rice.

Lou Shide was very angry and called the postmaster to inquire, only to know that because there was not much grain in stock, he could only feed his subordinates coarse grain.

after listening to Lou Shide, instead of blaming the postmaster for his carelessness, he said apologetically that it was his own problem to come early without saying hello.

then replace it with brown rice in your own bowl.

he has high demands on himself and does not ask for anything in return: he recommended Di Renjie as prime minister, but when Di Renjie excluded him, he was silent and did not take "kindness" for granted;

he also made high demands on his family and asked his younger brother to "spit on his own face": people spit on you, don't get angry, accept it with a smile, and let the spittle dry.

this kind of virtue really makes people sigh. Even Di Renjie said with admiration:

A person with morality will always give full play to its potential and affect the people around him.

morality comes first, ability comes first, and good behavior.

cultivate oneself and nourish the mind, thicken the bottom of life, appreciate and learn the advantages of others, be tough and stick to your original heart.

with the blessing of virtue, realize the value of your life and make the meaning of life more profound and broad.


Ouyang Xiu, one of the eight masters of the Tang and Song dynasties, said:

Life is like a cup, guard the mouth of the cup, do not let calculation, greed, selfishness and other thoughts such as mud into the cup, let the cup properly vacant, draw sunshine.

Life is like a cup. Keep an eye on the heart of the cup, leaving behind the beautiful qualities of sincerity, contentment, reflection and so on, so that the heart of the cup is pure and the character is noble.

Life is like a cup, hold the bottom of the cup, learn to appreciate others, persevere, and improve virtue, just like thickening the bottom of the cup and filling it with red wine.

Life is like a cup. What kind of life you have depends on what kind of heart you have.