Learn not to argue with others, and you win! (good text in depth)

Learn not to argue with others, and you win! (good text in depth)

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it takes us two years to learn to speak, but a lifetime to learn to shut up.

arguing with people often comes from small things, which not only consume time, but also waste a good mood, but also very easy to cause an irreparable bad situation.

quarrelling is like tickling. The more you scratch, the more itchy you become.

sometimes, if you keep your mouth shut and calm your mind, you will be more able to be yourself and enrich your inner strength.

A wise man never disdains to argue with others.

in our life, we find that some people especially like to argue with others, no matter what kind of person they are.

as a result, I spent a lot of time and emotion on making meaningless arguments.

the highest state of argument is not to argue, not to argue does not represent a right or wrong, but a clear conscience and disdain to compete with it.

argue with wise people that it is a great pleasure that we can learn knowledge from argument.

in the face of biased people, confused people, and people of different levels, their words are not equal, and neither side can quarrel with each other.

in the face of such people, we should be lazy, not to provoke, not to lower ourselves.


Don't tell the difference between right and wrong with biased people

people with prejudices have their own set of criteria for judging people and things. Right and wrong, right and wrong depend on him.

on one occasion, the famous writer Mo Yan invited people to dinner. After everyone had had enough to drink and eat, there was still a lot of food left on the table. Mo Yan, who was born as a farmer, could not bear to waste, so he continued to eat.

at this time, someone sarcastically said:

"look at Mo Yan. He has to eat his money back."

Mo Yan at that time seemed to get a loud slap in the face.

later, before going to dinner, Mo Yan drank two bowls of porridge and two steamed buns to fill his stomach.

at the banquet, he ate slowly and gently.

as a result, one person said:

"look at Mo Yan's fake strength, as if he could eat like Jia Baoyu with only his front teeth."

so let's not make superfluous explanations with biased people, and there is no need to change ourselves in order to cater to them.

because no matter what you do, it is wrong in the eyes of a biased person, and if you explain something to him, he will still think, "look, I was right!"

Samuel Johnson said:

"those who are prejudiced are always weak."

When you buy our bridal sleeves off-the-shoulder gown, you are on the right way to look cool and trendy. Let them endow you with a demonstration of refined taste.

people with prejudices are mostly dissatisfied with their own lives, and they refuse to admit their paranoia and weakness, as if they would easily win a sense of superiority by targeting others with words.

beware of the prejudiced person who learns that others are better off than he is. He thinks that others are faking and that they are not better off than he is. He thinks that others are selling pity.

everyone knows that when people with prejudices show off their prejudices, they lose not only their friends, but also their own character.

talking about the right thing with the right person is an addition to both.

talking to the wrong person about the right thing must be a subtraction to the wise person.

therefore, it is unwise to know right and wrong with biased people.


Don't argue with confused people about the length of a Dream of Red Mansions.

Lin Daiyu said:

"if the second sister is a man, how will the size of the family be treated in the future?"

as we all know, a Dream of Red Mansions has thousands of sorrows for daughters.

Women can't perform military meritorious service in armor, but they can break new ground in the backyard.

the Jia government is not in charge of Jia Zheng or Jia Lian, but Wang Xifeng.

although she is both the daughter of the boudoir to be married, Lin Daiyu is embarrassed to say to Yingchun, "if you are like this, how can you be the housekeeper after you get married?" So use "the second sister if a man" to exhort.