Learn 15 rules to make yourself happy (suggested collection)

Learn 15 rules to make yourself happy (suggested collection)

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

for a long time, ways to be happy have emerged one after another on the Internet.

everyone yearns for happiness, but happiness always seems out of reach, even fleeting.

in fact, we have always been caught in the misunderstanding of happiness.

True happiness is a complex physiological reaction, and only by finding the cause that drives it from the root can we get a sense of pleasure from the bottom of our heart.

Uncle Fan searched a lot of data and sorted out 15 rules that trigger the mechanism of physical happiness.

May you be happy every day.


establish a positive feedback mechanism for yourself.

the human brain has its unique reward mechanism.

when we achieve a goal, the brain secretes dopamine, which makes us feel happy and more positive about things.

when you are confused and anxious, set up a positive feedback mechanism for yourself.

break down long-term goals into short-term goals, write down a to-do list for the day in advance, and give yourself a reward for each little thing you accomplish.

while combing the work, it can also relieve mental pressure, improve efficiency, and the sense of achievement of achieving the goal will also bring a good happy experience.

give it a try, you will gain more happiness from having an organized life.


make your stomach satisfied every day.

there is no trouble that can't be solved by a good meal, if so, two meals.

to satisfy the stomach is the beginning of a good mood.

many people go on a diet to keep fit, but the right way to lose weight should be healthy and happy.

tryptophan in food can promote the release of serotonin.

improve anxiety, reduce stress, not only enjoy happiness, but also recuperate the body.

as the saying goes: the smoke and fire in the world is the most appealing to the hearts of the people.

No matter how bad the mood is, with the company of delicious food, it will become gentle and lovely and suddenly enlightened.

on a hot summer day, why not make an appointment with a couple of friends, find a place to enjoy a delicious meal, and enjoy the joy and contentment.


go shopping, buy and buy.

can happiness be bought? It has been proved by science that it can really be done!

A dazzling array of goods and shopping expectations can promote the secretion of dopamine and make people feel happy and satisfied.

at ordinary times, we are industrious and frugal, saving if we can, and even neglecting ourselves for a time in order to take good care of our family.

properly release our desire for consumption, we can have a better mood, and the family atmosphere will be more harmonious.

Don't be a slave to money for a time, but also learn to let money serve us.

in addition to buying things you like, you can also choose small gifts for your family and friends, and you will get double happy experience.


actively participate in social activities.

many people have almost no social activities after work.

stay at home most of the time, isolating yourself from the outside world.

however, years of research at Harvard University has shown that closure is the biggest killer of happiness.

We should not only "read ten thousand books", but also "make friends in all directions".

participating in social activities and expanding the circle of life can broaden your horizons and bring new feelings and happy emotions.

when actively talking and interacting with others, the heart secretes oxytocin, relaxes the nervous system and reduces stress.

Don't close yourself off, even if you get on the boat of life, you should be a happy pirate.


when interacting with people, reduce the "should circle" of anger.

there is a word in psychology called "should circle", which is the range that you think "should be" or "should not be".

it can be big or small. If you think you should be angry with an unintentional remark or an unaccustomed behavior of others, the circle will expand.

A rule to make yourself happy is to narrow the "should circle" of anger so that there are fewer things that offend you.

there is a saying: to be angry is to punish yourself for other people's mistakes.

those unnecessary little things occupy the mood and affect the mood, and you don't have to take it to heart.

it's best to socialize with people, have peace of mind, and laugh it off.


walk for half an hour every day.

as the saying goes, if you walk a hundred steps after a meal, you will live to 99.

Walking is the easiest way to exercise.

Research shows that walking for half an hour every day can make you feel happy, lose weight and be healthy.

the state of activation of the brain at this time allows a variety of "happy hormones", such as dopamine, serotonin and oxytocin, to play a role at the same time.

it's like the classic line in the sketch: it's all right, you just take two steps.

Qi and blood are unobstructed, the body is lighter, and the mood is naturally good enough to explode.


do some middleweight exercises every week.

Life lies in movement.

some long-term, continuous aerobic exercise, such as jogging, swimming, rope skipping, cycling, etc.

can not only improve immunity, but also make the brain release the emotional element endorphin, making people feel physically and mentally happy, gentle and calm.

endorphins, also known as "youth hormones", can greatly reduce anxiety and are equivalent to natural analgesics.

people who sit for a long time or do not exercise for a long time are likely to feel mentally tired and sore all over.

at this time, you might as well go outside and do some exercise to recover.Exuberant spirit.


release your emotional energy.

We are often asked to be emotionally stable adults.

afraid to express our negative emotions, we slowly learn to suppress and cover ourselves up.

once emotional energy is suppressed and accumulated in the body, it will turn inward to attack the body organs.

traditional Chinese medicine says: the kidney dominates fear, the liver stores anger, the lung stores sorrow, and the heart hides hatred.

every emotion deserves to be paid attention to, so it is particularly important to learn to release emotional energy correctly.

such as shouting on the hillside, going to KTV, eating some spicy food, sharing with friends, doing favorite sports, and so on.

Happiness happens naturally when you are willing to listen to the truest voice of your heart and respect and treat it kindly.


Don't be too hard on yourself.

there are many things in life that can be encountered but not sought.

Don't just see the good of others, but "hate them and be angry with yourself".

A life advice is: don't be too hard on yourself.

A lot of things, as long as you try your best, even if the result is not as perfect as expected, there is no need to complain.

everything you have is achieved with your own hands, and that's the best.

look at the world with a normal mind and live with joy.

only when we are not conceited, envied, jealous or afraid can we be happy and calm from the bottom of our hearts.


treat "guilt pleasure" correctly.

A lot of people will experience this feeling:

while talking about losing weight, they place an order for fried chicken and cake;

says that today's work is not finished yet, and the hand of browsing the short video on the other side is slow to put down.

in complex emotions, you enjoy "happiness" while falling into guilt and remorse.

Cai Kangyong once said:

Research shows that this pure happiness is one of the best ways to rest and recover the "willpower muscle".

people who enjoy it can better relieve their emotions, and if they blame themselves in guilt, it may be counterproductive.

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giving yourself a chance to indulge properly is a great way to be happy.


reduce immediate pleasure and focus on long-term happiness.

A short period of indulgence can relax the brain, but a long period of indulgence can make you feel depressed.

many people hold their mobile phones and stay in bed from morning till night.

this kind of long-term immersion will only consume one's own happy awareness.

delayed gratification gives us the power to create happiness, rather than passively absorbing some instant pleasure.

such as reading a good book, developing a hobby, learning a favorite course, etc.

learn to reduce immediate pleasure, focus on long-term happiness, physical and mental pleasure will be more lasting.


dare to give up the excess in life.

someone once asked the outstanding sculptor Rodin, "what is art?"

he answered without hesitation: "subtract the excess."

the same is true of life. Life is actually the art of giving up.

in a lifetime, people don't really need much.

learning to clean up the excess in our lives regularly allows us to focus on what really matters.

such as tidying up the room and throwing away things that are unnecessary and unsuitable.

buy less, throw more, and constantly subtract from life. The less things you have at home, the happier you are.

in addition, those who are not suitable should be given up, and uncomfortable relationships should be abandoned.

those who dare to part with each other can have a purer and happier life.


do one little thing to help others every day.

there is a saying: "if you give people roses, your hands will smell good."

people who are willing to care about and help others have stronger brain activity than others and are more likely to feel happy inside.

when one's own behavior can improve the situation of others, self-worth will be brought into full play, which is undoubtedly a positive experience.

in life, to be a kind person, the world will treat each other kindly.


sleep well, go to bed early and get up early.

the best sleep time is before 11:00 in the evening.

after 11:00, body organs begin to repair themselves. for example, the liver begins to detoxify, and falling asleep is more conducive to organ metabolism.

during sleep, the body secretes melatonin, which lowers blood pressure, slows heart rate, increases immunity, and even kills cancer cells.

getting enough sleep can make us feel positive, and then get some sleep when we are unhappy.


Let go of your obsession.

A man slipped off a cliff and caught hold of a dead branch when he was about to fall into a deep valley.

he asked the Buddha for help, and the Buddha said, "if you release your hand, you will be free from the shackles of life and death."

the man thought it was ridiculous and refused to let go. In fact, he is only one meter from the ground, but he can't see it.