Lack (good text in depth)

Lack (good text in depth)

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some people lack money, some lack love, some lack knowledge, some lack opportunities.

it's hard to be perfect when you're alive.

in order to pursue what you lack, regardless of the cost, you find that when you get it, it's nothing more than this, which is dispensable.

in fact, most of the time, lack does not mean regret.

people are always used to taking what they can't get as the best, and what they have is always abandoned inadvertently.

I don't know that it was once the result of my hard pursuit.

but those things that have been lost are becoming more and more voluptuous with each passing day.

gain and loss themselves cannot be separated. There are advantages and disadvantages in everything, and there are also losses in gains.

it's just that you can't see clearly because you care about different priorities.

whenever life gets, desire is no longer desire, desire becomes satisfaction, but also loses an expectation;

whenever life is lost, owning is no longer owning, but becomes emptiness of mood, but gets a nostalgia for the past.

when yesterday drifted away, you may suddenly find that

what you once thought you had to get is just a small piece of life.

if you miss this journey, you will still get a different scene at the next stop.

if you open different windows, you will see different scenery;

if you have different horizons, you will reap a different state of mind.

it is impossible for a man to gain or lose the whole world when he lives all his life.

what belongs to you, you can get it if you don't ask for it, and you can't ask for what you don't want.

so, don't force it, don't take it rashly, it's expensive to follow the fate.

always feel that our greatest enemy in life is ourselves.

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the wall is in your heart, and the door is in your heart.

gains and losses are only a matter of thought, love and hate are only a step away.

whether you are happy or not depends more often on your attitude towards life and life.

Life, there are too many wishes and unwillingness, yes or no, love or not.

even if the gains and losses go or stay, we have to follow the fate at will, and we are powerless.

nothing is more free and brave than the blooming flowers and Yunjuan Yunshu.

No matter whether the flowers are stunning or not, they will be duty-bound to look back;

No matter whether the clouds are lonely or not, whether Yunshu is bright or not, it is still a matter of temperament.

one thought is willing, one thought is put down, everything, especially self-determination.

if you leave your mind and understand your mind, you might as well use time to correct your mind and greet the future with faith.

believe that in the world, not all lack is a pity.

A long life sometimes requires one to meditate and cultivate one's mind.

if you enter the country, you can move yourself without a bosom friend.

in troubled times, how many people miss the pursuit of unattainable, difficult to long-term and lost their way.

chasing around all my life, just because I'm afraid of losing, I just want more.

sometimes you have to have it in your life. Don't ask for it all the time. It doesn't matter if you lack it.