Laba Festival: after Laba is the year, one year old and one reunion

Laba Festival: after Laba is the year, one year old and one reunion

Beautiful morning light, accompany you to read.

at the end of the year, Laba has arrived.

the eighth day of the 12th lunar month is Laba Festival, also known as La Day.

as a traditional festival, Laba Festival has a history of thousands of years.

this is a good time for heaven and earth.

on the occasion of the annual festival, whether you are alone in a foreign land, or family reunion, no matter bitter or happy, I wish you: happy Laba Festival!


Greater Cold looks forward to the coming of spring, La can wait for eight years

in ancient times, Laba Festival was an important festival.

according to the General meaning of Customs in the Han Dynasty,

the weather in December is cold, and people no longer go to work in the fields.

but for the tooth festival, the man will still go out hunting and worship his ancestors on Laba Festival to pray for a good harvest in the coming year.

the arrival of Laba Festival is the prelude to the Spring Festival, and the saying that "Laba is the New year" is often spread among the people.

Lao she once described the grand occasion of Laba Festival when he was a child in the Spring Festival in Beijing:

interestingly, this year's Laba Festival happened to meet Greater Cold.

this happens only once in 10 years.

the folk saying "Laba meets Greater Cold and magpies sing folk songs" indicates that a good thing is coming.

Greater Cold is the last of the 24 solar terms and the last stage of the Lunar New year.

the so-called Greater Cold, as its name implies, means that the weather is extremely cold.

but although it is cold, it still can not stop the strong flavor of the year.

before and after Greater Cold, people began to be busy cleaning houses, preparing New year goods, saying goodbye to the old year in joy, and welcoming the New year in anticipation.

affected by the epidemic this year, there are no lively scenes of a sea of people on the streets, but the scenes of pickled bacon and delicious food in every household are still very hot.

as said in the TV series Wulin Foreign Swordsman:

Laba meets Greater Cold, let's turn things around together and welcome the new year happily.


No matter how busy you are at work, you should drink a bowl of hot porridge to warm your stomach

mention Laba Festival, and the first thing that comes to mind is Laba porridge.

the ice and snow outside and a bowl of hot porridge in the house can not only warm the body, but also mean to increase happiness and longevity.

there is a poem saying:

it is a kind of luck to drink a bowl of delicious Laba porridge and greet the arrival of the New year with a full sense of ritual.

this year, we have had a particularly difficult year. The more this is the case, the more we need the same "porridge" of wind and snow and be kind to ourselves.

having a good meal is not only a reward for yourself, but also a way to live up to the holidays.

Food not only warms the taste buds, but also irons the heart.

sometimes, your attitude towards eating is the temperature of your life.

French legendary gourmet Briya Savaran once said:

if you perfunctory while eating, life will be perfunctory to you;

if you take it seriously, you will often reap unexpected joy.

having a good meal is the hardest form of self-discipline.

Food is the foundation of survival, but it often comes from the mouth.

when we are used to selling food for food and getting pleasure with heavy oil and salt, our bodies are bound to make silent protests.

as the pace of life is getting faster and faster, we are becoming more and more impatient when we eat.

as Wang Yangming said in the Biography:

A person who is not willing to spend time cooking and taking time to eat will greatly reduce his happiness in life.

the smell of firewood, rice, oil and salt, fireworks in the world, the most appealing to the hearts of the people.

Laba Festival, in addition to Laba porridge, there are many other delicacies, such as Laba garlic, Laba tofu, Laba noodles and so on.

whether it's festivals or weekdays, may we all eat well, love ourselves and live warmly in this cool world.


No matter how difficult life is, you should make a phone call to warm your heart

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some people say:

Tianya is a thread of hometown, and one year old is reunited.

in previous years, most of the drifters in Laba have begun to snap up tickets and prepare for the journey home.

however, this year is somewhat different. The capriciousness of the epidemic has disrupted people's plans, and many people have to celebrate the Spring Festival on the spot.

every year and today, the heart is different from year to year.

distant homesickness is suddenly within reach.

however, instead of being upset by sudden changes, take advantage of the festive atmosphere to make a warm phone call to your parents, or have a video together, talk to them across the screen and talk about your softest concerns.

whether it is a sincere greeting, a warm confession, or just a holiday blessing, it is the best comfort to each other.

even if you simply ask your parents, "have you eaten, how are you these days?" your parents will feel at ease when they hear your voice.

Bi Shumin said:

No matter how old we are, we will always be children in the eyes of our parents.

parents take care of us when we grow up, and we accompany them to grow old.

Life comes and goes, the coming day is not long, and you never know which comes first, tomorrow or accident.

at the other end of the phone, parents are always looking forward to your call.

Don't bury your thoughts in your heart because you are not good at words, and don't let the cold winter cool your parents' hearts.

some love, if not expressed in time, will become a lifetime regret.

Don't wait until it's too late for remorse.


there is expectation in the heart, it is worth it in the world./p>

as the saying goes, "after Greater Cold, it is another year."

Greater Cold reaches the top and gets warmer and warmer the day after tomorrow.

although at this moment, the surroundings still feel cold.

but winter has come, and spring is no longer far away.

No matter how the seasons change, life will be as warm as ever.

Laba has many happy events, so let's wait for the pace of the New year and build up the strength to move forward on this chilly winter day.

get through it, eat it, no matter how difficult life is, there is no hurdle that cannot be overcome.

the years ahead are long and still worth looking forward to.

No matter how busy your work is, you should be kind to yourself and drink a bowl of hot porridge to warm your stomach.

No matter how difficult life is, you should steal your leisure and make a phone call to warm your heart.

Woolf said:

May you live the way you want you to be for the rest of your life, with a smile at the corners of your mouth and light in your eyes.

May the people you think will not be stained with wind and frost;

may all your eyes be filled with joy.