Kindness really doesn't have much to do with poverty.

Kindness really doesn't have much to do with poverty.

I was impressed by the news that "the waiter threw boiling water at the guest".

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A few days ago, a waiter threw boiling water at a guest and was asked why he did so.

he said that because of the poor attitude of the guests, he not only sent Weibo complaints about him, but also greeted his mother with unkind remarks, while he came from a single-parent family and was overwhelmed by impulse and did bad things.

the guest is a young woman who is friendly to others in life, but it is more real that day, because she feels that "if I come to spend, I should get this minimum service." As a result, because he was "serious", he angered a waiter who had a "personality problem" and was disfigured.

is the guest wrong? I think she is right. The premise of her bad attitude is that her basic needs (asking the waiter to add soup) are not met before she complains and asks the waiter to add soup again and again. Some people said again that if she did not greet other people's mothers, it would not have become a tragedy. No, I believe that when the manager told the waiter about Weibo's complaint, he was ready to create a tragedy.

the waiter is waiting for an excuse he can accept. It could be "Fuck you" or "I won't delete Weibo". Anyway, the waiter has made up his mind.

that waiter is the representative of evil. He says that he is poor, that he is a single-parent family, and that he has no friends. It sounds very miserable, but these are not the reasons why he became evil!

he is a bad guy, not because of the bad environment. "bad" is his own choice, not forced.

and kindness really doesn't have much to do with poverty. If you don't believe it, take a look at the video below. After reading it, I think you know what I'm talking about.

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"what is the greatest kindness you have ever met?"